As our Ingress events draw near, the process and policy of selecting points of contact (POC) to assist Niantic has recently been revisited. Going forward, we will be reviewing POC nominations and reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason. TOS violations will result in 12 month (Anomaly) and 6 month (other Ingress events) exclusion from being eligible for POC duties from the date NIA OPS took action against the Agent.

In addition, the members of our Vanguard program will be assisting Niantic in collecting the nomination information from the various communities and forwarding it on to be evaluated by NIA OPS. The current list of Vanguards are:

ENL: BlueThug
ENL: Claudija
ENL: DocApe
ENL: Fenyok
ENL: Hirotakes
ENL: Jencyberchic
ENL: Mm207a
ENL: pinesinger
ENL: Renegades
ENL: Vadarf
ENL: Webwires

RES: Azhreia
RES: BeetlePie
RES: chibri
RES: DIEdoll
RES: enunez
RES: foxsway
RES: Hellbl4zer
RES: MandoMerc
RES: VanJeffery
RES: Vorticity
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