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One World Trade Center just surpassed Empire State Building as tallest skyscraper in NYC.

Watch LIVE news conference:
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Hope they show the video in HELL that way Bin Laden can see it !
I garantee you that osama is not in heaven ! No hundred virgins for him !
This is what causes the controversy over Heaven and Hell in the first place. What Osama bin Laden did, he believed was a good deed and was the right thing. Though that is not the case for us, the Holy Bible states that one will get to heaven by doing what their mind tells them to do with God's assistance. He could be in Heaven or Hell, or wherever it may be.
George, I am sorry, but the Holy bible does not say "that one will go to heaven by doing what their mind tells them". There isn't even an intelligent theological - philosophical argument that clames anything like that. According to Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior the only way to God is through him, believe in me, and you will have everlasting life. In the letters to the Romans the Apostle Paul tells us that one must believer in Jesus Christ as the one and true son of God, Confess you wrong doings before man, and repent of those ways.

So what does all that really mean? To believe in Jesus Christ means to believe in his teachings, and Jesus taught 3 things in his 32 years on this earth.

1. To love God with all your Heart all of your sole, with all of your being.

2. To love your neighbor as your love yourself.

3. Do not judge.

With love being the fulfillment of needs and have your needs fulfilled, what does that mean in relations to an agape love? That is a good discussion but I think we can all at least agree that to love and not judge is a good place to start.

Saying weather Osama Bin Laden is in Heaven or in Hell is not for me to decided, and I am happy for that. I feel sorry for him for the pain he caused to other in this world in the name of a false belief, and I pray and hope that other will see this as what it is and chose not to do the same.

Your brother in Christ
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