This community is not for the submission of new Portals. Any new Portal submission posts will be removed.

The goal of this community is to enable Ingress players to provide additional context or evidence to overturn an Edit/Invalid Portal. Use this community to appeal a decision for:

- An invalid Portal
- A Portal edit

Please use the submission template at the end of this post for your appeal. Any posts not in this format will be removed. Any posts containing more than one portal appeal will be removed. Please submit one appeal per post.

We evaluate all Portal Appeal candidates against our Portal Criteria found here - We will update the thread with our final decision after careful review of all information provided in the appeal post.

====== APPEAL TEMPLATE =======
Appeal Category: <Rejected Edit, Rejected Takedown, Portal Removed>
Portal Title:
City, Region and Country:
Ingress Intel Link:
Reason/comments: Attach photos of the Portal, maps, or other information to support your appeal, including a screenshot of the rejection email received.

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