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A new poll shows women prefer Obama over Gov. Mitt Romney by 19 points. Even some Republican women say Democrats probably represent women's interests better. That perception problem is something many ...
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I totally agree. I jus dnt understand why attack women when woman give life by the Grace of God. 
Romney could win over women by not treating them like second class citizens.
dout that poll is correct. Most women I know don't like Obama.
Romney is not the nominee - in case you can't count.
+Ed Gamble - Actually, he is. Nobody else has a statistically relevant fraction of a chance of taking the GOP nomination. At this point Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are simply wasting money.
Quote from Obama: HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHA p.s. Steve Ortiz you fucking moron..
92% of jobs lost during obama's government was from women. We have now the less amount of woman enrolled on colleges, less than 50 years ago. All the achievements of women were lost! MOMS FOR MITT !
+George Coelho do you have an example of a specific policy that disproportionately impacted women? Do you have a source for your statistics? Do you have a plan for resolving the gender-bias in job-loss other than "replace one man in office with another?"
+Aaron Sherman is all on the internet. The reason is probably that they don't have the same educational degree or experience than men, because they are not enrolled. You should have asked if Obama has any idea, but it seems that he does not. .
+George Coelho women are more likely to be educated than men are at this point. Also most of the recession's initial job losses were in male dominated low skilled jobs (construction, manufacturing, etc). These jobs have mostly returned (though they have often moved to different parts of the country). This would naturally mean that jobs losses that remain are among women. Given that presidents don't have much to do with the economy, it isn't surprising that neither Obama or Romney have suggested any plans to do anything about this.
When +Anthony Martinez and the media declare the winner and choose not to cover the other candidates then yes Romney is the winner. But if you let the contest play out, fairly, then Romney could lose every single state. It might not be likely; but it will never happen if +Anthony Martinez and the media declare Romney the winner.
Go ahead and waste your time. Mitt will be the nominee.
+Ed Gamble yes he could lose every state. This is however very unlikely, given his remaining competition is weak and his significant funding advantages. Possibilities are not the same as reality.
I just started using google and I stumbled on this discussion on accident. And I've been cursed at by an idiot. Is this a typical democrat ? Elitists
What are you referring to - something specific in the article?
Never enter into a discussion with someone who writes with odd syntax.
Im just tired of paying so much in taxes, and I dont think there's enough rich people to pay off the debt. 
Women don't make up "a large majority of the voting population" .... They make up 50-60% depending on the age range we talk about.
I guess your talking to me Lucy, still trying to get the hang of this stuff. Someone cursed at me and I reported him. My feelings aren't hurt,but i thought we were all adults. Most of you guys have great comments. 
Your right Alicia. Good point
im democrat n i feel it doesnt matter wat side of the party ur on its about wats right for us as a country n us as ppl. Regardless if Romney is republican or not he could have had my vote but he doesnt becuz before he attacked women he was caught in too many lies n also he "likes firing those who provide services for him"
a decent person wud simply appreciate those who provide services for them. Politicians r known to be liars n if we didnt believe they were before, Romney has proved it to be so.
Obama isnt perfect but he has done a great job, lets not forget each president is going in office trying to fix the issues n mess the previous president left behind. Put yourself in the president's shoes n see if u can fix our country in 1 term. Many ppl cant even take care of home but they knock Obama because they expect him to fix a country in such a short time.
+Steve Ortiz I apologize on behalf of the morons who resort to name-calling and profanity. However, you lose a degree of sympathy by aligning with +Matt Griffin's insult to those who don't have perfect English, especially when calling out Elitism. I wish my skills in other languages were as good as +George Coelho's English.
I too apologize, we are all Americans and we live in the greatest country in the world. So many people are risking their live to come here.
Presidents justs approves and veto's laws and policies. Presidents dont have the power that congress has. Wether or not President Obama is doing a great job will have to wait and see. What i know now, probably would not of voted for President Bush. President Bush spent too much. We couldn't have this disscussion in China. God bless America.
I also apologize if I insulted any morons.
+George Coelho you seem to forget that your "92% of jobs lost during obama's government was from women." (even if your numbers are true) were lost due to the collapse of the economy in 2008, before Obama took office... How soon we forget what got us to where we are today............The marvels of the modern Etch-A-Sketch....
Since 9/11 one particular religion has been trying to destroy us financially, morally,patriotically and cusing us to fight each other. They are succeeding. They are not the religion of peace. 
you just have to ask which is the religion of peace? fundamentally, none of them are............
That's a really gross and unfair generalization, +Steve Ortiz. Why attack Methodists like that? Seriously, though, that statement is ignorant and almost as frightening as the fact that someone plus one'd it. All of Islam is not out to destroy "us" any more than all of the universe is conspiring to get you while you sleep. As Robert Anton Wilson said, "all generalizations are hazardous."
THE TRUTH -> Obama have done nothing to increase the woman's job! He had more than 3 years!!!
THE FACT -> Mitt Romney can give her the jobs back.
Some men here have problems with woman having the same salary and job than men.
ps: It is fact about the statistics. Just check it on the internet!
+George Coelho Yea.. if it's on the internet, or Rush says it, it has to be true ! lol

do you have a specific web site, a fact check site or other independent site to cite for your references supporting your statement? if not it is just you saying it, and why should we believe you?

