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Since November 2012, we’ve been impressed by your Portal submissions and edits, and we’ve certainly been busy reviewing more than 24 million submissions to date. These contributions have made the world of Ingress what it is today, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

As part of the process of establishing Niantic as an independent company ( and laying the groundwork for the future of Ingress, we will making some changes in the process of how we handle Portal submissions and edits. We will be temporarily suspending new Portal submissions in order to focus on the numerous Portal candidates already submitted but not yet reviewed and to work on building new systems to allow for more timely and scalable processing of both submissions and edits.

As we process submissions, we’ll be focusing on areas with low Portal density first. For other areas we’ll be focused on finding the highest quality, coolest, and most exceptional candidates.

While we will continue to take Portal edits, please help us by only submitting those that are absolutely necessary to add missing data or fix an incorrect location, title or description. Takedown requests will be similarly prioritized, and will only be accepted if absolutely necessary.

We are very excited about our new beginning and the opportunity it gives us to rebuild our systems to improve speed and quality. Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks.
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Thanks for the update.
I look forward to seeing what is around the corner :D
Tom Scott
Or... crowdsource the approvals? 
Yay, hopefully my submissions from last year can finally be decided upon.
And no more "soft bans" for "poor submissions" even when they should be portals.
Thank you for the update, it's much appreciated.
I can't submit portals from my scanner as of now.

Well this sucks. What fun is there to be had without the element of new portals changing the way we play? New portals meant constantly adapting to even the most well known of areas, getting that sense of joy when you found something you had over looked for years because someone else took the time to showcase it. Not to mention eventually let's face it, you can only stay interested hacking the same portals over and over again for so long...   this is a very game altering change and I fear not for the best 😯
How bout processing the 2014 submissions first? 528 discoveries and still gold with over 200 submissions still in queue from 2014! Gimme my platinum already!
We told you a very long time ago +NIA Ops that you needed to devolve some of the review process to the community, as geocaching does. Geocaching has a large volunteer reviewer programme to handle the workload. You cannot expect a small concentrated team to handle the whole world. You have to distribute it.
Yay! Finally, the portals I submitted in the middle of nowhere will come to life! 
Figured it was just a matter of time before you did this. And I don't want to be rude, but you've been talking about a "new system" for more than two years now. Are you actually going to do it, or just keep talking about it?
+NIA Ops would be great if you check a year old submissions which aren't reviewed yet.I'm sure many agents will have it 
24 million submissions? And there's roughly 3.5 million portals? That's a very low success rate. 
Holy crap that's a lot. You should outsourse to local agents. There are a few programs that use "peer review" where the item needs to get so much percentage approval from a queue of so many people. Offer amp or items as a reward for reviewing submissions. 
Hey +NIA Ops, what about those portals in the Appeals community that were left hanging during the voting phase that never got responded to, you guys up and changed the rules and then left those that were voted on hanging like they didn't matter and yet quite a few of them actually met the voting requirements but were NEVER responded to. What is going to happen to those ones right there?
I am curious if there are any official numbers on the portal submissions that are permanently lost.  I have quite a few in the queue from 8 or more months ago, and I am concerned that they've been abandoned.
Will this affect Mission submissions?
+NIA Ops​ thanks for hard work since 2012. I hope we figure out a way for portal or POI submitted again
I appreciate the attention to the backlog. Thanks
I will do as you ask about edits, as always.
I thought the whole point of suspending seer badge 9 months ago was so could work on better process for submissions. Hopefully all the ones I submitted last year get processed. I know some will fall in the low portal density areas. And hopefully after the do the exceptional ones they still process ones that meet the criteria (or did when submitted).

I feel for those who have lots waiting that were submitted before seer disabled and hope they get processed like they should
This is a good move. Otherwise, valid portals are rejected while someones' home stuff are approved as portals. Lot of ingress players with fair play are disappointed when that happens. 
+NIA Ops If we don't have Black Seer, can you hide the badge for us please? And at the same time, hide Recruiter. :-p

Maybe one of those thousand option buttons everyone seems bent on.
+NIA Ops​ are you really going to fix it? Or another false promise in relation to portal submissions? I have many that have been waiting for a response for more than a year... Can't even get the next medal if they do get approved. How about we just can this medal & add a new one? 
Some areas could do with little less portals. You know, the BS kind that Harri mentioned above...
Pleasing the World of Ingress is a tough job. The update is most appreciated. 
please, take attetion to my edits, all there are legit.. resistance in my local area have 3 portal moved +/-300mts from original sites to get hacks in they house.. please help!!
+NIA Ops​ I think you should reconsider the new portals for the seer medal, if you're suspending submissions it would be fair to have that medal again for those who doesn't had it and all the players that keep submitting portals before today.
In some places, it seems that there is a portal oversaturation. Maybe create a protocol that defines how close portals are to each other. Example is having 10 portals within a park (or a half a block) is to many.
Unwise. Shouldn't have suspended regions like mainland China for we are still having few portals. Should have done it regionally.
Bad news sad....but in other hand..thank you +NIA Ops​ for the information. Its the only way we can feel outside of the darkness, of this kind of limbo where we dont know nothing about our submitions. 
This must be why I finally got a reply on my 7 month old invalid report for the portal "Trailer" in vegas. The one that's just a picture of a flatbed utility trailer in a vacant lot. 
BTW the last few portals going live in my area were bullshit. You accepted portals that are clearly prp and not in the correct location, e.g. A crappy wooden snake on a doorstep, now located in an inaccessible fenced area with lots of dangerous animals. (OK they are only cows but anyway, the person who accepted this must have lost his brain to place a portal on a cow) 

You should at least do a better review of move/delete requests. From location data you should easily know where the most active agents of a cell live and work and use them for peer reviews in their area. 

We requested crowd sourcing ages ago, why don't you just do this? Many of us seers would be glad to help. 
If that's so, we really hope they aprove the best candidates, and maybe we can stop calling them monkeys 😁
"we’ll be focused on finding the highest quality, coolest, and most exceptional candidates."

I hope that's a "what we're going to do now" thing cause.. yeah... its been pretty bad.

I rarely seen anything new the last couple months that doesn't have a bad photo, like distant drive by. My own submissions follow the same trend when finally reviewed: bad photo, accepted; good photo, rejected.
Liz H.
Now if only they would not deny the edits I've put in because they are not only not in the right place, but also beyond the property, and on private and /or posted land :-/ (up to 4 that I remember right now... And a few others that you can get to, but are a block or two away from where they belong) 
I was wondering if you could provide a way to cancel own submission. Quite a few of mine are already on the map (added by other users) and me cancelling them could spare you some time. Even more time, of course, if other people could do the same.
+Dena Brown the whole point of suspending the seer badge was to generate a huge burst of portal submissions to try to populate portals where the incoming flood of Apple users lived
24 million submissions at 10 seconds per evaluation means Niantic only needs 7.6 more years to catch up to the current backlog. (Assuming portal monkeys work nonstop and year round and don't need to eat sleep or pee.) So maybe don't whine about how you're still waiting eh?
....can't wait for my seer badge to get upgraded!(since I submitted around 50 right before the original submission deadline)... .....thx +NIA Ops​​
I sure hope it gets better. I've had several valid portals rejected while "Pipeline Park", which is nothing more than a gas line marker in an empty lot, gets approved.
Noel Ho
So there is still hope for my 300+ submissions that have been in queue since July 2014 up to Dec 2014?

Why aren't the submissions processed chronologically? There have been numerous submissions made by others this year that were approved while my submissions languish in the queue.

And will any of my approved submissions count towards my seer badge seeing as they were all submitted before 2015?

And lets not forget the numerous appeals with evidence that get rejected for reasons unknown.
+NIA Ops​ What is happening with the past take down requests. Duplicates not removed, and non existing ones not removed either, despite numerous submissions 
Excellent decision and fantastic changes. I look forward to better quality submissions and shorter queue.

High quality remote submitting (via web browser) would be an ideal solution. (far more friction than simply using the scanner)
+Plautus Satire​​...really cause I thought it was due to the fact that when the game started, portal subs took 3 it's a don't think that might have something to do with it( not that thousands of IOS users submitting portals upon the mlions already in queue argument makes any sense whatsoever)
+Ingress Glad to hear you are focusing on low density areas first - however this should have been a priority from (almost) the beginning.

Similarly, an in-game (and/or website based) review system for players to see and vote on submissions is long overdue.
It could function something like this:
* You must be level 8+ (for example) in order to vote on submissions.
* A small subset of submissions is presented at random from around the world (or within 1000km of your last activity etc, or portal titles using your language).
* Submissions do not show submitter name or faction, but do show the location (and preferably, with both map, satellite, and nearest street view available).
* Vote Accept or Reject to each submission. After each vote, that submission disappears and another random one is added to the list available to vote on.
* When a portal gets eg 75% support from players of both factions (and a minimum of eg 4 votes from each faction), the portal is accepted (or rejected if 75% against).
* For each portal that you voted in accordance with the majority, you get xx AP, and if the portal was approved, you get a point toward the Seer badge (or some new 'Reviewer' badge).
* If you vote against the majority more than a certain percentage of the time, you get suspended from reviewing for some cooldown duration.

NIA Ops then only needs to review controversial submissions, where there is no significant majority between Accept/Reject votes.

