Google’s Project To Offer Free Superfast Wi-Fi Internet To The World Has Begun

Imagine a city with Wi-Fi hotspot. Now imagine that it is free as well.

This won’t be just an imagination for long as Google has unveiled its new plan to bring Free, Superfast Wi-Fi to cities around the world.

Sidewalk Labs, a Google-owned company that focuses on improving city living through technology innovations, has announced that the company will roll out free WiFi to everyone in New York City around September this year.

But, How will the company do this?

Google-backed Sidewalk Labs will convert over 10,000 New York’s old phone booths into ad-supported “Wi-Fi pylons.” These booths will offer free wireless Internet access to anyone within 150 feet of radius.

Sidewalk Labs is leading a group of investors acquiring Control Group and Titan, companies working to cover New York City with Free, Superfast Wi-Fi service.

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