Here's a link that clearly shows that your "92%" figure is complete fabrication. Did you hear that from Rush or something?

The readers should judge for themselves though. But to me, it clearly shows every angle of your statement is incorrect.
Really wat is women jobs? Women wirk jus as hard as men, we do construction warehouse industrial n etc so wat jobs should Obama have increased fir us? Obama is not the blame employers are, having sexist employers isnt Obama's fault n statistics means nothing to me they arent fact based. Anyone can say anything true or not n the info is added to statistics. How many ppl out there dnt report or repots falsely Oops there goes your statistics.
Ohh get real folks, since the dawn of the American flag, Americans have been in conflict with each other because of race, religion, and opinion. Don't tell me Muslims were behind the civil war?

Don't deflect the issue to Islam as it has nothing to do with why American discourse has turned into ignorant chatter like +Steve Ortiz comment. US economy is shitty not because of Islam but because of poor decision making that was in place decades ago and each president after did nothing about it, or made it worse. So please refrain before making general statements without thinking about it, it goes a long way. Also you have to understand Democracy gets its strength from an engaged and educated population. Politicians want you to be in constant fear of something else other then themselves. They invent the bogeyman like communism and the simpleminded become fearful and stop asking questions. Like the erosion of civil liberties, like why are going to war over wmd, like why is our military budget so huge, like why reduce tax and start 2 wars and government run drug plan, why is my choice for President a binary choice if this is the land of democracy, etc...

As for Mitt Romeny and this poll, we'll I am sure the republicans will spin it and tell lies as they always do. He said 92.3% women lost jobs under Obama. That number is so audacious I and other thinking people would immediately know it to be false due to the scale of the accusation, and politifact considers it mostly false and calls the entire thing misleading. Anyways Obama has issues with the religious side too. So as political pandering begins, these numbers will swing. But we will see how liberal Romeny becomes as he tries to get more centrist independents and if he can excite a conservative base as he makes promises that don't sway well with the Republican base.
The 92.3 percent is not a lie! You can check the fact. I am not saying that was Obama fault, i am saying that he did nothing to fix that. Please check the numbers before commenting on it!
+George Coelho what numbers? where ? it is you making the claim, you have to provide the source reference.
+Mike Mac If it was not 92.3% how much was? Do you see my point? The statistics is correct!
+George Coelho Perhaps. But your grammar isn't. "The statistics is correct!"
What the politifact link, as well as +Mike Mac's link says, +George Coelho, is that the 92% # is correct, but the spin Romney puts on it is far from correct; and is, in fact, bullshit. Your "point," whatever it may be, is void -- unless both those fact checking sites are all part of Obama's evil propaganda machine. But they're on the internet, so...they must be true.
+Matt Westbrook i am not american. If you want i can speak in another languages. I only speak english, latin, portuguese, spanish and i am learning german. Choose one.
+Matt Griffin the only think mitt said was "many woman lost her jobs, but obama did not do anything for her"
+Matt Westbrook anyway, you are wrong again, the word "statistics" in singular sense, it refers to the science comprising methods which are used in collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of numerical data. There is a form in the plural too.
Actually what he said was, "He [Obama] has lost 800,000 jobs during his presidency. And by the way, do you know what percentage of those jobs lost were lost by women? Over 92 percent of the jobs lost under this president were lost by women. His policies have been, really, a war on women."

Again, from
Also to add more ... the whole point why it is false is because the statement is devoid of context. It's like me saying under Bush 92.3% Men lost jobs, and between 2009 and now Mitt has contributed 0% to employment. Things without context is just a misleading statement, and Mitt Romney was misleading the audience when he said that making it a general art of deception.
+Matt Griffin well it is true, you can understand it as you want, but is not a lie what he said. And in my opinion he should do something, instead of crying on the numbers and call him a lier.
+Mohamed Abdinur How? There is no ambiguity on what Mitt said, that during obama's mandate 92.3% of the jobs lost belong to woman. There is not another way to understand that. If you are blaming Obama for that, is not Romney's fault. It is not a numerical trick, or a wrong number.
George, Romney took a statistic and spun it to make a false claim. There is no ambiguity to that. And you yourself said, in a previous post, that you are not saying that the statistic is Obama's fault. Mitt was saying it was Obama's fault. That is patently, verifiablely, untrue. You said it yourself.
+George Coelho Yeah Obama did something about it, but like any Democracy ... just because the top guy says so doesn't mean it happens immediately. There is the Senate and Congress which take time to create the law, and any law has a implementation time lag attached to it. It took months for the policies to take effect, and you are starting to see the effect of employment coming back up, and a sustained albeit a slow growth. I don't know why people think getting an economy back up is an easy feat, the great depression took decades for the US to recover, and this economy took 8 years in the making to implode. The measures this administration took is reason why more Americans aren't unemployed ... I think people just don't get that.

