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Does you use your smartphone when you shop in brick-and-mortar stores?
New apps could guide you to specific products and even deliver discounts based on where you're standing in a store. It's all designed to get you to continue shopping locally instead of online.
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yep, product reviews, pricing, alternative products, product videos..
My phone isn't smart enough to do this by itself so I HAVE TO go along!
No option. Social media are the best way to keep customers engaged with the stores.
yes, to compare prices on line. Also some products have more information online.
Uh, NPR I have higher expectations for you. - "Does you" ?!?
Do your grammar check not working?... sorry everyone's doing it and I couldn't resist
to quote Ralph Wiggum: "Me fail English? That's unpossible!"
Perhaps that's a test by the [not-fully- gov't-funded] folks at +NPR to test readers' sensitivity to grammatical errors??
I admit to being a grammar Nazi. I love NPR too, but I do expect more from them.
He's right, +Jason Vacare. This nation is falling apart one typo at a time. It's not a enough to be a grammar Nazi, you gotta be a grammar racist too.
Sort of like a "No Sentence Left Behind" policy?
There was a point to this post right? Based on the comments you would think it was how snarky and critical can one be of a grammar/syntax error. Sad folks, really sad.
Whoops. You may want to edit this post and fix the grammar. :)
I prefer shopping in stores every time. Its worth a higher price if I can see it and then take it home the sane day. Whoever is uncaring about the survival of stores might want to share their ideas regarding where those store employees might find jobs once they are laid off.
Mr. Keyes, the employees of the stores you are tryiung to support would or at least coulod be paid better and have health benefits if they had an online presence to go with their retail store. I live in Virginia and I am proud of the fact that the State, Chamber of Commerce, and Google have partnered with Intuit to allow each merchant in Virginia to have a website free for one year. Small companies can not compete with large companies unless they seek customers on the same global platform as the bigger companies. If you are worried about what employees will do let me tell you that most people making a living in Technology are far better paid than the clerks in a local store where hte owner can't afford to pay health insurance because they feel entitled to pay themselves a few million while they pay minimum wage to the clerks. They just did a study of how long someone needs to work at minimum wage in order to afford rent. In Virginia the clerk making minimum wage needs to work 77 hours to pay for a 2 bedroom apartment. The future is the Internet combined with local. Let us look at the example of groceries. I think it is easier and safer for the 75 year old living at home to order groceries online and have it delivered than to have them need to take a taxi to the store and probably need to pay the cab driver to bring the groceries into the house for them. If they drivce their own car they have a greater risk of either having an accident or spending more than they should because of impulse buying. Technology is here to stay. The only trouble we have with the current economy is due to the many employers who think it is smart to send jobs over to slave labor and bring more ppeople here from China & India with H1 visas so they can pay them less than Americans without thinking about the fact that Americans are the ones who buy most things and will be able to buy less because of Greed at the top. Henry Ford had it right when he said that his workers were also his customers. I look forward to the day when we have public education worldwide and wages that are fair across the board. The money we wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan has accomplished nothing. We sacrificed the lives of many people to get even with the few that participated in 9/11/1. Mr. Keyes, you can attempt to live in a vaccuum and wish for things to be the same as they were 40 byears ago but that will not prevent the world from moving on.
I recently made the decision to pay more by buying local, from smaller retailers. This way, I feel like a citizen who helps pay his share of sales taxes, and supports local business. But, not everyone cares about that, and cares more about pricing.
I do to check reviews and prices, just today I bought a different part to repair the toilet at Menards based on Amazon reviews. But for grocery shopping or other regular stuff it would have to be a really good deal to make futzing with my phone and giving up privacy worth while.
NPR's superb content will ALWAYS outweigh a minor typo...RELAX! was a nice laugh. I appreciate all types of humor (intended and unintended). Maybe they're just testing the waters for April Fool's Day?
Yes. My barcode scanner has saved me hundreds. More than paid for my iPhone. And my Droid before that.
+NPR seriously guys? Does I use my smart phone in stores? The fact that this was posted yesterday and still not fixed is crazy.
Not really a grammar Nazi but it is painful to read.
I had to unsubscribe to this thread because it is beyond ridiculous. The difference in a comment put up by some random user and a professional organization with paid writers is tremendous. From a professional level it looks sloppy so they should expect to be called out by others. But comments and personal pages are not at all expected to be held to the same standards. It's a simple valid point. Just like Sointex said, he's not being paid to be the professional. Mycal, you should spend time doing something more useful with your day.
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