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Rahul Gandhi chose voting day for President to break his silence on the growing clamour within the Congress for clarity on his future role. Rahul revealed to NDTV that he will soon be playing a more p...
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What bigger role? Give him any position he will still be an ass.
Even you don't have enough confidence asking that question. 
Make him CM, Minister, PM whatever. At least after that he would be exposed and Congresses last myth would be destructed, also this would add some accountability to his super PM role that he currently has.
Rahu oops sorry RAHUL will be
A 2nd manmohan Singh

Good for nothing
+bhanu pratap singh if Manmohan had been a man of character as many people think he is, he shouldn't have succumbed to such pressure or should have resigned.
we are the Indians will not ever get out of the mentality of once again one more Gndhi will lead the thick head indians
Sale Sebke seb chor hai or ask to rahul apne khandan ki tarah india ko lootega or batwara karega ya nahin ..
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