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BREAKING: Los Angeles Coroner's Office confirms to NBC News that Andrew Breitbart has died.

In a brief post, the site said he died at age 43 of natural causes. His death was confirmed to by the Los Angeles Coroner's Office.
Andrew Breitbart, the conservative firebrand and web publisher, has died, according to his Big Government website. In a brief post, the site said he died at age 43 of natural causes.
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Dying at the age of 43 is unnatural, unless you had a dangerous medical condition. Is there a cover-up here?
RIP Andrew, I don't know who he is. It's unnatural to die of diseases anyway. Anyone could have been cured and treated.
Mary M
Very sad and coincidental that he dies just days after announcing he has videos of our president that the world needs to see. I hope his family finds comfort knowing he is Home now.
Danilo - I read the article, not the one on MSNBC, which didn't have any details like what you mention. Don't all Right-wing Nuts have heart problems?

But you are rude to use the word "stupid" to a total stranger. Maybe you need to apologize, and then learn some internet manners.
Being eaten by a bear is also considered "natural causes"
Already we are seeing the gullible followers saying "he was silenced!" and no matter what any autopsy shows, his fans will forever claim that he didnt die naturally.

The man drank heavily and he admitted to previous drug use, until an autopsy is done but no matter what, his followers will believe it had something to do with his claims of videos on someone or other (something he's claimed over and over)
Danilo- If you READ MY FIRST POST, you'll see I didn't say "it is not possible", I said IT'S UNNATURAL, meaning MOST people don't die at 43 of "natural causes" anymore. Maybe you should read more closely?
+Liwei Shan +Nellie K. Adaba Breitbart was a leading Muck-Racking purveyor of Misinformation and out-right Lies, and a Guiding light of the Tea-Party. His legacy is the destruction of compromise and ethics in the US Congress. His departure may well lead to a calming of the divisiveness and partisanship of the current political discourse in the USA.
Mary M
Is there a - button in here?
why +Mary M ? Because of what +Allan Finkelstein said?
Mary M
We'll remember you said that...
+Carlos Cardona I think you are saying "unnatural" but really mean "unexpected". There is nothing unnatural about dying of a heart attack in your forties - its just unlikely.
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