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Less than 24 hours until the first puck drops & is offering this limited time offer to fans. 

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All I care about is hockey being back, could care less about +NHL promotions. Go Stars Go
Yeah.. tickets are still the same price... nothing changed for us... give me 50% at least !
Don't do it people, refuse to buy any of their merchandise just to teach them a lesson. The tickets should be 75% off and the merchandise should be 90%off.
While the full-page NHL ”letter to fans” is a very predictable move by the NHL’s publicity department, a less predictable and more meaningful letter would be either a bold-point summary of what was accomplished during the lockout that eliminated 42% of the season … or a real pro-active apology to be described below.

First, there’s really no rosy language that can excuse the cancellation of thirty-four games, both the hockey spirit and related revenues lost.  The October-December period is a crank-up period where teams work out problem areas and issues.  By January, the teams start to show their true colors and develop game-play that will either carry them into the playoff season, or not.  Regarding local and national revenues lost, the NHL showed a passive, yet reckless disregard in not resolving the issues sooner.  Also, this happened in the backdrop of a struggling U.S. economy.  Time will tell if the NHL hockey spirit recovers.  For certain fans, it won’t.  Certainly, don’t write “thank you”; we the fans didn’t really have a choice.

The real issue is this:  If I’m a fan of Team X and Team X wins the Stanley Cup in 2013, the Cup doesn’t compare with other full-season Cups.  It’s a win in a throw-away season. Worse, Teams Y & Z, who had possibly their best chance at a Stanley Cup in 2013 before players "Smith and Jones" become free agents or players "Lincoln and Jefferson" retire, didn’t have the full season opportunity to give it their best shot.

The meaningful apology, the sincere apology – one that isn’t patronizing to its fans – would offer one of three things:  1) Resignation of the NHL commissioner and significant NHL executives, 2) 50% discounts on all 2013 NHL-certified team merchandise, or 3) both 1 & 2.  Frankly, the second alternative alone would tickle the hearts and wallets of fans at the same time that it would be promoting the NHL with its familiar logo on merchandise.

But, since the NHL’s proactive damage-control measure is to ask the P/R person to write a Frank Capra-type letter to its fans, then maybe it’s time for a real hockey league.   Maybe the NHL, who isn’t responsible enough to run a professional league, could be phased out in favor of a “North American Hockey League.”  The final “Cup” series could be played against the winner of another overseas league.  At least this would honor the sport as the international sport that it is and eliminate a group of people who don’t understand the terms “negotiation” or “good business.”

Keeton Geer
(NYC Metro area)
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