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The world around you is not what it seems.
The world around you is not what it seems.

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We have reset test results for users that have joined Operation Portal Recon (OPR) since January 23, 2017. If you joined after this date and did not pass the test you may now study for and retake a new test to try and pass a second time. Best of luck.

We have implemented measures to reduce the number of messages in COMM from unauthorized item resellers. Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to improve Ingress.

We have seen questions regarding the use of drones recently. As a guideline, we discourage players from using drones or other remote controlled devices. Ingress is not about your phone’s location, it’s about your location. We encourage people to have adventures, explore the world around them, and to support the spirit of the game within their own communities.

Edit: Further clarification - Using drones to falsify your location is against the spirit and rules of the game. Don't do it. 


We are aware of a memory issue affecting a small percentage of iOS Users. We are working to resolve this and will provide additional updates when they become available or the situation is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

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This community is not for the submission of new Portals. Any new Portal submission posts will be removed. Pokémon GO players should visit for more details about that product.

The goal of this community is to enable Ingress players to help us identify high quality portals that were rejected or taken down and worthy of another look.

Use this community to appeal a rejection email from NIA OPS for:
-Submitting a new Portal
-A Portal edit
-A Portal removal request

If you have noticed that a Portal has been removed - you can appeal that action using this community as well. Any other submissions will be removed. Please use the submission template at the end of this post for your appeal. Any posts not in this format will be removed. Any posts containing more than one portal appeal will be removed. Please submit one appeal per post.

We evaluate all Portal Appeal candidates against our Portal Criterai found here - If we overturn our decision we will add a #CoolPortal to your post and if we decide to stick to our original decision, don’t be disappointed, just #KeepDiscovering .

We will also remove Portals if they present immediate physical danger (e.g., in the middle of a road or on railroad tracks). Portals that present immediate physical danger should be reported here: We take these reports very seriously. Reports about other types of removal requests will not be addressed and abusing this form may result in your account getting suspended.

====== APPEAL TEMPLATE =======
Appeal Category: <Rejected Submission, Rejected Edit, Rejected Takedown, Portal Removed>
Portal Title:
City, Region and Country:
Ingress Intel Link:
<Attach photos of the Portal, maps, or other information to support your appeal>

UPDATE: Latency should be resolved. Stats are still catching up. Thanks for your patience Agents.

Attention Agents: Thank you for your reports. We are investigating the latency being reported. Thank you for your patience, we will update this post as we know more. 

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Recently, we’ve seen an in increase in questions from Agents about Current Hacking Streak/Sojourner medal count, and we’ve added some new content to address the common inquiries and concerns we receive. Check out the quick tips below, or read the full article (in English, more languages to come!)

- The Sojourner medal tracks the number of consecutive 24 hour periods in which you have Hacked a Portal, so to keep your Current Hacking Streak going, your next Hack needs to come within 24 hours of your previous Hack. 

- If you do not have strong connectivity, sometimes Hacks don’t register; if you get the message “Hack acquired no items,” Hack again just in case. Or be on the safe side and always Hack many times a day so that your streak will never be broken.

- It’s not possible to pause or restore your Hacking streak.

- If your Current Hacking Streak count has stopped, it means you’ve missed a Hack or that you Hacked, but due to the connectivity issue mentioned above, your Hack was not successful and didn’t count.

- Hack many times a day, and please understand that we cannot adjust individual stats for any Agent or manually restore broken streaks!


Since November 2012, we’ve been impressed by your Portal submissions and edits, and we’ve certainly been busy reviewing more than 24 million submissions to date. These contributions have made the world of Ingress what it is today, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

As part of the process of establishing Niantic as an independent company ( and laying the groundwork for the future of Ingress, we will making some changes in the process of how we handle Portal submissions and edits. We will be temporarily suspending new Portal submissions in order to focus on the numerous Portal candidates already submitted but not yet reviewed and to work on building new systems to allow for more timely and scalable processing of both submissions and edits.

As we process submissions, we’ll be focusing on areas with low Portal density first. For other areas we’ll be focused on finding the highest quality, coolest, and most exceptional candidates.

While we will continue to take Portal edits, please help us by only submitting those that are absolutely necessary to add missing data or fix an incorrect location, title or description. Takedown requests will be similarly prioritized, and will only be accepted if absolutely necessary.

