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When did you first read "A Wrinkle In Time"?
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I was 10 or 11. I love this book/story.I thought I was the only one in the world who read it.:-D
Well... the discussions aren't complex at all. I'd say that's the main thing.
I think around 4th grade (1967/1968)
Such a good book! I think I read it back in 1981.
I need to read it. I think it became a movie.
Great book - I read this in 1981!
mid-80s for me. loved those books. gotta get my younger kid into them.
Back around the time it was published. I have a signed copy about somewhere.
I think it was in Fifth Grade, so I was probably about 10 or 11...sometime in 1975. I remember trying to wrap my head at that age around the idea of something called a "Tesseract."

It holds up well, as I read all three of the books in the series in college for a class on "Juvie Lit", and fell in love with them all over again. ("Many Waters" just didn't grab me and feels separate from the other books)

I'm cautiously optimistic about the news of a theatrical release based on the book. Disney did one a few years ago and it fell flat.
When I was nine. It's my mom's favorite childhood book.
I was like 8. My granny would read it to me a lot
I read it over the summer after fourth or fifth grade. Loved the library summer reading programs!!
Second grade, 1975-6 or so. Bought it through the weekly reader for .75c!
My grandmother read it to me when I was about five, and I read it for myself not long after. Still a favorite book of mine, of course!
I was in 3rd grade, so what is that, nine? Eight? The book had just come out and it became my favorite book. Read it a couple times in 3rd grade, then again in 4th, and so on.
Mid elementary school for me - reminds me, I should make sure I'm ready to read it to my kid around the same age as your grandmother, +Matt William! / +Kate Myers
Last year. Not sure how I missed it when I was younger...
A teacher probably read it in class, too. I read it to my own boys when they were small. It's one of those books that's really hard to read out loud, especially at the end.
It was the first book without pictures I ever read. It was in hard cover in my school library. I spotted it without advice from peer or adult. I was about ten.

I had a lot in common with Meg but more in common with the boy from the dysfunctional family, Calvin, and come to think of it, a streak of the autistic genius Charles Wallace. Anyway I think it changed my life completely. It certainly changed my ideas of what love and family were, at the same time as it reinforced my fascination with stars and outer space.

Rereading as an adult I was astonished at the explicitly Christian themes which had escaped me altogether as a young Jewish child.

I had no idea how idiosyncratic a book it was. For a couple of years I was going around trying to find anything remotely comparable, under the rubric of "science fiction". Eventually I happened across Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question", I think about three years later. I have been reading science fiction (and watching science fiction movies) ever since.

Anyway, my growing up was not easy, and to the extent that I managed it at all I have some lucky breaks to thank. Among those was Madeleine L'Engle's little masterpiece.
I liked the picture of wings on the front cover in Jr. High. I didn't understand much of it. It was a weird read
This is the book that finally got me into reading! My teachers and parents had tried everything by the time I was 10 (in 1976), but I just wasn't into words. I preferred to play outside, alone or with friends, rather than sit with a book.

Then the librarian at school handed me A Wrinkle in Time and suddenly I realized reading could create entirely new worlds, right there inside my own head. I followed it with The Hobbit and reading became (and still is) a lifelong habit.

Now I'm a writer and make my living with words, so when I say this book changed my life, I mean it! [smile]
first picked it up in 1st grade, from the school library, thinking it would be about time travel. Didn't really understand it, and put it down after the first chapter. But I was excited when it was required reading in 4th grade, and loved it!
I read it when I was like 9... didn't realize how many people have read it!
One of the most memorable books of my childhood. Set me on my path of loving sci-fi....
I may have been in Middle School or Jr High. I recall that my copy had an illustration of a string folded over itself with an ant treading accross it to help us vizualize the time wrinkle concept.
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I read it when I was about 11 and loved it. Still think about it today. Worth a re-read.
amazing read it over and over :) love it
Love this book! I first read it in 7th grade. I reread it as an adult and loved it more than I did as a child.
What a wonderful book and wonderful childhood memory. I read it in the fifth grade. Actually, our English teacher read it to the class and we read along. It was memorable because she tried to use a different voice for each character. There is such a thing as a tesseract!
OMG I READ THT! it was ok.. I had a certain amount of time to read it so I kinda had to speed read!
I read it about 3 years ago and I absolutely LOVED it. It's a magnificent book and I think everyone should be required to read it. I love physics and all that space stuff. I hope to become a physicist one day!
Tried to read it in Junior High for a Read-a-Thon (oh so many years ago), but never made it through. It's on my To Read list now, though. Can't wait.
I remember this was popular around 4th grade but i never read. I'll have to add it to my list of sci-fi I should have read a long time ago but never did.
First read it at age 11-13 somewhere, and it helped spark my then-burgeoning interest in science.
when i was 7....i loved it so much i didnt do anything until i finished it!
I read that book in 2nd grade...

