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Check out these "Tiva" photos now!
Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) & Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) have a close working relationship on NCIS.
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i love this show. no offense but i really dislike the LA version no ducky person makes me sad.
well i mean they are very different and i just all the chemistry the actors have on the original is far better than LA but you have a right to your opinion who are your fav characters from both i like ziva and all of the them and deeks from LA
I like ziva and Tony and I am rooting for Gibbs its about time be finds someone lol. I like deeks and kenzy in the LA version
Mel Eli
The main reason Tuesday night is always awesome lol, can't get enough TIVA!
yes they have amazing ability to play off each other truly amazing acting
i think the la actors are good but haven't got that chemistry yet
I don't know I think they do. The boss on the la show is good too.
yah hetti i still like gibbs better
"Low-tech case hi-tech ass kicking" quote from an episode from season 4 or 5 :)
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