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NOD3x User Question - “Is it possible to edit a project and add more Keywords or hashtags or do I need to start another project?”

Answer - Yes - there are three different ways to do this - watch the video to find out how.

If you have a question about then please see our Help and Insight community -

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i really enjoy listening
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Exclusive to our NOD3x Help community - Introducing NOD3x Discovery Insight Tours (DIT)

We've just posted 14 short videos in the community that will take you step-by-step through a real project started by one of our users.

In this our first DIT we look at a project that was created using a specific hashtag and cover:

▶ How was this project set up?
▶ What is the Statistics module
▶ Why does NOD3x show which links are being shared?
▶ What is the average seconds between posts
▶ Comparison charts 
▶ Unique authors
▶ Positive & Negative posts
▶ Relationship graph
▶ Collecting engagements
▶ Graph statistics
▶ Easier to read Relationships
▶ Engaging on G+ posts
▶ Find Influencers & Engagers
▶ Hashtag research

Access to this content is free to our community - so if you haven't joined yet now's the time to do so :)

#sna   #datamining   #influencermarketing   #engagement   #nod3x  
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Yes we will +Monika Schmidt and looking forward to it =)
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Introducing: User Questions - Bite sized answers to your NOD3x questions.

This first one comes from +Eileen O'Duffy - thank you!

If you have a question about +NOD3x please add it to the User Questions discussion in our Help and Insights Community:


There is no silly question...!

#NOD3x   #sna   #NOD3xHelp  
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You're very welcome +Eileen O'Duffy! As you go along and come up with more questions we'd be happy to oblige with more answers :)
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We're so pleased that +Christine DeGraff is using our tool to help her identify influencers in her music niche! Christine and +Ronnie Bincer just finished up an amazing #TNTBootcamp  HOA, where they cover #TNTBootcamp - Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques - Tools Review

Christine is also using some other awesome tools like +CircleCount+Circloscope and the  +Steady Demand tool! The results are well worth having a watch.

#googleplustools   #googleplusforbusiness   
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 +NOD3x ;)
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Comparing Google+ View Counts within related posts

#sna   #socialnetworkanalysis   #leesmallwood  
You don't have to compare apples and oranges now - How to compare all Google+ view counts (and engagements) for multiple G+ profiles that write on the same topic.

This is our 2nd phase roll-out and we're developing it further over the weekend.

There's a lot of processing taking place so you may want to grab a coffee whilst it's running :)

Hope you find it useful - if so please re-share :)

Thanks and have a great weekend.

#sna   #socialnetworkanalysis  
The latest Google+ Update caused quite a stir and caught us all on the back foot. Yes, I'm talking about Google+ View Counts. Is this a valid measurement or not? Well in isolation - no, as is with most values. However, when y...
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+Matthieu THOMAS My pleasure and thank you :)

Have a great week end too :)
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NOD3x User Question - How to use NOD3x to analyse your own engagement

In this video +Lee Smallwood covers:

▶ Analysing your own Google+ activity
▶ Which posts are getting the most engagement?
▶ Who are your Top Engagers
▶ Which days of the week and times of day are best to post your content?

If you have a NOD3x question you can post it in our Help and Insight community →

#NOD3xHelp   #SNA   #DataMining   #DataAnalysis  
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Something big is coming tomorrow - find out what we're launching tomorrow before anyone else »»

#NOD3xUpdate #sna
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Our internet world is fascinating, thank you for this excellent portal.
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How to Discover Relevant Data using NOD3x and Hashtags

Data visuals are only good if the data is good to begin with.

In this article from +Lee Smallwood, he shows you how to data mine Google+ using and hashtags.

#datamining   #sna   #socialnetworkanalysis  
Start Data Mining Today with NOD3x 

Data mining has been part of the buzz word crowd for some time now. It's often perceived as being exclusively for big businesses or large organisations and people are even put off by the term itself 

But that doesn't have to be the case...

In this article I show you how you can use NOD3x to discover content, engagers and influencers on Google+ using a simple #hashtag in under 60 seconds! 

Yes, it really does take less than one minute to get start Data Mining Google+ - and you don't need any programming or math skills!

I also cover how to find related  #hashtags  that Google+ associates with you and/or your brand

Read the article here →

Or Pin it on Pinterest for later →

Hope you find it useful - if so please re-share :)

#DataMining   #socialnetworkanalysis   #visualisations  

My amazing circle of NOD3x helpers has also been included. If you wish to be added to that circle (or removed) please let me now in the comments below)
Effective keyword use, for content creation, has been the topic of many articles. over the years After all people want their content to be found. However, understanding which keyword(s) to use isn't necessarily a simple proce...
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Every journey!
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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So glad you're finding our tool useful +Christine DeGraff! Let us know if you have any particular questions about how best to use the tool. We're happy to help =) 
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I sure do +NOD3x!
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Google+ View Count Ratios

This is just the first phase rollout - watch this space for updates ;)

#sna   #googleplus   #data  
Find Profile and Page View Counts Using NOD3x

First phase of integrating View Counts into +NOD3x (

Three metrics

▶ Views / Followers
▶ Views / (Followers * Posts)
▶ Views / Posts

Thanks to +Gideon Rosenblatt +CircleCount +Yonatan Zunger +martin shervington and +John Kellden  for chats and comments relating to which way to go :)

This is just the start so let us know how you'd like to see these improved...

Read the How-To here →

or Pin it on Pinterest for later →

#sna   #socialnetworkanalysis   #data  
There's been a lot of chatter across Google+ and beyond relating to G+ Profile and G+ Page views so much so last night I had to switch off from it and posted this meme. But being an insomniac I mulled it over and decide...
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NOD3x - Data mining, SNA (social network analysis), big data
NOD3x - pronounced (node x) - being the minimum number of nodes in a graph to form a decent clique 

We love data mining, social network analysis (SNA) and BIG data.

We're currently launching version - but follow the page to keep up to date on releases.

NOD3x is a SaaS application project from Digi Communications Ltd