Ideally, the portal submission form should have an extra field allowing the submitter to enter in a URL which helps to document/verify the quality of their portal, which reviewers can see (but isnt shown once the portal appears in game), because not all candidates are visible on maps/satellite imagery for verification.
I hope this means that the portals I submitted when I started 6 months ago, in my low density neighborhood are finally going to get approved...rather than me having to start the process all over again when you get it revamped...
BTW - I'm only minimally complaining...there are some pros to my portal state. If I take my 3 closest portals and turn my house blue, I get about 1.5k mu...that should demonstrate people/portal ratio in my neighborhood...
+David Bliss I didn't say IOS users submitting portals, I said getting portals on the map FOR the incoming flood of IOS users. This might surprise you but Apple users clump together geographically.
+Trevor Grimm your math is way off because of your shitty assumptions. Most rejects are automated at a rate of several per second most likely.
And can give users the opportunity to vote for the creation of a new portal, if it is more positive votes, the portal to be, and if it is less then send it to moderation. Survey done through a mobile client in the additional mode. where it would be seen submitted new portals.
I hope to see those submissipn up again soon. Good luck with the processing. Hopefully it can be automated somehow.
Thing is, if you would reject the crap stuff right off, you wouldn't be backlogged and we might still be getting credit for the ones we submit and by the way, surveyor benchmarks are valid portals.
Tbh thats pretty much bullshit, i just moved a new place yesterday which is lack of portals but with a great potential. Yesterday i posted 1 or 2 due to busy time of moving. So now i cant do anything about it. Gz.
Very important: the portal should bear the name of the discoverer.
Just to be sure who the hell did submit this fake crap
i have also several submissions in the queue that are over 300 days old and many well over 200 days.  
There are still portals submitted by me in March 2013 (!!) in your pipeline, hope they will go live soon!
Yay! Hoping the low portal density in Northwest Zambia will be addressed so the Peace Corps new players here can start! It is hard to travel more than 12 hours by bus to nearest portal!
+John O'Connor should bear just because it only is hard to figure out if there are multiple picture submissions. There is enough space at the portal UI. (same for UPC/UPV and links)
The seer badge was always going to be trouble, and anybody whose first priority here is "can I get my badge please" needs to be patient. I would like to see a live submission cap so no agent can have more than maybe 50 in the queue. Combine this with peer review of local portal submissions (maybe in a web based agent dashboard) and you are on to a winner.
Wonder if my submissions from a year ago will ever get reviewed ...
Haha portal edits what a joke, there's one particular portal I submitted, got online, then discovered it landed in someone's backyard, local players have put through perhaps 10 move requests now in 12 months, only to get rejected, something is severely wrong with your process for moving portals
ich habe 21Absagen am Stück bekommen. Dabei sind 100%ige wie Kirchen & Co . Ohne Google werden wohl die Ressourcen knapp werden. :/
+NIA Ops​ you really should outsource this portal submission to some people, i do admire amazing portals, and would love to be a part of the changes.. 
+Brent Hollett and no way to take photo or video proof in case portal is misplaced or fake.
Dear +NIA Ops .

I am absolutely devastated by this decision, making this the worst decision ever of NIA Ops (second worst was the removal of the Seer medal which I was planning to go to Onyx on). I'm seriously considering whether not to quit playing Ingress altogether or wait until the option for new portals is back.

The whole point of the game for me has been discovery of the city where I live. It gives me much more pleasure to find interesting or important places and submit new portals, and have them accepted, than any activities involving fighting between factions.

However, the absolutely horrible quality of your employees in charge of accepting portals (as you probably known, popularly called "monkeys", for a good reason), made this very difficult from the start. What I can only hope for is that you work on this problem quickly, and the option to submit portals will be back soon (and soon means a month or two, not a year or two). And that option will be handled by totally new teams, teams who can do more than use Google Translate to check for the portal description and look at Street View to check whether the location is true.

The best proof of how horrid your portal accepting team was is the result of an experiment which I did a week ago.

I noticed, that your portal acceptance team accepts all playgrounds. So I went around the residential area where I live, and submitted every playground I found, and I was able to find 15 in about an hour walk. To my surprise (!), almost all got accepted the next morning! Useless kid playgrounds, nothing interesting, nothing of value! And at the same time your "wonderful" team has been rejecting (multiple times!) a couple of history tablets, historical war memorials, etc.! And more such important potential portals have been waiting in queue submitted by me for a year or so!

We Poles are very proud of our history, and if your monkey rejects a historical monument commemorating victims of war, and accepts a stupid playground, it's like they were punching me in the face!

So yes, please, get your stuff together. And do it fast. Every sensible player will want the option to add portals again.

You're an independent company now. That means you will need us, players, directly, to make money (cash won't drop from heavenly Google above anymore, yay). Therefore hear us. If we are in any way endorse the game, we need to enjoy it. By taking away things that have been ingame from the start, you're making it less enjoyable, hence you can expect to lose an active player base. I would therefore suggest you first immediately fire the entire portal acceptance team, then fire the person who hired the team, then fire the person who made stupid decisions on removal of Seer and now removal of the submission option. And then hire someone who has some marketing sense and can use this to your advantage.

Oh, and I don't believe that you will now consider old submissions. If you can accept new submissions the next day, that means you are NOT processing them FIFO, but randomly, and the old submissions are probably long deleted.

Sincerely yours,
agent tonid
recognize "low density first" now? too late lol
Great! Too much portals around anyway, especially too much silly portals which in no way add any value (except maybe for the one couch player behind) 
Please delegate then aproval or at least the first filtering to local players. Just like with geocaching. Locals know the area. Can make your work easy. 
I hope the removal process for portals on elementary school grounds will be taken more seriously.
Please update the online docs.

Also, please get zendesk to allow me to login with my Google account rather than creating yet another throw away account so I can report broken docs.
В России не будет возможность отправлять подтверждение на для новых порталов, точнее будет но глубоко ночью, это реально дискриминация агентов
+Sas Catalin Vasile seer has been suspended since 1st January this year, so it would only be your submissions from last year that would count anyway. So this changes nothing as far as the badge is concerned
You already forced a lot of high level players from the game . Decisions like this will only make you lose even more data and players. Well done....not..... 
+Judy Booth I know, but now event the number of seers is not any more increase.  On 1st January was suspended only the badge, the number of submited portals are keep increase.
+NIA Ops 
And if you search for a solution to process the submition then why you just emply or search some local volunteers to process the submitions?
Может и верный ход, но спорный.
😂 😂 😂 what a bullshit, have some portals waiting over 600 days, at this time it was less density area, now it's full. 
Jan M.
edit: Actually I am not sure if the numbers below are correct. The text says "we’ve certainly been busy reviewing more than 24 million submissions". Initially I thought that there are 24 million submissions in total but it looks more like that they already processed 24 million submissions?

original comment:

+Trevor Grimm​​​ Welcome to G+ comments where everybody whines like a baby without even thinking for a single second.

I said it before and I sait again: there are way too many portal submissions and at this point it is impossible to catch up.

So you people want high quality approved portals? Let's assume a human needs 1 minute per portal submission. 60 portals per hour times 7 hours effective work time per day means you can do 420 portals a day. But let's round this up to 500 submissions a day.

A year has 365 days and if you substract weekends and some vacation you end up with 250 working days.

This means a single human can process 125,000 portals a year.

Since we have 24 million portals we need about 200 people who work full-time for a year to get this done.

And the same problem is also valid for a player-supported portal approval system.

Let's assume there should be at least 3 people who independently check a single portal to make sure ot is a good portal. This increases the number of portal checking to 75 millions.

If we assume that the average player carefully (!) and unbiased (!!!) checks 100 portals we need about 750,000 player in order to process all submissions. And this is probably way more than the current user basd of Ingress.

If you want to complain, then please direct some of your complaints to your fellow players who think it is an awesome idea to submit every graffiti, lamp post, and pile of dog shit.

Yes, Niantic could improve their process, but a very large part of the problem are the player who submit way too many shit portals.
There are enough portals in the world. Lets do some weeding. Also make portal submission a collective player decision, say 10 enl and 10res have to approve. Playerlvl at least lvl10 and registered as local players near the subitted portal. Voting with the client and each portal visable who voted.
Jan M.
+Paul van Noort No, locals should be forbidden in the process. Otherwise I am 100% sure that half of the player are denying good portals for their oponents. 
I guess that's one way to say "we need to cut our costs"
Absolutely necessary takedown requests, as in the ones submitted over a year ago perhaps? 
5. Fucking. Accepted. Requests. Before. 2015. To. Get. Golden. Seer.
Badges = ego. You. Unable. To. Compute. Life.
Thanks for the update! Perhaps a geocaching style volunteer approver setup? 
When brand new signs outside buildings are accepted and my submissions of listed buildings and sites over 100 years old are rejected I just hope you get a clue as to what is actually of historic importance. 
I have tried to up date a photo of a statue that has been remove and a new one built yet you keep rejecting the new photo. Make a mockery of you system. 
I do hope that you would consider using local reviewers, much in the same way as is done with geocaching. Using reviewers that are familliar with the country of submission, and the language used, would improve the quality.
One small change that would save everyone a lot of time: for portal edits and invalid reports, allow us to include supporting text and photos. That will avoid the cumbersome two step process of submit then appeal. 
A more social approach where community review is std and Niantic has final say would be so much more logical... 
"Takedown requests will be similarly prioritized, and will only be accepted if absolutely necessary."
==> Ah, that's an improvement! Before, Takedown request were never accepted, even if absolutely necessary :D :D
as the world is changing (and especially shitty portals like "street art" aka graffiti aka vandalism are removed in real life) takedown requests should be prioritized higher.
Me encanta el buen trabajo que estáis haciendo por mejorar la aplicación y renovarla. Enhorabuena a todo el equipo que tenéis 
First thing I thought seeing the seer badge for the first time.. Way too many.. But still I don't see anyone complaining about this. The only way was to really shut down the ability to submit or give people black at 50 submissions so that they would stop submitting. Only way out now would be as suggested above by @ Kris habraken is now a reviewer badge or just a plain dump of all the submissions to date and to contemplate and discover a way to make this work. 
+NIA Ops​ Thanks for the explanation. Why I am disappointed, it's probably better in the long run to suspend new submissions so you can get on top of them.

