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A recent parody on YouTube by musical comedians suggests that the amateur "culinary paparazzi" is out of control. We want to know what you think.
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Matt C
Not bombarding, but I tend to avoid it. I don't care too much about how "amazing" food is or want to see constant photo updates illustrating what people are making or consuming.
I have stop following several people for just this reason. Instagram and its cousins are plagues.
old news, lol. i ve been bombarding for some time! not anymore though as I have cancelled and deleted my FB.
I don't mind looking at food and thinking about it from time to time. Something inside tells me to eat it about 3 times a day though. (-:
^ one comedian said.."aren t we all foodies anyway, why the label?"
Truth be told, it's one of the reasons I'm on G+.
Matt C
"Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?" EAT.
The South Park episode where Stan's dad becomes a chef tells it all for me. Creme Fraiche.
not labeling anyone as a foodie..just sharing the sarcasm of the comedian...i think its stupid. we all eat..some more than others...but if i fry a perfect filet, i might feel inclined to share lol...but not on G+ or anywhere now.
Yes. So annoying. We get it, it's food. Bah.
cartmen as Ramsey was awesome...^ smh that episode was so wrong though lol
Matt C
+clinton ollivierre Well yeah, but there are people who eat and people who act like food makes them feel the need to change their pants after they eat or even talk about it.
I have no problem with it. None of my friends overdo it and tend to only post "food porn" when it's something they created themselves or if they've had a unique or particularly tasty dish someplace. I enjoy cooking and I like it when my friends share their creations and finds with me (both IRL and virtually). This has introduced me to new recipes, techniques and things to try that I otherwise may never have experienced.

Now if they were posting pics of every cheeseburger they buy at a fast food restaurant then I would have a problem.
I make sure to post pictures of Franklin Barbecue down here in Austin every time I go. Pure meat porn.
I wouldn't say "eat". I'd probably go with "savor" or "devour".

While the concept of fornicating with a fresh brisket might be good stuff for the "American Pie" series of movies, it's definitely not on my radar.
I'd rather see pictures of food than other people's kids!
Food is what'd be wrong with taking pictures of it???
What is wrong with food pictures without adding any outer element to it?food looks fine in itself
the right "food porn" pic could win them a $100 gift basket if they enter our contest
I am super guilty of this. I moved to a culinarily-bland town a few years ago, so when I find something good, I get way excited, and try and get everyone in there.
no but I'm pretty sure there is ton of food porn on pinterest and instagram
Well...I take pictures of stuff I've cooked for the first time. And food that falls into a funny shape, like a penguin or something.
I've done it - mostly like +Jessica McCormick when I'm making something for the first time and within reason I enjoy it in other's posts especially +Joseph Lee who is both creative and informative.

What I do really dislike is being in a great restaurant, enjoying amazing food and the company of my dining companions and being assaulted by the flash, flash, flash of a phone/camera at the table next to me. If you're snapping that many shots you ought to be in a studio! Beyond that .... how do those folks find time actually eat the food and when they do get around to it, is it cold?
I'm fine with folks taking pictures of food they have actually made, but posting photos of food they are eating from various restaurants is a whole other level of narcissistic behavior. But then again so is everything else that is posted on any social media website.
My brother posts photos of the food on the table when he goes out to Fuji's Japanese restaurant every Friday. It looks so good. 
This reminds me of a recent segment on NHK's Imagine-nation about "B-grade gourmet manga".
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