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Egyptians fear long Muslim Brotherhood rule, warn Morsi is no friend of US

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Photo: Gianluigi Guercia / AFP - Getty Images
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Is it Egyptian feared of the encumbent party? Or is it just American/Israel fear that majority of Egyptians elect party that isn't friendly to them?
Keep the faith in democracy.  Freedom is not free.  Protests and demonstrations must continue until the leader bows to the will of the people or is replaced.  It's an evolution as much as a revolution.
+Chris Johnson
The situation in America is quite funny; we they elected Obama knowing his affiliations and now they act surprised at his actions. I'm betting Mitt Romney doesn't seem like such a bad guy to most Americans right now.

LOL this is true,.... but, I think the majority of the people that voted for him, are people on welfare,... because they know he's over there with free handouts :( .
Yeah Paul that's just what this country needed was a cult leading, big moneys goto guy. Mitt will always be the wrong man for the job of POTUS. He's a laughing stock.
But at least he will still be able to count his money in his 7 off shore bank accounts and travel in his spiffy plane. And the go on vacation in his armored RV. 
Yeah cause he was so in tune with what Americans are going thru... well at least 47 percent of us anyway. He is a joke and always will be. 
Why do these people always elect the wrong person, these Muslim Brotherhood are all wing nuts in the first place, he does not like the USA but he sure likes they money, another corrupted politicians in the making 
Mursi's election was rife with fraud allegations.
I think it's still questionable to call him democratically elected seeing as how the Muslim Brotherhood was in control of the majority of polling stations
Arabic people need dictators. They can't live without them. Killing the current ones made/makes no difference. They only respect brute force. Bring our troops home. 
i can only hope for peace for them but usa troops and our embassy dose not need to be there now
+Peggy Handley The tribal wars in the MidEast is war in it's most sacred manifestation. Genocide.

Little Bo Peep
lost her sheep,
and didn't know
where to find them.

"Just leave them alone,
and they'll come home,
wagging their tails
behind them."

~ Mother Goose
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