We are very excited about our new beginning and the opportunity it gives us to rebuild our systems to improve speed and quality. Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks.

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Read this amazing story about Ingress connecting two Agents from different countries, and helping one of them learn more about his family history.

Hi Everyone!

I'm agent Irrealist, from Veszprém Hungary, and I would like to tell you an interesting story which happened to me last week.

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon I saw that someone has contacted me via the Ingress Scanner. It was a nosferatu41, and when I saw this, that he wasn't Hungarian, my heart started to race! Two options came into my mind immediately:
1, He needs keys to some portal near my location, or some links to be cleared (less likely, but would have been awesome)
2, There is a badge portal nearby, which is not unusual, I live near the lake Balaton, a lot of foreigners visit us in the summertime.
But I was completely wrong! He is Dutch, and asked me to go and find his Uncles (Roland Charles Schols) grave in the II. World War military cemetery, here in my hometown, Veszprém. As you can guess I was in thunderstruck, this is something I would have NEVER expected!
Of course I got to the graveyard as soon as possible, made some photos of the grave and the surroundings.
Without Ingress they probably never could see his headstone! To be honest I'm still in shock, I would have never imagined, that because a game I'll be involved in such a personal quest. And I must say this was a much bigger experience then winning an Anomaly, or meeting Jarvis in person, reaching 20 million AP, or achieving any of my medals. Because this was so much more personal.
Below You can find the letter from +chiel voswijk  , in which you can read more about the story of Roland Charles Schols.

„*The search for Roland Charles Schols*

Hi, all

I’m Chiel Voswijk from the Netherlands, in Ingress better known as Resistance Middle Netherlands level 14  “nosfertu41”
Peter asked me to put this story on paper as Ingress has its role in it.
The story starts with my grandmother who lost a son under strange circumstances during the war. They never knew what happened with him or where he was or perhaps he still alive. I heard in my life this story many times from my mother, but did not know where to look for him. There were no records in the Netherlands of him.
From 1978 till now I’m an enthusiast battlefield archaeologist specialized in WW1 Ypres and Verdun. This hobby gives me also direct access to the databases of the fallen like the Volksbund fur Kriegsgraber and the CWC in England.
It was two years ago that I was looking in the German database for Martin Baum or Bauch who died in 1916 Verdun that I was thinking ……. let’s put the name of my uncle in the search bar. Well … you never know.
And there he popped up, Roland Schols found in 1985 during investigation on the local civil cemetery Veszprém (Hungary) for German soldiers missing in action. He belonged to the first 8 soldiers identified.
That was quite a shock    “German army??”   “Hungarian???” and then the age of him…..17 years old. And then the big realization that when he served in the German army he must have been a member of the Dutch Germanic SS, let’s say the foreign Legion of the SS.
Now the worst thing of all is that my grandmother died in the year he was found, in 1985. So she never knew what happened to her oldest son. The Volksbund never found relatives to warn that someone of her family was found. Due to home movement we didn't’ live anymore on the old address. I had to tell my mother that I found her brother in a Hungarian grave, killed by the Russians as an SS Soldier. She could not believe me because we didn'’t have German roots or were political involved during the war with the German or Nazi ideas. My grandfather did some resistance work, so were did it go wrong. 
My grandfather was a man with hard hands, and ruled with a hard hand. Perhaps somewhere or something broke in that young pubertal boy, perhaps left house for some adventure.  
For my mother and I it’s not really possible to go to Hungary for visiting his grave, but a picture of that grave would be fine to have at least something of him. Here Ingress kicks in. Looking for the nearest blue portal at the graveyard I found Peter as owner. I asked first in the COMM then Google HO to contact me for a special request for some pictures. Peter was willing to make and sent some pictures of the site. We are very grateful that he made them and without Ingress and the world Resistance community it was not possible.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Niantic Project +Brian Rose +John Hanke +NIA Ops +Ingress 
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Hack Portals on the go using Ingress on Android Wear. Visit our Help Center to learn more:

Ingress on Android Wear puts hacking Portals at your fingertips while your phone stays in your pocket. The next phase in augmented reality is here. Heads up, Agents. It’s time to move.

#IngressWear #IngressBulletin 
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