Also you fail to see, it is an ambiguous number because it fails to sate the context of the matter. All that statement was bold face political pandering.
How increasing the taxes, hiring third world employees( to fake the economy reports during the election), and creating trillions on debt will make USA create more jobs, specially for woman? Mitt will reduce the taxes, the government spendings so americans could invest their money in the country.
I suppose if we asked you to back that up with some data you would refer us to the internet again.
+George Coelho It's funny because Mitt Romney is the type of guy who supports shipping jobs to China, the guy who placed the family dog on the roof of a moving car, and would say anything to win an election.

Also this tax debate is funny because Romney is the guy who paid 15% on his taxes while the average joe is paying in the high 20% to mid 30% tax rate. Lastly any solution to the deficit will include both spending cuts and tax increases it's a no brainer ... why handicap an entire government by pledging to never raise taxes, it's just stupid.
+Mohamed Abdinur are you Mitt accountant? How can you say the amount of taxes he pays before he publish? Do you think, that Mitt is that kind of guy, well i think so many things about you, but that is what i think that i think. Americans are slave of the Obama's debt!
92% of jobs lost during obama's government was from women. We have now the less amount of woman enrolled on colleges, less than 50 years ago. All the achievements of women were lost! MOMS FOR MITT !
+George Coelho The 2012 Tax Rate Mitt Romney has refused to publish ... the 2011 rate is available and it is listed as less than 15% you should search it up.

Above is one of the many articles that explain this, if you can't be bothered to search it.

Less Women enrolled ... or do you mean so many men have lost work that are flooding colleges to get a second education hence skewing measurements. Dude everything in context and stop spewing fallacies. So I like that you have the republican talking points ... but please provide facts and context to the statements you make. Again the 92.3% number is a false and misleading statement period.
Could it be? Is there a bridge around here? Might there be a troll in our midst?
+Matt Griffin I would amend the statement on syntax to say "economics". At least where we are talking unemployment, taxation, regulation, and human beings. It isn't worth working over trolls who can't be bothered to understand economic statistics in context. (Or be bothered to understand how little could or would change from one administration to the other on this point and that the whole thing is contrived political theatre for the benefit of people like himself). But I admire the effort.
+Mohamed Abdinur he said that he will publish. Anyway if he does not publish you can't invent numbers. But i understand that inventing is a democrat thing.
+George Coelho yes many liberals are inventors, probably more then conservatives. I know a lot of so called "Conservatives" have taken a lot of liberal ideas and made a fortune off them though.

Also most scientists and researchers are usually more liberal, they have to be to have an open enough mind to do the work they do.

For example, in order to try to find the "God" particle, you have to believe it not only could exist, but does.
+Matt Griffin it means "mergulhar". If you don't think i can speak portuguese, check my facebook and twitter, they are in portuguese (from brazil). Entendeu o que eu estou falando ? Tem certas coisas que nem o tradutor do google vai poder traduzir para você cara! Você deveria sacar mais as gírias e os termos, aí você iria entender o que eu estou falando, cuzão!
+Mike Mac there is no democrat that are inventor, because you have to be smart to be that.
I wasn't questioning whether you can speak Portuguese, George, I was calling you a dip, which is slang for "doofus." Which I would feel a little guilty about calling you if you hadn't called me cuzão. You are my favorite troll. Keep up the good work, cabrão!
You called me dip and did not want me to call you cuzão... "cabrão" does not exist in portuguese, it is from spanish. Maybe Obama should win so you could get what you deserve.
Maybe so, my troll friend. Maybe so.
+George Coelho , do you like the iPhone? How about Microsoft Windows? How about mains electric to your home? How about modern rocketry ? How about your DVD player? How about the Internet? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tesla, Robert H. Goddard, Gordon Gould, Vint Cerf ..... all "stupid" commie liberals, guess your Right :)
George, I agree you are the best troll goin' on Google Plus right now! Parabéns!
+Mike Mac liberals in the sense they don't want a government messing with his religious choice, and with all their money. Republicans are liberals, they want to keep the government small, and keep your rights, like having a gun, and religion. Obama say is a war on rich, i say it is a war on intelligence, rich people makes more money in general.
when i am right means i am not the left as democrats.
lol, don't you have some goats to Chase or something, trip trap trip trap,
+Mike Mac i could say something about your sexual option, but i don't have any discrimination. You should assume it anyway.
+Mike Mac you live like dozens of miles far from wistom selan (which is difficult to find in the map) and thinks you live in a city... My city at least has more than 2 millions people. You should create goats , or cats (way more similar to your sexual orientation, if you know what i mean ;-) ).
lol @ +George Coelho good little troll, three goats for you, spoiler alert: watch out for the last one lol
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