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Will Peyton Manning be your starting QB in 2012?
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If the Colts draft Andrew Luck, no, he wont. But they will not release him because they still need him and he could still start and be fine with it.
Did the surgery hurt his ability to read defenses or call audibles at the line? I don't remember reading anywhere that the guy had brain surgery. Since that's the case, it's his job to lose not to win back. And if the Colts trade him there will be a very lucky NFL team out there.
Yes. No brainer in my opinion. I'd still go draft Luck though and have him sit and learn behind Manning. Worked out well for Aaron Rodgers.
If he is healthy, yes. The Packers are the perfect example with the Favre-Rodgers scenario.
I think he's too much of a risk financially and health-wise. His rehab and time off may help him start the season, but there's no guarantee he finishes it.
If I'm the Colts' owner, I replace my coach first and then make a determination on Peyton's future with my new hire before any 2012 roster bonuses kick in.
If the Colts want to win Yes. Manning has a winning mentality. Peyton has like 2 good years left in him. My opinion.
They need to move on..... end of story.
Brett Favre is my starting QB of 2012. Sound the Favre Horn!
Ok william..... BRING MY CANE!!!!! BRING MY CANE!!!!! BRING MY CANE!!!!!
Yes. And ideally drafting Luck to learn behind him would seem smart. However with three NFL salary cap being what it is, the colts simply can't afford them both.
I would ride Peyton till the wheels come off and Luck will need a year to adjust to the league.
please no! Lets have a change! Luck sounds like a great player! Payton has been playing for years...make a change for once, Indianapolis! It will do you good with all this losing! HA!
yes iwould just do the rodgers-farve thing and now the manning-luck thing
Nope - get as much out of him as you can. If he was going to win more Superbowls he would have done it already. We've seen how good the rest of the team is. Some team out there is more than willing to give far too much.
no they will pick andrew luck since they have first round draft pick
Im not sitting my hall of fame QB for a rookie, im starting him and if luck doesnt want to wait he'll have to pull an Eli come draft day
Not even a debate. Of course your start Manning.
Yes, start Manning, but draft Luck because he's only got a few years left in him.
I don't really care...
You can’t go forward with him without knowing the severity of the neck. If he is 100% I trade the pick in a Herschel Walker like trade and build for now and the future. Peyton’s backup could come from a pick later in the few years in the draft. Maybe you get lucky and the pick you trade for ends up to be Matt Barkley or someone else?
it would be cool to see him comeback
great qb can win another super bowl if healthy,see 2-14 any questions?
I think it will be the titans,adams wants him bad.
he is not a dummy,please chuck get a grip.
well he can but i dont think so he is such a good player!!!
the colt should of kept peyton manning so now he a bronco qb that was stupid move to do so when you see it tim tebow playing so well in the game you trade him well i hope he shows his comeback with jets and show the bronco he could of done it this year to super bowl
HAHAHAHA NOOO. He'll be the BRONCOS starting QB!!!
the broncos are EXTREMLY stupid to get rid of tim teebo and get Peyton manning
amen to that i am all for that cale verink on what you said
cause payton manning will never fully recover from his neck injury
Coach Peyton I believe that he will be a coach one day 
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