Why don't you share with us how many submissions there are to review, and how many staff you have working on them, so we can get some appreciation for the size of the task?

Perhaps the number of players or activity in an area should be a consideration as well as portal density. 
Have it done like the Waze community. They have their own users make corrections in each area. That way the portals would be quicker reviewed and added in the system
Local reviewers are a bad idea. In areas where one faction outnumbers another for instance. Then you have to watch for people flipping or gaming the system. Not that the current system is great, but at least it's impartially broken.
I have a lot of rejected submisions in low portal density,  what's next? How I can reedit it?
Disable seer for submissions. Make pending portals appear red in scanner. To capture a red portal for your team you must take a photo to confirm its location. Red portal now fades until approved. Nia now have 2 independent photos and locations for the portal and only need to rate "awesomeness and xm concentration"
+NIA Ops​ I didn't read all the comments, but I do believe crowd sourcing is a terrible idea. It will become a popularity contest. There are areas where one faction is dominant and they will ensure that agents of the opposite faction will never seen another portal approval if this sort of system is implemented. 
+Tomasz Andrzej Nidecki:
another good example on how +NIA Ops held active, legitimate players in total contempt is #banhammer . Getting rid of bots should be on the priority list, but +NIA Ops were going about the wrong way & "regular" players were caught in the crossfire.
I, for one, was impacted (banned since June 2014); being a strongly active player involved in anomalies & cell-wide actions, I had the strong support of my local community while submitting my request for reinstatement. It was of course all for naught.
As you so well mentioned, +Niantic Project, as an independant company, will need to start hearing players out, as they will directly influence the fate of the company.
Example: there is absolutely ZERO involvement between +Niantic Project / +NIA Ops & the +Ingress community on other levels than Anomaly events. Anne & Mathilda are community managers, but again - only really present during anomalies. We need to have more community managers directly from the active user base, with real power to bridge players & Niantic & the authority & tools to make ingame decisions (example: management of activities within their assigned cell).

Maybe the company was not run by monkeys, but it was definitely by project managers; we all know how this ends ;]

@adwin EOT
Please stop complaining about this obviously necessary step by NIA. We won't be able to submit new portals for a while, but hopefully we will start seeing pending submissions being processed in exchange. With a backlog of 24M submissions, what else could NIA do? Have some understanding and faith in those providing use with this amazing FREE gaming arena.
I still have submissions in your queue ... the oldest is from 2012 ! banda kokotov prasivych lenivych ste... nic ine
I keep submitting the fakes around town as invalid. Yet they all stay. These are not the temp ones that should not be there but the obvious fakes that I find. I know of 4, most submitted by the same player.
Niko M
Cheers. Look forward to seeing the new process
I've talked locally with other players about how crowd sourcing submission review could work, and I think the biggest thing to help avoid bias from one side or the other would be a combination of needing multiple votes (from both sides) to approve or deny, and hiding the identity of who submitted the portal. I thought about also having a particular player approve non local portals only, but that would make it harder to identify if they were legit portals or not. 
+NIA Ops +Ingress Great news wish you all the best in this endevour I'm still waiting on over 110 portal submissions from last year feared they would never get accepted. :) thank you for all the great work you do
+William Johnson Consider how many of those submissions might be duplicates vs the numbers of actual portals. If you get 5+ submissions per portal candidate in populated areas the success rate is actually higher than it would appear. From the numbers stated. :) 
Reading through these comments is slightly depressing. Niantic have already processed 24 million portal requests so far. Well done an impressive feat. There is no information on the current backlog. It could be be another 24 million or it could be 24. 

However it was also slightly depressing reading the original post. If you have processed 24 million requests you have known for some time that the current situation was untenable but yet you persisted. This announcement is like the portal process as it stands, vague and full of platitudes. I applaud the bold decision to stop portal submissions. Yet I think you need to go further. Do away with AP for submissions. Throw away the entire back log. Some "cool" portals will be lost but not for long if they are in areas where they would be regularly in play. Focus on removing poor/fake/contrived portals and new portals only in areas of specifically defined (publish the algorithm) low portal density.. Quality not quantity.  
Do we not realise that this actually effects explorer and Pioneer badges for low density areas?! I'm in the middle east, on a small ish island, worked my best to submit tons of portals, and even with travelling and playing ingress I do not have gold Pioneer, apparently there is no way in hell I am getting platinum unless I permanently move to EU or US... 
At last my city will have some portals of they get accepted. 
Those that are following this thread.. please report the foul language and .... responses from ... It will be obvious if you read this.Thank you +NIA Ops for making an effort to work on this process. I am looking forward to having portal submissions again online.
+Douglas Williams Which is why the portal criteria have always been vague. But there aren't many places that don't have a place of worship or two, a library, post office, pub, bar and cafe. All of which are good enough in lower density areas. Lower portal density necessarily means lower player density too.

I'd also accept all the removal requests on mass or discard them along with the rest of the backlog. 
+Chewies Hairbrush​ portal quality is more subjective then anything else, and I hate to agree with +Douglas Williams​, but in some areas that funny looking scarecrew is the only thing that isn't corn for miles and miles around. Best suggestion is to allow the platinum seers to help process. Use the best the community has to offer
Good decision. You could do the same for mission system, especially for puzzle missions.
On the 1st glance, puzzle missions looks fun, but ppl are exploiting this possibility by creating several similar puzzle missions which contains their nick letters. Also ppl are creating huge puzzles. Those just adds clutter to mission list and  badge inventory, adds to server load and beats purpose for doing something unique which IMHO missions should be.  Also multi row puzzle missions image looks nice only every 6th mission.
Please help me I no longer have the capability to add portals when I long press all I get is fire XMP and navigate no portal submission. Funny thing is I submitted and had a portal approved today so why is this now missing for me :( 
+Michael Peeler It doesn't matter if they suspend submissions to improove them, or if the qeue get's too big to be completely reviewed ever... so, let's give them the time they need ^^ Btw, looking forward to Abaddon :D
Can we get a portal in que badge? I have plenty over that treasured 365 day number
+Cenk Öner get over yourself, it not just about you.  For all you know there could already be hundreds of submission for that area already in the queue, and all you would be doing is stacking more shit on the shit already there
+Ryan Leach That is an idea with veery high potential ! But what do you do about Multi-Accounts and Portals that reappear over and over ? Also don't forget regions with very low density of players and portals 
Excellent idea. It is quite a disappointment when a portal pops up at the place it should be and where it was submitted, and a couple of weeks later is being moved to another location by exploiting the edit location system by opposite faction. Suddenly a game turns into a social capital and popularity contest - who can gather more people to send more edit location submissions. 
+Ewa Jaros​ I wholeheartedly agree. I've got about 30+ submissions that I wish I could cancel because they have already gone live with someone else. If I subtracted the 92 portals of mine that are live and the 37 Niantic rejected out of my 269 submissions that's a potential decrease of 42% to my queue alone. If I'm average, +NIA Ops​ could knock a third of their queue out by providing a mechanism for folks to double check their portals and self reject live ones. The problem is, your acceptance letter doesn't contain any location data. For someone who travels like me, I don't remember where many of my submissions were so I can't even look them up 
big mos
+NIA Ops​​ I have two portals waiting for appeals they both got vote over 89% , so when will those be activated?
That vote system got scrapped, and the % had nothing to do with whether they'd be approved, only whether or not they should reassess them.  If they reassess them and say "Nope, still bad", its still not going to appear.
I think you all forget they were not in charge of this before recently. They are trying to effect positive change with the game, and you all are whining. 
+NIA Ops - Please help me I no longer have the capability to add portals when I long press all I get is fire XMP and navigate no portal submission. Funny thing is I submitted and had a portal approved today so why is this now missing for me :( 
+NIA Ops if there are more new portal requests than the number of requests that can be handled, why not make it more expensive for the agents to send new requests?

Let me describe in detail: May be a new special rare item is required to submit a new appeal, or there is a limit of submissions that can be done per week or per month. 
In case agents can only submit a limited number of portals they will reflect much deeper if a portal candidate has enough value to be a portal.
So... are you saying you gonna listen what we think that could improve Portal Submission System ?
+NIA Ops​ do you ever considering to take an open recruitment for fixing the legit & appropriate portal? Coz i believed there is many agent will voluntary do it (so do i) to keep the portal values (the exotic form, historical value, acurating placed, etc) in their own town.
Just give me some news if you need some supports for Bandung, west java, Indonesia. I'll organized some team for it
Well of course you couldn't keep up. Let's do some math.