it was AMAZING
5th grade good bus at times confusing
Love it then (eight in 1973). Hate it now now for the non-critical new-age approach to science. (It's the same as Magic!) Mrs. Which :roll:
+John Powell l'engle had to explain complicated science to children and keep it interesting....the obvious way to do that is make it "the same as Magic!"
Read this book back in the 4th grade...way beyond me then, but then it again it shaped my fascination with the unexplained so go the book though.
when I was about 8, I have read it probably 30 times and the follow up books at least three times
I actually read it as a child, hated it, then reread it and the rest of the series as an adult and loved it!
I was in 4th grade. Loved the whole series; it was especially reaffirming and positive at that age.
Read it aloud with my family while cruising in the Bahamas during 5th grade. We all loved it. I keep trying to get my son to read it now that he is in 5th grade with not much luck. 
Read it in the 5th grade as well.
no It sounds wierd I Wont read it my friend read it she said it was the wierdest book ever.
Loved it. My mom used to read it to me all the time as a kid. I have her copy in my library now.
loved this book. i was a serious reader as a child and this hit #1 for me.
Wow, I read this book as a kid, several times. Loved it! I think it's time to read it again (40 years later).
Never have. Looks like I'm missing out.
I read it in 1966. I was going into my senior year in college and I borrowed it from a kid who was about 9. Loved it.
bri ted
i love oreos <3
one of my favorite books of all time!
My first Newbery award winner, read in in 1971 the first time.
+NPR When you ended the segment yesterday, were you playing an excerpt of a song by the Fifth Dimension? Sounded like an instrumental bit of One Less Bell to Answer or another slightly less famous Fifth Dimension recording.

Not until well into adulthood (2003-04)
When I was in third grade my teacher read it to the class. Fantastic book.
I first read it in 7th or 8th grade and it instantly became my favorite book. I continued on to read the rest of the trilogy and then many of her other books. I have read nearly all of her fiction, but was not able to really get into her non-fiction in the same way.
i red it when i was 12 and it was an awesome book!!!! i loved it!
Awesome story! I think I read it about 35 years ago. . .
when i was 11 and i discovered it in my school library...truly epic...
I've been wanting to read it for a while, but I only read it for the first time a few months ago.
This was one the pivotal books of my childhood. I read it when I was nine~
I unfortunately haven't gotten around to reading it (yet). I hope to do so someday, though.
in jr high school i thought everyone had too!
My 3rd or 4th school teacher read it to us -- I think because she loved it. It was quite a treat and we looked forward to hearing a portion of it every week! I've read it on my own every couple of years since way back then!
Just this year actually...after I saw the movie. Loved it!
I dont remember when 5th grade maybe? I have reread it over and over since though, truly a favorite
I first read that in 4th grade. 
Basically, you have no idea what you are talking about... how can you say that, are you on the National 4th Grade Reading Committee?
I just read this book this year in the 8th grade.
Need to read this. I am obsessed with Quantum Physics at the moment... my friends all think I'm crazy... who gives? :):)
I think when I was around 10 years old, or perhaps earlier. Several decades later, I still remember that this was the first time I encountered the word 'tesseract.' Nothing was ever the same afterwards.
Has anyone ever seen or read a first or preview edition with 390+ pages?
grade school. then I re read it in college. unfortunately the TV miniseries wasn't a good adaptation
im guessing somewhere in the 4th to 5th grade range
My 4th grade teacher read this book to us. Now I'm a 4th grade teacher and guess what I do each year?
I read it in 3rd grade and it's one of the earliest books where I have vivid memories of time/place/everything as I went deeper & deeper into it.
I'm reading it to my 7-year-old daughter now at bedtimes and she is mostly fascinated by the science of it.
23 years ago! It started my addiction to science and fiction and sometimes the combination of both
Loved this book when I was a kid. I hope kids still read it in school.
It was a treat for Mrs. Kraft, my 5th grade teacher reading this book aloud to the class. it is the only book I really remember her reading to us, I am sure there were others. This book added to my unique view of the world that has not stopped.
Some time in middle school. I did not enjoy it.
I think I first read it in about 4th grade. Loved it. Read all of this series and a few others by Madeleine L'Engle. All excellent. I still re-read this series about once a year.
In fifth grade during story time. Mrs. Kraft read to the class. Magical. 
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