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+Google+ turns 1 today. How do you feel the social network has grown? Share here. #MyFirstPost  
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Joe S
happy birthday and congrats!!!
I love it. I think it's great for geeks. The mobile app is sexy. It's exactly what I want.
I have an engaging conversation on G+ than I've had on other social networks. 
Google+ is awesome because it's a mix of Facebook and Twitter
Best content source on the Web. Especially from dudes wearing Mr. Potato Head ties. 
menos basura, mas personas interesantes y lo que mas me gusta es que los games no llenan de mensajes la pagina, estoy super bien, muchisimo mejor que facebook claro!  :)
I'm still very much a Google+ novice, but it has a nice friendly feel to it. So far it seems very US-centric which makes me feel like a European pioneer, which is a novel experience...for me...and for Europe !
I'm more happy with it than FB, that's for sure.
Great and gets better every month. I am starting to see more average Joes using it too. It is definitely growing :-)
After signing up when Google+ was new, then not using it for a time, I've come back in the past few months, enjoying it now.
G+ is great if you produce or consume information. It is not abut telling your friends about the party you went to last night or to post baby pictures. It is about information! It is a good combination of the distribution power of Twitter combined with a personal blog. It is growing rapidly. I have 1.5 million people circling me and 6,000 add me every day.
little hard to navigate. also a lot of duplicate people so not sure who im actually writing to at times.  adding people to the circles is a slow moving process
Breithlá shona duit !
Happy birthday G+
I started using G+ from the first day and I would say it is more informational, fun and definitely happy with all the updates they are bringing.

+1to G+
I'm glad to have it, and I really like the iPhone app.  I find it a much better way to follow news updates than twitter.
Happy Birthday.. yes I love Google +1 it's awesome
Has been a a year already?  So much has changed.  Can't wait to see where G+ is in another year.   Great Work Google!
Best thing ever just wish I would have jumped this sooner. Love he new updates and just hope I can get everyone else I want on this converted over
Pretty neat to see comments in Spanish and English. Something that rarely happens in other platforms. After a year of using I have to say it has become my go to platform! 
There is much more engagement here, amazing shares, Circles are customizable. Google has done a great job with its social network.
Streamlined interface, lack of overwhelming ads and the posting which combined twitter and facebook makes it a winner in my box
Happy to have it. For me, definitely better than Facebook.I enjoy not to have page full of advertisement and dumb posts.
I LOVE IT 10000000000000000 TIMES BETTER THAN FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday...I love love love Google:)
I love Google+, facebook is a great way to keep in contact with family, but Google+ is a great place to meet new people and talk about new things.
Happy bday best social network
La vida es muy linda cuando en realidad eres feliz.