We're a smidge under three years in, so 24 million translates to over 8 million a year. 52 weeks in a year means we're roughly over 153,850 submissions per week.

In an interview, +John Hanke​ said he had two people dedicated for four hours each day towards portal submissions. That's forty man-hours per work week. So, now we divide 153,850 by 40 to get to 3,846 submissions per hour to keep up. That's over 64 submissions a minute, or more than one per second. Saying "this isn't working" was OBVIOUS when that interview was posted.

You have a scale problem. You are running a worldwide game that grows faster than you can afford it to. As more people start playing, that bandwidth bill is going to continue to grow. You may need to face a non-augmented reality in the very near future. 
Not sure anyone at Niantic will read this far but.. Disabling seer count was meant to get people to slow down on submissions and not submit crap. If seer is disabled now.. That disincentive is no longer needed. Perhaps during this period (or the end of it?) you can give people the badges they earned? I'm platinum with no care to continue to black so this doesn't impact me, just looking out for other people who built your game. +NIA Ops​
taking our portal edits?  hah... in all my time playing the game (since day 1) i've had like 1 or 2 edits accepted.

admit your swamped and stop trying to pretend you listen to your agents.
You assholes are so backed up who cares what you're doing with submissions... Half the time I dont even believe you look at them before disproving them.. I got portal submissions over a year old I've never heard back about.. Junk portals popping up while quality portal submissions get no attention.. you know the niantic monkeys are doing a half ass job.. Good job monkeys
+Ryan Leach​ my wife suggested the same thing. A "pending" portal will also prevent duplicates. No need to submit a portal if it's already been flagged. As you say, allowing users in game to select the portal, edit for accuracy and submit updates or votes on it will help. Yeah, you'll get factions gaming the system to try for couch/desk portals but then you can prioritize takedowns instead of submissions
It's great that your (finally) doing this. Now if you would, while you're going through the backlogged submissions, could you also do something about the reported invalid portals that have been languishing for a year or two. It's kind of disheartening to report something that doesn't exist along with video, local news links and updated google maps images just to have it completely ignored
+NIA Ops If you would only out source this sort of work to some of the thousands of agents worldwide who would readily volunteer to take up the slack, you would free up so much time for yourself. Geocaching is the perfect example where local reviewers handle localized submissions and disputes, and it works beautifully. If it comes down to nit picking, have one agent from each faction per area if you must. The process would be streamlined and leave +NIA Ops with an abundance of valuable time.
Are you also reviewing appeals that are backlogged? The problem with not working chronologically is that it makes people angry to see a portal approved/appealed in one day while another portal sits in queue for over a year. Yeah, it makes people bitter. And you might consider fixing the review process to give the portal discovery to the person that took the time to submit the portal for review instead of someone that submitted the portal two years ago. 
Chris F
+Jan M. +Trevor Grimm what you guys have mistaken (or conveniently ignored) is that those 24 million is the number that have already been reviewed in the entirety of portal submissions. Nobody ever said anything about the number of portal submissions that are currently still to be reviewed.

Also I don't think for a second that they do all the stuff manually. There are (bad) algorithms at work here for a large part of the process. If a human ever looks at a portal submission it's most likely an appeal.
Geocaching has a staff of local reviewers ex 2 for norway and they are volunteers so no cost involved 😊 +NIA Ops​
Jan M.
+Chris F If you would have read my comment carefully, you will see that I wrote exactly that in the first line.

We don't know how many submissions are still in the pipeline, but most player which I know have less than 50% of their submission processed. This leads me to believe that there must roughly be a similar number of submissions still in the queue. Even if it is only 5 or 10 million submissions left to process, this number is still massive.

Another argument for a fully clogged submission queue is the fact that they stopped accepting new portals. If there were only some 10k submissions left there would be no need to cancel the submission of new portals.

So whatever the true number really is, I am quite sure that it is still very large. In the end it almost does not matter if it is 5 million or 30 million it is way too much to process in a high-quality manner.

A crowd sourced approach might help to alleviate some of the problems, but that approach is open to abuse and will most likely detoriate the xf realtionships even more if portals can be created/moved/deleted by players.
+NIA Ops  Thank you for keeping us informed and doing so much to maintain the world of Ingress. I, for one, would not mind seeing a bit of a "purge" if you will, of portals that really don't meet the criteria of being unique, inspirational, or historic. Children's playgrounds, vending machines and graffiti that claims to be a mural, don't really add to atmosphere of the world, and some areas are over burdened with a ton a portals that agents may use, but would actually rather not have (for any reason other than purely strategic positioning) An event that leads to the sudden collapse of such portals would be particularly awesome!
Jan M.
+Tor Egon Mikkelsen How many geocaches are there in Norway? A few thousand? How many portals are in Norway? I would guesstimate 75,000 to 100,000?

For such a large number of portals you need at least a few dozen volunteers per country which all have to work unbiased by their faction.
+Frank Duverney Please before you call someone a ass** Remember you play a free game so what is your problem?
My advice, turn your scanner off..... 
Jan M.
+Frank Duverney Since you seem to be so clever... Tell me, how would you process 24 MILLION submissions with a staff a few persons? Don't you think that it is literally impossible that they look into each single submission?
That will a lot reduce fun of playing that game… i feel really bad about that decision… 
+Jan M. I agree and my point is. There is plenty of volunteers who could be responsible for a hotel or two. Outsourcing to member is a good way to go imo 😁😁
+NIA Ops  It would be nice if you would focus on actual art of not taco bell or KFC art as that really isn't art.   It would also be nice if you could keep historical or geological cool features in mind.  And finally look at the location via google maps to see if the object exists there.  Our area folks have submitted edits to the several portals for being in the wrong and dangerous location and yet you seem to think its fine where it is. 
Given that the only portals that seem to get approved these days are random vandalism graffiti works, duplicates of existing portals, fake portals, portals inside private property or on elementary school playgrounds, I support anything that will improve the situation ... face it, it can hardly get worse.
Now begins the new age of irreversible tactical portal removals
And we apply to become a portal processing drone where?
Make sure you don't forget all the 360+ day submissions that seem to have gotten lost from your processing queue.
Takedown requests should be no-brainers in case of things like chain stores (there is a Buffalo Wild Wings portal I know of in the next town). I fail to see why those sort of requests are too difficult to deal with.
+Jan M. portal approval is largely automated and they deliberately throttle the release of new portals. This is not 1840. There really is no "backlog".
Thanks for the update. Maybe the portals I submitted in early 2014 will get approved. Nevermind, many of those are portals already, submitted by others after I did and they got credit.
After you rejected several very high quality portal submissions I made in low density areas, I do not believe you.
You should have local vetted agents help share the load. The appeal process is crazy and important edits are being ignored.
+Josh Snead there's no such thing as an "important ingress portal edit". Putting players in charge of portal approval is the absolute worst idea anyone has ever had.
Not in charge, but they can vote on importance just like current appeals.
+Josh Snead just to explain further, "local vetted agents" are the reason it was possible for a single spiteful individual to blackball me from two satellite anomalies. I participated but did not get the extra badge codes I wanted because the "local vetted agents" took it upon themselves to refuse to give me drops.
Portals that are illegal to access would be important to edit location or remove before something happens.
I tell you what +NIA Ops go back, re-look at my good submissions that you previously rejected in bad faith, and you have a chance at restoring my confidence in you. Signed, Agent codexx. (ignore the beer milts ones, that was junk submitted as existential angst after your absurd rejection of my perfectly good submissions, well photographed).
I agree that invalid /illegal portals should be give highest priority first. After all, I'd expect the idea to be to keep high quality portals and not those inaccessible on private property. In this category I include portals no longer in existence. Also important are incorrect locations, accurate corrections to portal names and descriptions.
Ha! +NIA Ops rejected my report of an invalid portal IN THE MIDDLE OF A HUGE CONSTRUCTION SITE, for which I provided photo evidence. All of their actions are one collective hock of luey, I am sorry to say. It is truly unfortunate. The only improvement that could be made would be to completely replace the staff AND reveal their identity so that they are no longer conducting their nefarious, incorrect actions in anonymity, leaving the players frustrated.
I'm hoping this means that the ones I have hanging out there from as far back as March, 2014 will finally be reviewed +NIA Ops?  Please?
It's there a way for us to say "Whoops, you don't need to consider my submission there"? My GPS in McCarran airport in Las Vegas was way buggy, and I submitted a portal that actually existed already. Sorry!
Anything better than 6 months approval is quick... Please set the bar lower in the new system 😵
Putting portal submissions up to community votes or local volunteers only works if submissions are anonymous to voters/approvers. Without that, the process becomes weaponized.
Would be nice to process some of the portals i have submitted are over 300 days without any word on them. 
Jan M.
+Lisa Borel Think about it from the other side. You know that the portal is invalid and you know that the pictures you made are real. But Niantic does not know this. If one picture from a single person would be enough to delete a portal this would open the floodgates of hateful and incorrect homeportal and farmportal deletions.

At lot of people take the game way too serious and they totall would send in wrong images to get portals of their enemies deleted.

