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A bear that wandered into a dorm at the University of Colorado in Boulder falls from a tree after being tranquilized by Colorado wildlife officials.

Photo Credit: Andy Duann / CU Independent via AP
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is that a real bear? is it dead or alive?
just asking is it dead or alive?
It's alive, +Lillie Anna. The bear was in a tree, so they shot it with a tranquilizer, stunning it. The bear fell out of the tree and onto the pillow below. It's not dead, just stunned.
Kudos to the photographer and to the officials who made sure there was a soft landing.
I believe that it was not seriously injured because the 'bearbag' went off in the collision.
They better not have injured that animal! 
Or what, +Warren Jones ? When wildlife gets too close to humanity, it becomes dangerous for both.
i'm sorry but that looks hilarious! i'm glad they didn't hurt the poor thing! :)
Awesome Bro! (the guy in the corner looks scared JUST putting that out there)
Bear!, you crossed the line, that what happens when you break the law.
lol i thought it was someone in a bear costume
real, it was falling not floating if thats what you thought!
Looks like he's doing a flying side kick to that officer LOl
Hey kung fu panda ! I got the moves !
What do you think is going through that bears mind at that moment?
at first i thoght the bear was being hung
Frank: He probably thought WOW! I didn't find drugs this good in the dorm!
While I hope the bear is okay, this looks hilarious.
Charles Swartz: bet everything looked like a dream sequence to him. All in slow motion and wavy
I'M FLYING !!!...............
The Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Police Force sent out some clowns to catch a flying bear......
"I am free falling" Tom Petty
Aah Ha! I have you Clouseau!!!!......
Some of those guys are thinking,"Mmmmmm.......Bear-B-Q!!!.....
what happend there WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW
"I'll film from the blind while Jim interacts With the Bear".........Marlon Perkins....
โอ้หมีประเทศไหนๆๆๆ มีของเล่นด้วยค่ะ
Surprised they didn't pepper spray it.
Stage Diving......FAIL!
acctually,if you go on youtube,it real...they get bears out of trees by shooting them out and letting them drop on anything bouncy...
Seeing this bear makes me think, perhaps some of us evolved from bears...
PS... I don't live in Chicago...
yeah i feel the same way, i would have dipped my arm in honey and have the bear follow me to the zoo
should have added a matterase or something soft
Seriously Yamell? thats the same thing they do with humans if they fall..... so whats not humane about it? Riight...! They should have caught the bear with their bare hands. sigh
I could see this becoming the new planking/owling. Would definitely need a bouldering mat or something to fall on though.
reminds me of : :P
E'RBODY MOSH!!!......
I really should care more about the bear right now but I'm too busy laughing at the picture :D:D:D:D:D
i would lol at this if it wasnt so sad.{it looks like he is being hanged}
The bear is not falling hes flying away from the officers who asked him to lay down on this large mat/ cott thingy.
Hyon Ho
He should be fine. Bears have like 40-50 hp and that fall doesn't seem like it's anything over 1d6 to 2d6 of damage.
good picture!!
He's a circus bear and that is actually a trampoline he is practicing his routine on. LOL
bear definitely has some decent airtime :)
he looks like he's hav'n fun!!! LOL
Give Jeb Corliss a call, I think I got something messed up.......
i thought that someone hung the bear to the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like the bear is having a great time there!
it looks like a freakin ragdoll lol
i thought it was jumping off a trampoline, then i read the post.
Why didn't they just entice him down with a doughnut???
Where's the video featuring the bear hitting the trampoline set to Yakety Sax? I've tried to find it for years since I lost it.
the masturbating bear was up in a tree? that pervert! +Team Coco needs to better job keeping an eye on him
Haha!! That looks funny
That poor "Bear" it is kinda funny:))Look at him,,,ha,ha,ha
holey Moley that's freakin sik , a bear on a tree !!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
Bear: "But I wanted to be a gymastic girl!"
Officer: "Your a boy"
Bear: "But I wanted to be a dancer!"
Officer: "In a tree?"
Bear: "My Mom would tease me"
Officer: "Oh...jump down on this tarp*

Anything thats hanging from a tree indicates a not soooooooo good thing!!!!!
This is the cost of higher education for the bear. what did we learn here?
That's something you want see at club 223...
He is going to need hip replacement...:P
If you look only at the bear & the mat, the bear looks like he's having fun (weeee!)
We have them In Australia, we call them dropbears ... Don't stand under trees.
i hope the bear knows it can't skydive without a parachute...
This guys got terrible grammar ^^
hahahahhaha falling bear do u think he was scared to fall
They tried this in Rochester, NY a few years ago, and couldn't hold the weight of the bear. It hit the sidewalk and died.
the more posts I read, the less faith I have in the future of humanity
bear having fun on trampoline on 4/20.
how the heck did that happen!?!
