In the past 24 hours, as you may have noticed, we sent a large number of rejection emails for submissions that were reviewed but were held up in the queue. This will continue for the next few days. We have reviewed all these submissions. If you disagree with the decision made, please send us a #PortalAppeal  by posting in the Ingress Portal Appeals community:

Please do not resubmit: it slows down the process for everyone. Since we’ve already reviewed these submissions, if you feel we made a mistake, we most likely need more detailed information that can only be supplied via a #PortalAppeal , and we want to correct it as soon as possible!

Common reasons for rejection of new submissions:
- Photo submitted was not yours (i.e., it was pulled from the web, not taken by you).
- The candidate is on private residential property.
- The candidate is on the grounds of a school (kindergarten through high school).

Common reasons your invalid Portal report was rejected, and the Portal was not taken down:
- We did not have concrete evidence that the Portal is invalid, so we err on the side of caution and leave it up. (In this case, with your appeal, please include additional, updated photos of the area as proof).
- The Portal may not be the highest quality, but there is not a good reason to take it down at this time (i.e., it exists and is not in a dangerous location or on private residential property).
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