Because of this there must be a system in place where at least 3-5 high level from both faction must vote for deletion to prevent abuse. But even this system is not foolproof and can be gamed easily.

Under those circumstances I prefer that a wrong portal is impossible to delete compared to the situation where a portal gets deleted just because a single player send a picture.
+NIA Ops 

While the huge amount of unreviewed submissions may have been unintended, it shouldn't have been unforeseen.  Creating a badge for successful portal submission and then adding badges as requirements for leveling guaranteed a deluge of submissions.  Do you know your playerbase at all?

Even if the problem was unforeseen, you've had plenty of time (and been promising improvement for most of it) to work out a new system.  I was initially really disappointed in you suspending portal submissions (basically surrendering instead of addressing the problem), but after considering a while I don't see it as a loss.  The complete lack of correlation between the quality of a submission (according to your vague guidelines) and the probability of approval, combined with the difficulty of getting legit portal edits approved has convinced me that you either lack the will, the resources, or the technical ability to solve this problem.  A temporary suspension of submissions just kicks the can down the road a little bit.

+NIA Ops  already receives a huge amount of volunteer labor from its players in the form of local organization, mission creation, etc.  The idea that the players should volunteer more time on behalf of a for-profit company in order to solve a Nianic-created problem is absurd.

"But it's a free game! Quit whining!" the apologists will say.  Well, it is a free game, and I've certainly received more than I've paid for.  Thing is, I'd happily pay a reasonable subscription to play ingress, it's an incredible game overall.  The problem is that with out-of-pocket expense comes expectation.  While I'd happily pay for ingress, I'd expect effective portal reviews and effective anti-cheating mechanisms, neither of which really exist now.  Perhaps a cut to the budget for travel and storyline actors/actresses and more $$$ for developers and infrastructure would result in a more fundamentally solid game.
Ah, of course +Jan M.​ is one of those cheater type prayers. 
+Gavin Treadgold Very well put Gavin, Groundspeak figured out a way to do this a long time ago.

Niantic has already made cells and figure out a way to determine how many mind units per cell when a field runs between multiple cells, now all they have to do is set it up so any new portal submission within that cell go to a reviewer in that specific cell.

Specific cells may only need one reviewer whereas other cells (ie.. in Japan and other extremely portal density areas) will require 3 or 4 reviewers within that cell.

When determining who should be eligible to become a reviewer, +Niantic should set up a list of requirements that one must meet in order to be considered a reviewer.
I personally would love to be a reviewer within myself but unfortunately one criteria should be Internet access via computer. I unfortunately do not have home internet and only use my phone, so I would be ineligible if that was to be a requirement.

One requirement should be multiple onyx badges as well as a minimum of 1 1/2 to 2 years playing experience.

If you have changed factions that should automatically be a disqualifier in my personal opinion BUT to make it fair for everyone to have a chance (not based on my personal opinion), if you changed it and have been playing with that faction for more than one year you are eligible for a reviewer position. If you decide to change factions while in a reviewer position, you're reviewer position shall be suspended for 1 year after which, Niantic may then review your position as a reviewer.

I'm not crazy about keeping reviewers identities secret, even in geocaching, reviewers who have kept their IDs secret have always seem to run into unfavorable review by others who believe they have it out for one player or another and deny locations for some of the most mundane reasons. Having an open idea that everyone knows makes the reviewer seem more approachable. Even disagreements about locations are not as rude because you know who the reviewer is and even if you disagree with their reviewing process you know they still have final word and disagreements don't get extremely heated and feelings hurt on either side.

These are just a couple ideas this way no one can claim unfair practice from one side or another.
Jim Lai
I look forward to NIAOPS/PORAPP 2.0.
The problem with having players vote on submissions is that it will become an interfaction voting campaign contest for any portal in an area that is usually blue or usually green, no matter who submitted it.
Jan M.
+Lisa Borel  I am just talking about the stuff people are going to do. I heard horrible stories of people fighting between factions and even inside their own faction. Tons of people take Ingress too serious, it is 100% guaranteed that people will fake GPS tags in an image if this means that they can take down enemy portals.

But let's try it different:

You expect that somebody at Niantic looks at your image and makes an objective and error-free decision? Then let's try to figure out what exactly that means. 

1) I just read that there are currently at least 4 million portals (actually I heard 5 million, but let's stay with 4 million, this number is more reliable)

2) How many portal edits does a single portal gets per year? This is hard to answer, but based on my own experience and some guesstimation I think it is valid to assume that each portal gets around 1 edit per year. Some portals get none and some portals get dozens. So I think it is safe to say that there are about 4 million portal edits per year.

3) Now we have to figure out how long it takes to process a portal edit. Portals renames are easy and they should be done in 30 seconds. portal movements are more complicated. You have to look at satellite image, perhaps even open Google street view and some other map services. Perhaps you even have to open the images a player sent you and compare them to the satellite images. This will take waaaay longer than 30 seconds. But let's assume you are very fast and you are able to process 1 portal edit per minute without making any mistake.

4) based on 3) we arrive at 60 portal edit per hour. How long do you work on a normal day? let's say 8 hours in which you do nothing except processing portal edits. This means that a single person can process 480 portal edits a day

5) How many days do you work? 365 - 2*51 weendend days- 10 days of vacation give us about 250 working days a year. This means that a single person can process 120,000 portal edits per year

6) Do you remember the 4 million portal edits from 1)? Based on the above numbers you need a team of about 30 persons who do nothing except looking at portal edits. if each person earns about ~30k$ a year you are close to a million $ just to keep the portal edits running. And this is just for the edits, you need a similar team for the submissions as well.

Conclusion: The above numbers are the bare minimum. If you would do it in real life the number of persons you need would by way higher.

Remember that I was just talking about 4 million edits a year? The initial post stated they already processed 24 (!) million portal submission. I guess you can estimate yourself that you need a team of at least 50-100 people who do nothing else than to process portals each day without getting crazy.

So, are you still wondering why nobody is reacting to your portal edit?
All I have to say is now that they do not have that Google money it makes sence. Why spend X money atm on a few people spending 25 hours a day 8 days a week pressing yes or no on a screen. Filter that money elsewhere until they get a bigger bank roll. The company needs to focus it's money in the right direction atm and I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of portals in cue. So everyone who is bitching about "what about mine" remember there is a million other agents with stuff in cue as well.
Chris F
+Jan M. I was replying to your original (unedited) comment. I didn't see the edit when I was replying, granted I did have the tab open for some time when replying.

In any case, I agree that the list of waiting submissions is probably quite large and I don't say that it is necessarily a bad thing that they shut it down for now. What I do say however is that I don't believe there are many (if any) humans involved in much of the process.
Given the number of 24 million submissions processed over lets say 1100 days (approx. 3 years) that's still one portal every ~4 seconds, and that's 24/7. If you break that down to 8 hours a day that means there is either a (very) large amount of people doing nothing but working on portal submissions or it being automated. Personally I cannot imagine anyone being able to do that over any longer period of time.
Cool lot of missions will disappear 🙌🙌🙌
Jan M.
+Chris F This is exactly what I tried to prove with my posts about submission numbers :)

There is just no way that even a quarter  of the submissions and edits are processed by humans. There is a lot of automation going on and naturally this results in a lot of mistakes and low-quality portals.

But most people just don't understand that the portal submission/edit process is a massive problem on both the technological and the financial level.

An no, outsourcing the whole process would not magically solve all the problems. 1) The number of submissions and portals is still massive and 2) now you have to deal with abuse of the system.
+NIA Ops How about implementing "Potential Portal" layer in Intelmap or scanner, showing Portals submitted but not yet activated. that doesn't show any Portal details but only location. Agents can know there's already portal submitted so new portal submission at the same location most likely will be rejected.
A suggestion. As a reward for reaching level 16 allow people to ok portals. Make it one from each team, or two from each team that are in the local area. Would solve your problem completely. 
For when validation of portals submitted 600 days ago and still in the queue ? 
+Ray Tomes
 Good idea, or just make a "Portal OK" badge. If several agents from both factions agree on a portal then just put to Ingress, e.g. starting with agents from Level 8.
+Sigbert Ingress
The idea is nice, but then areas with a lot of players would get a lot more portals, easy .. And areas where there are like 2 players, from 1 faction, they would have to wait .. a longgg time