Google+ ROCKS!!!!!!!! I give it two 1+ Happy birthday google+
Only problem is all my highschool people refuse to leave facebook....
Happy birthday +Google+! Loved it the second I used it! Knew I was off Facebook since then; it felt like nothing more than a child's playground.
And the new app for Google plus for Android is off the hook! Absolutely loving it! +Google+
New to google + however im liking what im seeing
T Ma
Facebook will be buried next to Myspace!! Google will never die! Happy B-Day plus
Happy Birthday. After birth of Google+, I have grown simultaneously in past year! Congratulations.
Far better quality of conversations than other social networks. This has also led to many more disturbing political arguments among those in my small niche (tabletop gaming). I will say that I have moved the majority of my consumption to G+ regardless of that. 
Love it! Informative and fun. I closed my FB account. :)
Google+ is better than Facebook
I think that its a good project and the I like the interface and way to share. I don't know why people dont try it. Maybe its launched late, but, with this and other app's by google, you don't anything anymore. The last inserted, the events, it's so useful.
wow 1 year already been here since the begining i really wish more of my friends would come here
Still no reason to be on it besides....nothing.
Marketing? Forget that! This is ours! No hipsters allowed!
Happy Birthday Google Plus
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I'm giving it another try. Facebook has gotten way too noisy for me. Gplus gives me easy to use circles so i can filter out the noise when I need to. 
No wonder #1, keep doing what you do best and do hope that next year you'll be numero uno (+1) for the second straight year. GET THAT !!!
wow! g+ has been great and allows matured people blog! bravo! congrats!
happy birthday to you happy birthday G+
My sis birthday is today
G+ is the best place for intelligent people.
G+ is the social network for grown-ups who want to have serious conversation rather than play inane games. 
It is great to come to a social networking site where I am not bombarded by "farm" updates and cat pics. Congrats Google on creating an open, intelligent forum. Great content and discussions
Congrats. I just hit ice cream sandwich as a birthday party favor
It's true.  I play all my inane games on Facebook.
Great source for all kinds of information, delightful conversations and tons of new people which I don't know personally, but share same interests. I love it!
I love it... I would get rid of fb if my family would use it.
Happy Birthday G+. I enjoy the laid back content and info. I still check in on FB, but don't get as much info. 
Still as empty for me as it was on the day I joined, but that's not G+' fault, it's the fault of all the people (understandably) preferring to stick with FB...
Not "In your Face"book. Mundo coolio...
Happy Birthday Google!  So when can I transfer all my FB over so I don't have to go back there?
nice alternative to the anti-social network called facebook.
When you compare the 300 million plus G+ users at year one with Facebook taking 108 months (at 1 million users in one year) After years of Linked they hit 319 million, and the closest growth competition was MySpace doing this in 39 months.  It's a steady growth, but really there's nothing slow about it.  What I appreciated is that Google is a master as scaling up their enterprise and if you add in their potential user base from gmail it's going to intensify since there are approximately 2 billion accounts - duplicates.  It's more of a platform and/or operating system than social media!  Though it's an incredible place to meet, socialize, and expand influence. :)
+Oliver Roelandt Maybe follow some people and it won't be. My stream is constantly updating with things relevant to me now. Far more so than FB ever did with my so called "real life friends".
I was unsure about google + at first but in the few months I've used this service, I've enjoyed my experience! Thanks Google :D
Google keep it up bro.... :'(
Dumb the Facebook... I hate it
I'm figuring out how to use it. Love the g+ app on my new phone. Also added g+ to my flipboard
Mark F
Happy Birthday G+!!
+Nick Edwards That's what everyone keeps telling me, but the truth is I'd much rather interact more with the people I know IRL but don't see very often. They're all on FB and I'm not, though.
G+ is not only for "grown-ups". Its for everybody...
Ya me empieza a no gustar G+.
Comienzan a seguir los pasos de fb.
Con cada nueva actualización se olvidan que existen dispositivos que funciona mejor con versiones anteriores pero que ya no se pueden instalar.
Se está obligado a usar la más nueva y eso hace que en nuestros aparatos funcione mal (al menos en el mío).
Pues no pienso comprarme otro móvil para seguir usando G+.
Pero eso pasa siempre con las empresectas una vez "cogido el rodaje", poco importan las condiciones que le dieron empuje.
Se actualizó automáticamente y ahora son cuelges y bloqueos con los círculos. Tarda un montón en actualizar comentarios y publicaciones. Todo es más lioso para encontrar todo.
Ya no me gusta, al menos para mi galaxy mini.
Sí no hay posibilidades de volver a versiones anteriores.
soy nuevo aqui como hago para agregar amigos xfa help
I prefer it to twitter,it's well presented,always has points of interest well done google
I feel like a name change feature should be a welcoming add to how google serves it´s customers. I have tried to change my name at least upon request because I was threatened with my google accounts being suspended. When I found out that probably this feature isn´t available I decided to inform google that to be considered a reliable internet service google has to have a name changing feature. Google should also be aware that you do not have a right to ask your customers to change their names because you don´t like how your customers use their names. The name change feature should have been one of the easiest features to use on google.
Oh Happy Birthday google+. Many more fruitful years.
I talked with nearly 10 people today about google´s supposed name change feature and I feel that if you´re a google account user it seems that you can mostly change your name just once and then have to wait for something like 1 to 3 years to be able to change it again. I am hoping I´m wrong.
Happy Birthday Google+ it's also my mom's birthday.
Daniel Golightly - I don't how I can use social networking wrong.
Bright future lies ahead for a more mature, better laid-out, insightful social network. FB has somehow lost it, while Google + keeps growing, evolving, captivating. To grownups, this network offers what others miss: credibility.
Facebook SUCKS!! The only thing Facebook has is more people, and if we tell everyone to use g+ in stead, then there will be no problems.
Happy Bitrhday Pluser@s. I didn't like the social networks, until I try  G+. After that I'm always here. As everybody say, more inteligent coversation here, more quality people here, though there's some trolls too, but we live in democracy. I never tried fakelook, and never will, but I've watched other people on it and I thought that's stupid chat, intranscendental. But the people of G+ (we all) like to post interesting things. So let's enjoy G+.
Definitely smarter conversation than Facebook
+Oliver Roelandt (and everyone else) - If you like the G+ experience, but want to keep up with your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn friends, you could always use +Streamified. It's a plugin for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that adds your other social media posts to your G+ stream. It works pretty well, unifiying all your social media. It eliminates the ads you see going to the other services' pages, lets you see any one specific social media stream you want or have it all together, and allows you to post the same thing to any or all of your social media sites from one page, G+. It does have some drawbacks (no FB messages and notifications, for example - but that's fine for me since I use Pidgin to pull in my FB messages, and most notifications are invites to things I don't want to join). I highly recommend it for those who love G+, but need to keep a FB/Twitter/LI account for those stubborn friends that refuse to try G+.
and it comes with you're email and doesn't give a lot of personal info happy birthday Google + toast to a great organization
Oh, +Streamified also puts your Tumblr, Google Reader, and Instagram posts in your G+ stream. They also have tons of other streams from specific sources that they list that you can add. Just realized that. Great!
Esta buenísimo, pena que poca gente lo usa.
With the new changes in Google + for Android , the event function and the improvements maked for Maps i think these guys are having their best moment right now , too much hype yeah ! .
People add me to your circles if you have interest about technology issues and that kind of things. Is always a good experience to talk with people who have different opinions about this digital life .
jose m
Hola amigos soy nuevo pero no se como funciona alguien me puede desorden por favor si
Hola Jose ya somo 2 los nuevos yo ando medio perdida
It's amazing that google has come such a long way since it's inception in 1998. It's only 14 years old, and it's already become a household word. Keep it up, Google!
Google+ is better than Facebook and Twitter combined! +1 if you agree
Google has grown greatly and is vastly improving its services, in years to come i  can see this being the next major social networking site and staying the biggest social netweorking site. 

I can now share my stuff confidently and enjoy sharing content. 

Happy Birthday Google+
dame un G
dmo dos o
dame otra g 
dame una l
dame una e
que dice Google
otra vez Google
no se oye
tres veces
Google eeeeeeeee
I'm an OG+. I've been here since beta. I think G+ has something that is different than Facebook, but the same. I like the "What's Hot" and being able to add things to certain circles. It's where I get my geek news and other interesting stories.

The more times goes by, the better it gets. The more time goes by, the worse Facebook gets, what with all the event's to crap I don't care about, and the games, and the ads, the battery draining app, and just about everything else. The only thing I like about Facebook compared to G+, are the people in my friends list.
google+ is better than facebook , i feel.
i love plus. you guys can sponsor me to be a spokeperson/pr/marketing guru for you.
g+ is perfect mix of +Facebook +Twitter
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