Greetings Agents, there have been some questions on how the Sojourner medal works, so we decided to create a quick overview:

- The medal tracks the longest streak of consecutive 24 hour periods in which you have hacked a Portal. 

- To keep this streak active, you must hack at least one Portal every 24 hours. If you hack at 10:00 AM one day, then you’ll need to do a hack by 10:00 AM the next day to keep the streak alive.

- The 24 hour counter starts over every time you hack a Portal. If you hack at 10:00 AM, then again at 3:00 PM, you have until 3:00 PM the following day to hack again.

- You may hack any Portal - it does not have to be the same Portal every time.

- The stat shown as 'Consecutive Days Hacking' reflects your longest streak, not necessarily your current count (unless they are the same).
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