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NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness
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Duke Men's Basketball captures 5th title with 68-63 victory over Wisconsin!
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Blue Devils defeat Gonzaga to advance to 16th Final Four. 

66 Duke Men's Basketball​
52 Gonzaga Men's Basketball​
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Wildcats edge Notre Dame to advance to #FinalFour with perfect season intact.

67 Kentucky Wildcats​
66 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Athletics​
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Go Badgers and go Spartans!
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One of these teams will win the National Championship. #Elite8 
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very good
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Still in the Cards! 
Louisville downs NC State on a strong showing from Harrell and Rozier...

75 Louisville Cardinals​
65 NC State Basketball​
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Party like it's 1999!
Zags back in #Elite8 for first time in 16 years...

74 Gonzaga Men's Basketball​
62 UCLA Athletics​
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Kim D.
The Zags are doing their THANG. 
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The 2015 Final Four
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Michigan State stops Louisville in OT for spot in Final Four. 

76 Michigan State Spartans​
70 Louisville Cardinals​
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Valentine and Trice, you and your team are awesome.  Your team made it into the Final Four!!!   Yes!!!  I hope you beat Duke!  Wishing you a lot of luck Spartans!  
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Wisconsin drills 9 second half threes to close out Arizona.

85 Wisconsin Men's Basketball​
78 Arizona Athletics​ 
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Frank Kaminsky and Sam decker are a good team to lead Wisconsin into the final four
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Elite State!
Trice, Valentine combine for 42 as Spartans edge Oklahoma...

62 Michigan State Spartans​
58 Oklahoma Sooners​
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What Did Prophet ii say 'bout dis ?  ???  "Michigan State University, right??", said the 'Prophet ii'. 
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Duke is Elite!
Justise Winslow puts up 21 and 10 to lead Blue Devils past Utah.

63 Duke Men's Basketball​
57 University of Utah Men's Basketball​
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Steve B
Go Duke! Playing well. ..Playing together! Go Duke! 
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Rematch set!
For 2nd straight year, Arizona and Wisconsin to meet in ‪#‎Elite8‬ after Wildcats' win over Xavier.
68 Arizona Athletics
60 Xavier Musketeers
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Yes lute does attend these games and they usually show him in the stands but i didnt see him this time
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