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Social Media Analytics and Topic Influencer Identification
Social Media Analytics and Topic Influencer Identification


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6 Quick Tips for Using Social Media to Boost SEO

Here are some of our favorites:

Google + Twitter partnership

Hashtags are the new keywords

Social channels are the new Google

h/t +SEMrush 

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6 Quick Tips for Using Social Media to Boost SEO
Social media tips for better SEO
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1. Shared content helps link-building
2. How to leverage Google + Twitter partnership
3. Follower count matters

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Post via +Social Media Today 
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Reason prevails on Google+

Thanks to chief +Google+ architect +Yonatan Zunger, we're seeing this very reasonable reporting get solid attention. From Mr. Zunger's post:

"Google+ is very much alive, and our recent changes are focused on making it be the best product it can be for what it's best at: helping people meet people and have great conversations about things they're passionate about." 

We recommend reading his entire post and this article as well.

Have a great weekend Google+!

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I don't often share press articles about our products – they rarely seem to say much of use – but this was just such a good case of a journalist Getting It Right that I had to share. Google+ is very much alive, and our recent changes are focused on making it be the best product it can be for what it's best at: helping people meet people and have great conversations about things they're passionate about. 

One particularly noteworthy thing in this article is its discussion of the "majority illusion:" people tend to assume that their friends are typical of the wider world, but almost by definition they aren't – for one thing, they all have one uncommon attribute in common, which is being your friend in the first place. And since people don't choose their friends randomly from the entire spectrum of humanity, one's friends are always a distorted sample. 

So yes, we have here a tech press article which (correctly) uses an important result in cognitive psychology to explain why lots of tech press articles are nonsense.
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When is the best time to blog?

That's a great question, and +B2C has an interesting study shared today. The idea is that we form memories which last longer just before we go to bed, so writing a blog during this time is likely to help your readers remember your content more.

More here:

When will your audience most engage your blog?

This is also a good question, and one NOD3x can help you answer. There are a lot of variables at play such as which social network people are most engaging your topic, the specific topic, the history of engagement for that topic etc.

NOD3x helps by automatically taking all these factors into consideration, and showing you the best times of day and days of the week to share on specific networks and for any topic you're tracking.

Join our community here on G+ to find out more, ask questions and learn to improve your social media skills:

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What's going on with Google+?

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard the tech press proclaiming the death of Google+ (a proclamation they've been declaring since 2011).

What's really going on?

Here it is in a nutshell:

"There are two things at play here. The first factor is Google+ itself. The second is the strategy to integrate Google services into Google+. The integration is being phased out. Google+ is not. The press is confusing these two facts." 

What does Google have to say?

+Google+ chief +Bradley Horowitz has made it clear that:

"We think changes like these will lead to a more focused, more useful, more engaging Google+."

We've also heard from G+ chief architect +Yonatan Zunger that:

"Google+ isn't going anywhere, I can promise you."

This is the real story, from those who know what's going on.

h/t +David Amerland for sharing this, and helping to spread a little reason around :)

Link to +Mike Elgan's article:

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Sorry, tech press. Google+ is alive and well.

(Read my column: )

A chorus of tech journalists this week is saying that Google is phasing out its social network, Google+.

Where did they get this juicy nugget of information? Well, they made it up. And I'll tell you why.

But first, let's look at what the press is saying and compare that with reality:

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The 2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey

+Moz surveyed over 3,600 online marketers, and the survey reflects 18 months of changes. Not surprisingly, social media marketing (SMM) and content creation / curation make the list of top five services provided.

"The vast majority of respondents (85%) reported being directly involved with content marketing, which was on par with 2014. Nearly two-thirds (66%) of agency content marketers reported "Content for SEO purposes" as their top activity, although "Building Content Strategy" came in a solid second at 44% of respondents."

So what are the top social networks?

Facebook continues to dominate at 90% usage, next up there's Twitter at 84% and in a solid third place we have +Google+ 

What's coming up in 2016?

"On the bright side, companies are more aware of what we do, and they're more willing to spend the money to have it done. Our evolution has barely begun as an industry, and you can expect more changes and growth in the coming year."

Full survey here:

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Special NOD3x training with our +David Amerland

It's our pleasure to announce that our special guest will be +David Amerland, of semantic web fame.

David will be covering marketing in the semantic web, which requires an understanding of the data as it happens, how far it travels, who it connects and who the influencers are.

David calls NOD3x, "a pair of eyes and ears in a sea of data and without it you're driving blind which means you may never get where you want to."

See you all tomorrow!
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9 Laws of Social Media Marketing

This from +Social Media Today, and they start out with relationships which is spot on.

Here are the top 3:

❶ The Law of Relationships

"The most basic element of social media should be obvious from its name. What’s the atom, the most essential thing of which social media is made? Social relationships."

"All the other laws of social media marketing are related to this first law."

The Law of Listening

"You customers have a dynamic relationship with your product; it changes over time. You can only know how it is evolving if you listen."

The Law of Focus

"It is better to have a strong relationship with the people who are really into your brand, then to have a weak, dilute relationship with a bunch of people who may or may not be your best audience."

For more, check out the full article here:

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Great, you've used NOD3x to identify Influencers! Now what?

NOD3x is very good at helping you identify key people within any topic. You'll find both Influencers and Engagers, as well as other important people to begin developing relationships with.

So now what?

Obviously the first step is to begin engaging with the people you've identified as important. NOD3x lets you engage across social platforms directly from a single dashboard, so developing those business relationships has never been easier.

Another important step can be an outreach campaign. 

Today, +Search Engine Journal shares 11 Awesome Tools for Hassle-Free Influencer Outreach which you can use to turbocharge your influencers outreach. Here's the link for more:


We've been experiencing some technical difficulties with our web servers, and hope to be back up and running later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Free bonus social media training Hangout series

Struggling a bit with social media, not sure how to spend your time and not seeing enough return on your investment? This bonus social media training series will set you on the right track, topics covered:

How to Write a 'Stand-Out & Get-Heard' Social Media Profile

 How To Become a Master in Starting Conversations With Strangers via Social Media.

[Case Study]: Successful Social Media Strategies You Can Use To Grow Your Business.

Goal Setting Tips For Better Social Media Results.

Click here: to sign up for the training series. First event starts later today, and we're looking forward to seeing you there!

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