"I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!"
Bear probably just looking for his pot dealer. He'll wear a better costume next time.
it's real i have seen it on live news channel
"Geronimo is a wuss! Smoky the Bear!!!"
That looks like the same bear we tranquilized last spring, who was in a tree in Simsbury, CT
LOL... Poor bear, and but looks like that's gonna hurt in the morning. 
it's really just a Frat guy fool'n around.
"Hey look, I'm FLYING. Now, where is the HONEY!?"
hey why do your profile pic say f valenntines day Max Brown>???
aaaah i miss thee
In Australia we call them drop bears LOL
LMFAO, he looks like he's about to have a very bad day.
poor bear never climb trees any more u will get hurt from the tranquilizer
how fanny a bear
this is right outside my apartment! +Ali Tousignant , the bear is fine. He was tranquilized, which is why he fell from the tree and landed on those mats from our Rec Center. They tagged him and relocated him to the mountains (Boulder is right by the foothills).
I hope that the bear was ok? you certainly wouldnt get that in the u.k news unless it was in a zoo or an escaped zoo bear! I hope no one was hurt.
Bear says" anyone for a trampoline? -English humour I hope it translates. its very early morning hear so I am loging off now.
Regina.Z Bristol,U.K..
+Marco Calibani, there's no way they killed it. This is in Boulder, where most people would rather starve to death than shoot an animal. The bear is definitely fine.
Chris Pattison's comment is very very funny.
Will climb trees, but hanging on the vine Benxiong
A bear fell from the tree on your front yard ... you don't see this kind of thing everyday..nice job...
The town I live in, in northern Arizona. A young black bear climbed a tree in a backyard and game and fish tranqualized it. One problem, when the bear hit the ground, it's neck got broken and killed it. Game and fish in this state isn't very smart in my opinion.
Wat the hell was that ????
I'm glad the bear is ok.
WHAT THE HELL EDITED no shit its photooped
NO!!!!! That's the bear in the tree!
Phew, did not see the air cushion at first...
I hear elephants can fly but a flying bear is ludicrous!!
Im like laughing my head off!!!! It's that funny. :P
What's with people's grammer here? All subjects of the public school system? 
Thank God it wasn't badly hurt. It's not's a bear!
Somebody put a teddy bear and they took a picture.
I at first thought the bear was going to drop-kick the police.
that actually kinda gay imma not gonna lie
Looks shopped, right? But I know it's not as I heard about this on the morning drive.
This has so many promising spoofs to be created.
I can hardly bear it! ; - )
Saw this earlier was wondering if it really was legit
lmao FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAKE as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
utube it, bear falling out of tree
They could have saved goddamn time by using a real gun and no airbed. Bears are game animals.
he is coming back to his planet, his peopple needs him
That picture says it all.
Woah. That's bad for the bear.
that is creepy.....but awesome....My bears stuck up in the tree help...i hope the bear is okay
..... Better being tranquilized than killed for nothing .....
I can't bear to watch!
great job.....they save him
"I must leave you now, my home planet needs me" woosh!
It may be fake, but I laughed! I laughed because I thought that it was a bear on a trampoline. For a split second I actually thought that some college kids somehow got a bear on a trampoline then got it bouncing that high. It was an awesome thought for a second!
Nice of them to bust out the landing pad!
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, umgh weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee umgh, Put your backs into it before i rip you apart.
That pad thing it is about to fall on is not very thick I hope its ok
my friend kungfu panda is in fun
OMG Drop Bears are real, this is the first time I have seen one - up until now they were just a story told me by my grandpa and dad.
Hahaha. That is a great shot.
Bears beat Battlestar galactica !!
hahaha i was totally there when that happened
He's actually jumping up and down on a trampoline. Clearly.
The bear isnt falling from the try, he is doing a flying sidekick to the guy in tan.
That doesn't even look real. Are you sure that wasn't one of those couch burning liberals in a bear suit?
i believe i can fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, the elusive drop bear captured on film.
Xj X
looks fake.
Poor bear he didnt deserve that
that doesn't look funny at all. he really didn't deserve it
Kuma can jumps from anywere..^^
Smokey was in the fire and jumped and maby died there •_•
Poor bear ( I wonder if he knew boo-boo)
So I guess we can confirm that bears cannot fly.
Oh my gosh!! I hope the bear was okay!!!! The poor guy! That ruined my day
que me conste existe uma rede embaixo. Parabens aos Colorado wildlife officials. Se fosse aqui ,cairia direto numa churrasqueira...
cool pic looks like its jumping on tamp aline having fun ,,,,,
Whee whee whee all the way home... What's next??
Cool thanks for sharing this with me 
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