I have 2 friends at l5 and 6 that are going to move to an area with 1 portal and 2-3 other portals nearby and no other players.
Like us at home. 3 players (blue, l10, l11, l9) and one green l8. that's it in all direction in next 30kms
Perhaps they could give AP to high level players who opt to go through a queue of random portal submissions
+Thomas De Maerschalck
well, first I guess that Niantic will not give up accepting portals by themself. They will just do what they do right now.
Second, where a lot of players live/play there are a lot of portals since you will find there a lot of "interesting" points. E.g. in big cities you will have always more portals then in the countryside.
Snarf W
Wow, you mean someone will finally look at the almost 200 submissions that are between 300 and 550 days stale I have? Don't tease me. What about portal appeals that are over 200 days old with solid vote results? Never going to happen.
Não consigo confirmar o numero de telemovel! Da erro de comunicação a scaner! Help!
I know you do not have enough time for submissions since your message was obviously not proof read... imho you should start by deleting the crappy ones ;)
Well that wasnt unexpected. Portal submissions was handled by google employees working in many different departments. Mostly IT guys, but probably assistants, or even accountants if they thought its fun. There were no or very limited number of people whos JOB was handling portal submissions (im almost sure there were none). So now Niantic as an independent company lost access to thousands of free google workers on that matter. The problem is that Niantic now cant afford to hire that many people. So i guess there will be no new portals or it will be crowdsourced, which in my opinion is really bad idea.
+Gene Goebel Niantic should not be picking reviewers (as much as some people think they deserve to be one). That will certainly end up being gamed by players for personal/faction advantage. A heuristic system that all established players can use will spread the load and ensure higher quality submissions all around.
Why not give players the ability to "rate" new portals for a trial period of a week and then if their average rating is positive over a number of cross faction ratings auto accept the portal. If it doesn't get auto accepted, revert to the manual review. That way Niantic gets the players to do the bulk of the legwork.
This is all great news and I would love to submit some portal suggestions around my area considering there are none in my entire community, but (and I type this in caps NOT because I am yelling but becasue I want someone at +NIA Ops to see it and respond. I am a new player, I have recruited 6 new players in 3 days. WE CAN NOT VERIFY, WE ARE ALL STUCK AT LVL 2 WE KEEP GETTING "SCANNER COMMUNICATIONS ERROR" THIS GAME IS VERY COOL AND WE WANT TO CONTINUE PLAYING BUT IT IS POINTLESS IF WE CANT VERIFY. I personal have lost thousands of AP because I am frozen at 19,999AP. I cant understand why there isn't at least an option to verify online, this is extremely frustrating. Please let the new player community know that work is being done on this and that there is an eta. 
Actually, the more I think about this, the more I suspect that there will never be new portal submissions again. If Niantic couldn't muster the resources to create a new portal approval system while they were under Google's wing, I can't imagine how they're going to manage it now. This is a very small team with a very high work load, after all. 

I'm going to put my money on an announcement in a few months or a year saying "No new portals at all, anywhere, ever, because we feel we have enough." That's my speculation for the day. (Hope I"m wrong, by the way.) 
That's a guaranteed sign the game is ending. I very much doubt they'll do it.

+NIA Ops is being forced to work smarter not harder, so hopefully they'll rise to the occasion.
+Brent Hollett Well, I hope they can, too, but they haven't been able to thus far. Like I said, I hope I'm wrong. Only time will tell. My money's still on "we haven't got the resources, sorry y'all".
+Brent Hollett Something similar to the way Geocaching handles submissions, i.e., using the community, could also work, so long as there are checks and balances in place to avoid faction politics and the like. Requiring a certain number of votes from members of both factions and keeping the faction/IGN of the submitter anonymous might be a good way to deal with that. But, again, it's going to take a lot of work to come up with a system that works. I don't know if they have the resources to devote to it. 
+NIA Ops can see how close a portal is to a player, so they can also manage that you can submit portals if there aren't portals within 1km, 2km, 3km, etc.... That keeps the possibility to submit portals in low dense portal areas :)
+NIA Ops​ Might I suggest when you re-enable portal submission you also re-enable the seer badge, but with a more obtainable goal. Say just 300 instead of 5,000 for black.

Most agents I've seen have a dozen at most so even 300 will be a challenge, especially as more agents attempt to acquire the finite number of portals.

With considerably less portals needed for the final black badge, there would be less motivation to submit sites that don't meet critera just in hopes of getting one or two more closer.
Thank you all for your andwers. O guess I will keep going. I am in a low density area. However there are portals to visit within teasonable distance. Even found two neutral portals in the middle of no where.
Them 2 years portals are either in limbo, or not. Stop worrying about 'em. Stop asking to lower seer. It's doable, just takes time. There are black seers (very rare) and platinum seers (rare). When/ if it'll be back and in what format it'll be back is unknown, just relax and work them other badges until/ if we get seer back
I am from Cape Verde, and we just started playing, yo wouldn't find lower density than here... We need to be able to submit portals, there isn't more than 30 in my island only...
If +NIA Ops would make a submit button with the text "5km submit" or any other distance you can submit when there is no portal in that range. If you're closer submition ain't possible. Badge is not neccessary but for some players it would be nice with lower standards.
Later +NIA Ops could make te distance lower if they can manage the submissions.
Don't lower the standards for the seer badge. It is fine how it is. Being hard to get (5000 vs 300 as suggested above) is what it is. Hard. Everyone plays at their own rate. 
Trying to understand why Churchill Downs was removed. 
When do you think we can start submitting portals again?
I live in a small town where there are very few portals. The city has now put up more statues and stuff and I want to submitt them. Do you have any clue when we can create new portals again?! :)
+NIA Ops​ Fix new portal again and get us NIA Ops icon back when we share portals!
Do you mean; this game became
too big for your control?
Hey folks, got a question... I've never gotten credit for the people I recruited this past spring. Can anyone help me with this? 
+NIA Ops​..I am excited to see what yall have in store for ingress next..maybe an update to allow upgrades of mods if all spaces are full..just like resosnators are.alot of missions are capture and or upgrade and if the portal is full the mission can not be completed... Just a thought..
Im new on Ingress. I would like add a new portal but i can't see the button 'nia super ops' on my phone, why? Is it for this problem?
I wish someone aswer me, please. And sorry for my English, i'm italian ;)
Yay Pokemon go! 😄😄😄😄
Now ingress app get extreme low resolution after latest update on S6 78mb! 😠😈😢 Please fix it soon for Samsung Galaxy S6! 
Thanks for the info..good to know that I may still get more portal approvals..what about the seer badge. I have 10 portals approved but no badge..
In Piura region, Perú need More portals because in Talara city has 1 portal where This city grows up in More agents (both factions), Please aprove the portals submission that some agents sent :)
What about a portal in a controlled access facility that only a couple of people have access too? It's been reported regularly and is still up.
I have repeatedly submitted a change for a portal listed as a post office that is a private home (never been a post office. In fact the real post office is already a portal a quarter mile away. However it keeps getting rejected. The owners of the house even want it gone because random strangers pull into their driveway.
+Steve Shikles couldn't agree more! We've got miles with no portals, then areas where you can't click just one portal, even all the way zoomed in scanner 
Any Idea when we'll be able to submit portals again? 
There are less than 30 portals in my city, and they are in just one area. I hope that they do the work soon so we can enlarge our teritory. 
Same here Mike. I can't justify spending the money on gas just to play.
I'm on short term disability and I don't have the money to spare so I
haven't been playing.
+Rudy Martinez lets not forget, this is a game. Not everyone is going to have the same rights to an area that you might have. No single candidate is inaccessible due to various means of transportation and data access.

So a controlled access (no public, no public access at all) so a portal in the white house would be acceptable? That's a stupid reason for allowing a portal. So if I put a portal in a place only I had access to it wouldn't that defeat the whole spirit of the game?
The one I am dealing with is a federally controlled building, no tours, you can't even approach the building or Federal protective service chases you off. ONLY employees with a badge can get into the facility.
Did you just stopped reviewing new portals already submitted, or are there so many submissions that you got trouble? Wonder if my portals ever will be reviewed :) Since more than 220 days for me it is a long time g
+Steve Smith your recruits must reach level 3 for you to get the credit.... helping your new agents discover the game is a quick way to get them up to level 3. :)
+NIA Ops Are you guys still reviewing portal submissions? I have a ton that I haven't heard anything about.
+Douglas Williams stfu, I want implying I shouldn't have to wait, I've just got them from 2013, 2014, 2015 and I know they are not that damn backed up...dumbass
It's been 3+ months and I'd like to ask when will you recover the portal submission system? Because the area around my place has very low portal density ..and some portals I submitted in June is still not accepted...ToT
Yes, but after three months it is fair to ask for a timeframe update on submissions, I think.
It's not about the review time; I'm used to that turnaround. It's the neutering of any submissions at all that is the newness here.
+Larry Liu​ I'm right there with you. I have multiple portals still awaiting approval. 5 are over 200 days in queue and we host 9 portals over a 13 mile stretch. The next closest are about 15 miles further than that. Wanna talk low density look at my little town.
+William Johnson could be duplicate submissions of the same portal by numerous agents in order to force a portal to go live.
Three months and no word on anything? Has anyone anywhere had anything approved in the last three months ? Post says more info in coming weeks.. Been about 13 now. 😕
That's why I'm asking if anyone anywhere has even recieved a rejection since they quit accepting submissions... Yes it takes time to review all of the backlogged submissions.. Then where are the approvals and rejections? There's a difference between catching up and doing nothing at all.. An update would be nice at least. 
we are waiting... in our small town, there is no portal, hope soon can open it .... 
For the good folks at +Niantic, the
unwavering support
coming from the player base is tied to
karmic destiny.

They surely can't
hear our anguished cries, from
enlightened and resistance. They
must act soon!
Has there been any word in any other channels about the portal submissions? I had 3-4 submissions from about 4 months ago that still haven't been resolved, and our small town could use some more portal coverage.
In my area there are about a dozen seasonal portals (public has no legal access when closed - like outdoor mini-golf, drive-in theaters (the official landmark ones), public golf courses).  Landmark bar/restaurants that have gone out of business, etc.  I dont mind the seasonal nature, except those portals need to be re-located off-property, like sidewalks or across the street in a more publicly-accessible spot, like a mall parking lot (most of them are or have been adjusted). Throughout the US Forest Preserves are officially closed at dusk, opened at dawn - portals created in-property need to have a method of link-solidity (non-destructible) in the dark times.

