Here is the official 2012 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship Bracket: #MarchMadness is alive!
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OK. Do you guys have a google calendar set up for the tourny? If so, can you give us a link to it?
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Belmont making it to Sweet 16... just wait
Hey you guys I got N.C shout out to Harrison Barnes
Too bad the FCS or whatever they call it this year is consumed by corporate greed & has dozens of stinkin' bowl games and computers pick a so-called "National Champion."
They play hard and true. My fav time of year :)
Can't wait to fill out my bracket today! Rockchalk Jayhawk!
UNC=Over rated. and i have to go past my "religion" but so is Syracuse. And MSU. Kentucky is the way to go (obviously)
But I honestly think the heels have the potential

Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light.
I wonder how the Cuse will fare without Melo. Thoughts?
No Melo=Cuse prob. not going very far. Sucks cause I gotta admit they got a nice squad. My UNC Henderson injury got me a lil on edge. Key is to stay healthy cause march madness is a long road...
at least rakeem christmas gets to play for the cuse... well looks like im going to go edit my bracket.
Yeah, OSU essentially has the keys to the final four, now that fab melo is out.
Unc is going out early. Along with the orange
Wolverines are too small..they'll get a win. Maybe even two. But that's about it. Good to support your team.
They match up well with the KU but its the Wildcats year
Syracuse had a bit of a scare there...
Go BUCKEYES!! UNLV has already messed up my bracket, but it doesn't matter since the Championship should come down to UK vs OSU.
Mizzu messed me up in that region
I picked Michigan and duke to lose but Missouri to win m bracket
My bracket is falling apart
Same I hated it when michigan lost they deserved to win.
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