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NORAD Tracks Santa Program has record-breaking success in 2011
NORAD Tracks Santa Program has record-breaking success in 2011. Jan. 3, 2012. PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The North American Aerospace Defense Command's NORAD Tracks Santa Program exceeded i...
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Yay! I'm So Happy For +NORAD Tracks Santa, I Love Tracking Santa Every Year!
The games are made people of any age can enjoy them, but mostly children.
Yes, We All Know... :(
+Sam Baugh you can remove +NORAD Tracks Santa from your circles, you can mute this post, or you can move the slider all the way down. Those are your options if you do not want to see this post and you don't want to be notified anymore. In fact, the whole point of the mute option is so that you don't get annoyed like you do with facebook with 230987492387492 notifications.
... No, i LOVE Norad... i track santa every year, have done for Half My Life... Im Not Removing, The Epic +NORAD Tracks Santa, BUT Its not christmas anymore... and im tired of seeing notifications, sorry for bringing it up, stop commenting on this! Look at the FIRST Comment on the post... LEAVE ME ALONE! When was i complaining about comments??? (WTF)
JUST MUTE THIS POST IT DOESN'T REMOVE NORAD FROM YOUR CIRCLES Further, I didn't tell you that you had to remove them, I gave you the options. BTW you commenting gave me a notification. So again, if you want this shut up you can just Mute the post it's right at the bottom right corner of your notification when you click on it. That way, when somebody else looks through their circles and finds this post and wants to comment on it, you won't harass them about not commenting. You cannot tell someone don't comment just because you don't want to be bothered. This is why G+ is great... just mute the post! it is why G+ has the mute option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW... no. Sorry, Since WHEN DID I, TELL YOU TO STOP COMMENTING!!????, Apart from the one i just sent! i swear some people are messed up...!
... no... go away, or should i say stop commenting then hippocrit! night, going bed.
I'm not ....haha... I have no issues here. You are the one deleting your comments so that you look like you aren't telling people to stop commenting. And I have every right to comment on this, if you have a problem with me or anybody else commenting, then you should mute the post.
LOL, seriously, why comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wowwww, you guys have such problems Hahaha
You are the one complaining that people are commenting and telling them to shut up. And it doesn't even have to be a problem if you'd just use the mute button.
If you don't like it +Sam Baugh , mute it. That's what I've been saying. I'm not bullying anything or anybody. You attacked other people. Just mute the post and everything here will go away, you will still see the NORAD thing.
I Attacked Other people? Give Me A Break, You've Been Complaining, Just Cause I Said, Ok, It's Not Christmas Anymore, Stop Commenting, Not to Offend Anyone, God! Im A Kid!!! Give Me A Break!
Then mute the post kid. What's so hard about it? Really, what is hard about muting it if you don't want people to comment. You try to inflict other people to do what you want but in reality you have a choice. You either get the notifications for people who happen to stop by and see it and want to comment or you mute this post so you no longer get notified on a subject you no longer want to see. If you find it bothersome then mute it. Instead you feel the need to argue and pull the stop bullying me card, saying you are a kid so give you a break. I'm saying mute the post. I don't see how muting the post is bullying you. If anything despite your attitude you've had the whole time I'm still saying something that would help you. It doesn't mean new posts won't show means any further comments from me or anybody else on a subject you don't want to be notified about because it isn't Christmas anymore won't bother you. Personally, Christmas is about Christ and HE should be celebrated all year round not just at Christmas time. Think about that as you used God's name in vein.
Im kidding! thanks, i will mute, JUST SHHHHHH NOW
Really +Sam Baugh ? HAD to comment again? Like I said before for somebody who does not want notifications you refuse to mute the post and you keep commenting. It doesn't make any sense.
I hope you really have muted it and stop trying to tell people to stop doing something they have the right to do.
anybody else waiting for their website to open up on saturday?
yeah me i'm so exited i'm going to be watching it all that month !!
so exited 25 days til christmas
The website is activated 2morrow! I'm soooo happy!!!!!!!! 
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