Drones:  I have seen now several drones in our area, one might be convinced being used for cheating. Since, legally, all private drones may only be flown in line-of-sight to their pilots, I cant see this going too far.  A rig would at least require one with 4 cellphones:

one for remote drone control,  
another for general area viewing duties, 
another running Ingress, 
the fourth for RDPing of the Ingress phone to control it (allowing the pilot to see what the Ingress phone sees)'

A wealthy nut could conceivably make such a device - a long way to go to cheat Ingress. To prevent this, code to grab altitude of GPS readings are needed.
+Droid Nog you really must be new to portal acceptance, and appeals.
Listed in the criteria guidelines, "will you accept Portals inside places that charge admission or that are only open during certain times/days of the year?
Yes, as long as they are safe and accessible to the public."
The drone aspect, your not the only one who has considered this. Or even the first to bring it up.

As we process submissions, we’ll be focusing on areas with low Portal density first. For other areas we’ll be focused on finding the highest quality, coolest, and most exceptional candidates.

While we will continue to take Portal edits, please help us by only submitting those that are absolutely necessary to add missing data or fix an incorrect location, title or description. Takedown requests will be similarly prioritized, and will only be accepted if absolutely necessary.

+Dan P​ ^ though, in my area we have seen about an equal amount of removals as we have seen new candidates. 
And I won't be the last to bring up drones, nor will it be the last time.
you didn't need to add that at all, in future , when noting someone being
new, maybe be nice to them, say, "great idea, we discuss that alot, too!",
your approach was rather dismissive.

Regarding "Reading the guidelines", I doubt many new or old has ever done
that for a game , I will try though, j have 3 weeks vacation now.

Regarding seasonal, so even though we might not be in range to affect a
portal's status (let alone have safe, physical access) for 6 months out of
a year let's say, that is OK per rules, ya?
Specifically mentioned they are fine. "Charge admission" would be any type of theme park, or other such seasonal environment that doesn't take down the decorations.
Yes it was mentioned in a dismissive way, because it's talked about countless times. "Beating a dead horse"
+Andrea de'Rose Been on Ingress for at least 3 years, possibly 4, but 2 of those years spent on a Droid 4 that Ingress never works on - just a black, blank screen, plenty of sound effects, just no maps.

Since I've been back (mid-November 2015) I had no idea portals werent allowed creation until I tried, I have been figuring out mods, deploys, points, attacks.  So, in general I DO feel n00bish in Ingress.

I edited (added really) a description of a portal in Lake Forest, IL about 2 or 3 weeks ago, the edit is still there an hour later, days later, and just now, so I Guess it was accepted automatically.  I imagine edits are taken on faith, especially if you dont have any negative "marks" against your account?  It would seem efficient to me to 'op' edits that way.
Former: thanks for the copy paste, do u have link?

Latter: What I expect for newbs (relative or chronological), is non-rudeness. "Dead horse" applies to people who harp on a subject; I mentioned this once. I expect and will try to give courtesy. Can you do that for me please?

I know its hard to not be annoyed with newb questions, I have been in irc, I don't think we need it here. In-game I get, but not here, huh?
+Douglas Williams​ I am NORCAL.. Haven't heard of one rejection *or*approval since the "moratorium" on submissions.. I'd love any feedback from abroad...
+Droid Nog​ I don't really know why you tagged me among others, but I can tell you that all requests (edits and latest submissions) are still pending from about 1 year ago. They say they'll take their time to review everything but I motice they're just ignoring them. Missions reviews are quite slow but at least they're doing them.
Once again I ask.. Has anyone anywhere in the US seen *anything*since they quit accepting new ports? 
Oh, you meant rejections, nothing. I see the passive acceptance of adding photos or editing a blank description of a portal.
WHEN WILL BE OPENED AGAIN????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? FFS.
+Dan P latest edit rejection was september 30th.

+Droid Nog take a better look on your comment above, I see myself tagged there.
+Dan P No, I've seen NOTHING regarding any of my portal submissions - prior to the moratorium. It wouldn't bother me the slightest (I guess I care enough to have spent time gathering data and the creation of this post; but barely) but over the same timeframe I've seen new portals go live, several in fact and in many cases the agents who submitted hadn't even started the game. FWIW - my submission:approval is about 96% which I mention to say that I don't/didn't submit "junk" and my outstanding submissions are no different.

Some of my data (sorry if confusing to some, didn't wanna spend anymore time than I've already spent on it)

Date of my last portal approval - 4/29/2015

Date of my last portal rejection - 5/11/2015

Date of my first portal - 2/18/2014

Date of my oldest submission with no approval/denial - 11/26/2014

Date of my most recent submission with no approval/denial - 4/5/2015

Total amount of portals submitted with no approval/denial - 32
+NIA Ops​ although your support page says that submissions will be accepted after 31th December, still i cannot see new portal option on my scanner. Is it a problem that needs to be solved or a problem with my device?
They suspended all portal submissions in September 2015, 9 months after
what you cite (Dec 31,2014 )
No, your commenting on space that changed that to no portal submissions as
of September 2015!

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016, 4:40 AM Droid Nog <****@**> wrote:

> They suspended all portal submissions in September 2015, 9 months after
> what you cite (Dec 31,2014 )
+Droid Nog​ so f*ck them all. There is only 14 portals in my town. Wtf am i gonna do with that? I cannot do anything with them, not enough for me
It would be nice if the submissions got processed by submission date by the time they restart the dequeuing.. if it ever restarts at all
Is it possible to get an Update on this?  Have you touched the 24 Million submissions?  Are you 25%, 50%, 75% thru them? Is there a projected Time of Completion and subsequently a projected time of New Portal submissions?  

Any official update would be greatly appreciated by the Ingress Community.

It's been 4 months... Granted there have been several game updates,  which are awesome, there are small towns that have players in desperate need of new portals.
Niko M
How's it going with the plan?  Any update is cool.
+NIA Ops I have not received any portal approvals or rejections in a looooong time. 
+NIA Ops​, I will sign an NDA and whatever other reasonable paperwork, and volunteer my time to be on the portal review team.
That's right, I will work for free to help you catch up what I know is a more than 12 month backlog.
I would keep it strictly confidential.
+Brandon Badger​, let's make this happen. :)
+NIA Ops Recommend a "tinder" type crowdsourced portal approval system -- similar to the Resistance's reswue dating app. 

Swipe left for reject, right to approve. Based on the photo alone! Could chew through the backlog in hours. 

How about an update on portal submissions? I live in an area that is not portal dense at all. I have many portals submitted and not one has come online in over a year. Mostly churches. 
We have had some portals disappear on our farm route....this in turn has disabled 4 different missions. How do we get these back considering that the statues and signs are still there??
+NIA Ops

I'm playing Ingress since 2014. Since then I have submitted many portal candidates. However for some of my submission reviews I'm waiting since december 2014. I went through my submissions and found out that several of them went live already, but I did not get any notification about it nor any stat increase in my scanner. Some even contains my submitted photos. Several were denied but most of them seems like they were ignored. So I wonder whether you are still working on portal submission backlog or not. And why I did not get any response on those which went live already. Thanks for your reply. Sincerelly Jan
PS: I tried to submit a ticket with the same questions, but all I got were generic responses. Do you even have anyone to answer these tickets? Or is ticketing system controlled by automat? 
+NIA Ops​​​​​ Why even start this thread (21 weeks ago now) and not even bother to update us? What exactly is a "temporary suspension" LOL. I have asked just about every hangout in northern California and have found not one single person who has recieved an approval or rejection since your "temporary suspension" to catch up. Obviously not doing anything in my area to catch up. "Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks" so you said. Been five months now.. Just saying 
Congratulations +NIA Ops​ on being the least responsive customer service group on G+, your certificate should arrive within the next seven hundred years
+NIA Ops Where are the updates? We don't hear from you, and you might lose your whole community.
Hmm. Guess that pay raise for fast food workers went through, better paying job than portal submission reviewer.
any update on when portal submissions will be open again?
They replied to me on Thursday: "There is no date set. We've turned Portal Submissions off in order to re-evaluate our process and scalability. We will make an announcement when they are turned back on"
Now that you are no longer Google, how about using Amazon Mechanical Turk?
5 months without submitt any portal and i had a lot of them submitted since the months of may and june but they have fallen in a black hole i think...
Mina K
North Africa and by that I mean especially Algeria Tunisia and Morroco is in vital need for new portals plz do something.. The low number of portals is killing the game here..
+NIA Ops​ I'm confused. If portal submissions have been suspended since September, how are they showing up in areas of brand new construction with correct labels? I live in a newer neighborhood that doesn't have a portal on it's playground, yet all the newer construction does. Also, I live in an area of low portal density.
Mina K
+Tonya Malone I think they've been submitted before september and Niantic is starting to accept some new portals in low portal density areas.
+A KOUATI​ Some of these portals weren't even built in September so not getting how they could have been submitted. How do I submit for mine since I do live in a low density area?
Mina K
+Tonya Malone​ now thats really confusing !!! Anyway no submissions for the time being im waiting for that to happen cause i live in a low density area which is boooooring !!! Lets hope Niantic starts releasing new portals for areas running low on portals.. Too many players drop the game cause of that and thats a shame ! 
i live in cartersville ga and was actually surprised to find ANY portals out here so i know how you feel. out here there are enough portals all within walking distance of my house that it is worth playing but the problem is that im enlightened in what seems to be a very high level resistance heavy area.
I am curious about any developments on the mentioned subject. What is the ETA for turning portal submissions on again. Weeks? Months? Next year? Property development is not paused and many new sites for portals are created / completed every day around the world. It is vital for the game to be playable on these locations.
+NIA Ops There's a portal near me that used to be a historical marker. The historical society has since concluded, after extensive new research, that said historical marker was inaccurate -- it was, in fact, not the site of Daniel Decatur Emmett's birth, something they had been wrong about for decades. The historical marker has been removed and the location is now just a grassy curb and parking lot. But since we can't submit new portals (and there are many worthy ones nearby), I'm reluctant to submit this one, rightfully, for takedown and reduce our meager number of portals in my town. Will there be any news in the near future of reopening portal submissions? We're all looking for a bit of encouragement or some sign you're making progress. I understand all the difficulty and your various priorities and really it's a free game you allow me to enjoy so I'm not annoyed. I just felt like letting you know that decisions on accurate takedown requests via the scanner are being based on the fact that it would leave us with one fewer portal with no hope of new ones in the near future. Anyway, thanks!
+ Nia Ops Great job! But the latest two updates have a freezing problem when logging off: #blackscreen And my phablet is just fine for playing Ingress, a Galaxy Note 4. Please look into this? 😊
6 months and no portal submissions yet? Come onnnn!
It's been 28 weeks! I'm still "staying tuned", but I think that the "in the coming weeks" window has passed. An update (just an update of course) sometime in the next year or so from now with that "improved speed and quality" would be really neat! At least then you can lead us on for another year or so. ;) 
Next update on this topic will be available in the coming weeks. yay.
Make portals a craftable item, requiring 3 very rare components to make. Then take the portal submission normally, locking the portal in the players inventory until the portal is approved or denied. If denied, the player keeps the portal so they can try to set it up again somewhere else. If the portal is approved, then it leaves the players inventory. You could also make completely crafted portals available for purchase in the store.
I'm just saying, for $10-$15/hr at full time, I'd be more that happy to help get through a bunch of these submissions, and even throw in a few ideas on how to get through them more quickly. I understand it was abut 24mil....but six months is plenty of time to get through most of those. ALGORITHMS FTW!!!
I don't anticipate this being resolved anytime soon, would just appreciate knowing what's brewing behind the scenes.
+Michael Havrilla I bet a very well trained neural network would solve most of the submissions in a very short period of time (actually less than a couple of days), leaving the rejections or unprocessed candidates greatly reduced. It could even check against external datasources to validate all by itself.
If you can possibly throw in a marker when portals are submitted to cut down on duplicate submissions that will help your work load. 
+Rowan Hawkins Now you are talking. This is basic stuff that I'm surprised they never setup originally.
i told nia multiple times about an portal in s unsecure area to move it on the right spot but i allways get the notice no we dont move it thats rediculus! but the sadesr thing for me having reported 39 porzals an not even got the medall
People, at least process your queue. Not a single notification about any of my portal candidates in this seven months!!!
WHEN?!?!????? We have been waiting 7 months now. " temporarily suspending new Portal submissions in order to focus on the numerous Portal candidates already submitted but not yet reviewed". You have focused on all kinds of new 'features' in the scanner instead. How about carrying through on your promise? Review those portal candidates already submitted. This is starting to seem more like a permanent halt. Zero news or updates on this in all that time shows total disrespect for the entire player base. C'mon Niantic... shape up!
Ingress getting moved to back burner while they work on Pokemon GO
6 months later and still no update on when we can look forward to submitting, an ETA would be nice 
+NIA Ops​ Do you guys read any of these comments? 7 months now waiting for your "in the coming weeks details" Absolutely ridiculous. Really.. how hard is it to give us a freaking update! 😡
Did I mention I would volunteer my time for free ?
I would volunteer to be a regional portal submission reviewer as well, for free....
I atill have portals submitted from 2014 i have out there with no approval or denial 
Pffffffhhhh. Im really pissed off. I have moved from big city with many portals to small town with 1 portal and cant submit new one. So now I have to use a car and visit some neighborhood city to play a game ? Cant I just take a walk or my cycle? So I stopped playing.
All I wanted to do was add ONE portal... thanks
but there are lots of cool 'things' I can label them as portals
after watching some vids at youtube, then only I know that I can create portals
Please +NIA Ops, if you guys could send us an ETA please! Also, if possible some of us would like to be regional portal submission reviewers too if that could speed things up. Where I live, in my area doesn't have any portals at all. 
Yea.. we have been waiting for too long and there are some cool statues and buildings in my area, but no portals! I want to fix this!
Pokémon is obviously way more important to them now. 
Add new portals please no portals in my zone
I think..and this is just my opinion but I really do think that NIA should outsource some help as mentioned above. Regional portal reviewers would help immensely. Also, I see Pokemon has got a lot of your attention right now but I want to know if you have any plans to extend the game past Level 16? What is there after that? Nothing. No incentive to keep players playing. I predict a lot of agents are gonna stop playing because of this. Once you have reached onyx and L16 please please give us something to keep us going. 
39 weeks and no update??? Is the company still at work or on permanent vacation?
"We are very excited about our new beginning and the opportunity it gives us to rebuild our systems to improve speed and quality. Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks."
Your "excitement to improve speed and quality" is underwhelming to say the least.
"Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks". Perhaps you meant coming year? Or two??
An update would be greatly appreciated. This was by far the number one topic of dissatisfaction among players at the recent anomaly event.
I like chocolate cake !

I don't like portal submissions waiting too long.

Big sad. Many frustration. Very drama.
Would be nice to be able to submit again. It's been a year, and there's lots of parks and fountains in my area I want to send in.
Maybe allow only lv 16 agents to submit portals. Its a little incentive to keep playing also ? High on players would probably have a higher chance of being a mature, seasoned player with a better understanding of portal requirements too.

Just suggesting...
After this I honestly thought that +NIA Ops would get things cleared up, instead they completely turned it off and now those that are new to the game are wanting to submit but they can't because that option is gone. Shoot I've seen things that should be in the game but aren't and I can't submit them because that feature was taken away. Yes there were those that abused it with crap (red ball in front of Target for example), but there were those of us that actually were trying to submit good places. And then there's the issue of those that were left hanging after you changed the submission rules the last time before completely taking away the submission ability. You've NEVER accounted for them, and I'm thinking at this point that you NEVER will either, shoot I've still got submissions that were left in the pipeline that have never seen the light of day. I don't know if this department was taken away when +Niantic became it's own outside of Google, but it's clear that those of us that were genuine about the submissions got screwed over on this in the end. I also know that this comment that's now coming on here will NEVER been answered ever. The submissions ability should be brought back, and with a team that will look over the submissions and judge them according to the rules on each item, and not just in batches. The batches idea just to get them through was the WORST mistake that was ever made. So many good ones got killed for idiotic reasons, just as so many bad ones were let through for the same. +NIA Ops I'll let you ponder this, but I HIGHLY doubt that you'll take the time needed to read this over, let alone consider ANY of it.
+Felix Sanchez​ No no. I meant everyone's portal submits are still backlogged. +Ingress​​ specifically deleted your's though.

Kinda seems spiteful that they'd do that to you.
+NIA Ops​​ +Ingress​​ +John Hanke​​ +Niantic Project​​

You make a post going on a year ago now that blows smoke up everyone's ass with false promises and a bunch statements that have basically become straight out lies. This really is absolutely ridiculous! If you guys don't plan on returning portal subs then why not just say that!?
Dragging it out for almost a freaking year now is not only disrespectful to your loyal long time players, but also shows your company's true colors to thousands of people (your customers) who have been completely shut out and ignored... 
I'm really starting to wonder if +NIA Ops +Niantic +John Hanke and +Ingress are still following this posting all things considered since none of them have replied to this thread once since it started up at all. Personally I'd love to know from them what in the world is going on now.
+HoneyBadger411e​, he made me clean the windows of his house. It's a 3 story home with lots of windows. It was a pain in the ass. Where's your mind?
+Felix Sanchez​​ Joking aside, numerous times people have publically stated what is going on and why, as to pertaining to this topic. If you aren't aware of what's going on I implore you to ask someone who does or do some research.

All portal submits are saved and waiting to be address as soon as possible. New portal submissions are not currently going to be coming back until the back log is addressed. Any area they allow new portal submissions for is a "special" consideration such as an area hit by a tsunami and since rebuilt and needing a boost in spirits, some tourism and new portals.
+HoneyBadger411e Just wish that the +NIA Ops +Niantic would let us know how long it's going to take. Even the ones that we voted on before they changed the rules, they're not telling us anything at all, and personally I'd like to know what in the world is going on. However they haven't replied back to this posting thread in ages, and now I'm starting to wonder if they ever will at all.
It's been more than 1 year since the "Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks" promise!
+Felix Sanchez There's 24 million last I was told (Dec 2015) and there's a handful of people doing ones here and there in their spare time. During the first two years, they processed 15 million and brought 5 million portals online. Even at the same rate (which they're not doing any where near) there'd still be 10 million in the queue.