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Vermont man uses tractor to flatten 8 police cars
Witnesses believe he was angry about his recent arrest for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

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Photo: Demian Warner / The Newport Daily Express
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Bonnie Lu
Redneck Justice! lol
Those cars got messed up royally... lmao
Well im sure that showed them.... Hope he enjoys seeing the cops more.
And that guy thought he was in trouble before??  WOW, what was he thinking?!
Out of his mind. Time to go to jail to cool himself down
Drew Lasater
See! Vermont has rednecks, too!
If marijuana was legal, or the GOP wasn't stifling the economy forcing this guy into illicit industry, this wouldn't have happened.  While I don't condone this man's actions one bit, it does look like he's a victim of circumstance in this new American life.  It's morning in America again!
EVERYWHERE has red-necks :)   Bummer on the needless destruction! 
+Jesse James Ettebe: Even Canada has serious social problems.  Just visit Vancouver and take a trip down East Hastings Street.  On the other hand, you are mostly right about that:  I mean, they pulled together and got +Bernie Sanders into the Senate...
Definitely done with style - where I could find such tractor? Here I have problem with the parking place and this could solve it :P
A bit of an overreaction, but police need to quit arresting people for victim less crimes and do something useful. 
the guy might be insane, they should send him for brain check up
+Paul Johnson Well played. Seriously, though, I do imagine him saying, "Y'all hold my beer and check THIS out!" before cranking up the 'ol tractor.
Ben Nash
Absolutely a beautiful scene. Don't mess with a man's weed.
+Maria Enevska: Your local Caterpillar dealership probably has something suitable.  A D9T Waste Handler could easily pull off the task.  But, base price before tax, title and options is $805,970, so be prepared to fork out massive for it.  It's all about the Wilsons, baby.
Its aiight you tax payers foot the bill for this and pay to keep him in jail and all so laugh on
This is what happens when cannabis is taken away from someone and they have to find alternatives that arent as user friendly
I don't know what Mr. Pion was intent upon , other than the obvious , but I Agree with the idea that it is time to legalize marijuana , for medical And "other" uses ! As an ESRD patient , I can speak from direct experience ; the benefit is profound ! Our Government has been deceiving us ! There is simply too much scientific proof to keep the deception alive any longer ! If it takes someone doing something this drastic ; without harming anyone physically , to excite the public opinion on this topic .... So be it ! If Mr. Pion has a legal fund donation site , I would be interested in knowing how to make a donation . 
LIttle child throws tantrum and destroys whatever he can. Yeah, really grown up. I guess it's "all about him". It's a two-year-old's mentality.
d s
Only 8? Lazy-ass
So instead of a few days in jail, he will now have a prison sentence.  What an idiot.  
I'm from this guys "neighborhood" and a bunch of coworkers have spent the morning laughing quite loudly at the absurdity of this while reading the local paper. Glad to see it going a bit viral :)
better keep your cars out of the way when he gets out on bail :))
Hey Gary, go learn something about it before you make stupid ass claims.
Not sure he's any worse off in prison, than probation, and trying to find work in this economy with a drug charge, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way. #wtfitsaweed
+Drew Lasater We got 'em by the hay wagon load... red, white, and always pissed off about something. Thankfully, most of the time they "think" twice before hurting other people.
"911 may I help you?"
"My friend has been shot!!"
"Sorry 8 cars are destroyed as soon as we can get the cars fixed or replaced we will get an officer out I hope the shot is not life threatening put a band aid or something over the bullet hole"
Matt V
Arresting people for weed is just wrong.
display this pic on indian road corners
Kip Fox
And his (and others) tax dollars and assets will go to repair them. Way to think it through!
Arrested for marijuana,eh?! now he's gonna be arrested for screwing hard.
u know what, he must HAVE been under the influence of MARIJUANA when he was caught crashing those cup cars.  
The ironic thing about it is we(the people) pay for those cars....but I know it felt good.
Had one too many doughnuts I can't run my car has been destroyed darnit!
I don't think these will be repaired, but taxpayers dollars will go towards new ones
give me a bong allow this man.
Those police cars arent cheap! My dad works at the department here, and their Chevy Impalas and Tahoes cost an average of $40-$50,000 not including the upgrades like light bars, radios, gun racks, wire cage, and the back seat where a criminal would sit (theyre made of plastic). The police departments buy cars brand new from the manufacturer, they never buy used ones just to be safe.
It's no tank or monster truck but still something. 4/5
I'd much rather pay for these repairs than pay them to harass, berate, and beat me lol And stop pitching your political bullshit propaganda on here you "others." Weed isn't a miracle drug in the slightest and there's no scientific proof that it is. It causes more problems than it resolves, hence this awesomely comic display as seen above lol
This guy makes Charlie Sheen look like a girl scout!
Frank M
I'm sorry, I know that weed is illegal, and that destroying cop cars is bad too, and legally that guy's in a ton of trouble.

I still can't stop laughing and cheering for that guy. What's wrong with me?!
I bet he wasn't smokin' da weed when he did this.  Give him his weed back.
Lol they wont be protecting or serving anyone for a while
Damn, sorry I wasn't there to watch the celebration
This guy has fulfilled the fantasy of many people.  Got to hand it to him for that.
Matt C
As long as he doesn't complain about a local tax increase or more tickets being given out....
Let me guess? He was smoking a joint when he decided to flatten the cars? :o)
Police cars are replace-able
That poor stoner is gonna be some dudes girl friend by the end of the night...
"Boy... you gotta purty mouth"
Well that will make sure they never arrest him again. Oh wait...
That looks like the type of damage one can only do in "Grand Theft Auto"...
taxpayers should be very unhappy about this. Not only do they get to pay to house this guy in prison. Also, because he's in prison, the taxpayers have to absorb this cost to city vehicles.
cool and aaaaaawwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeessssssssssuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm
+Austin Sawyer Too true. Folks in that town will be paying for the gentleman's little exercise in self-expression.
If pot was legal those pig wagons would still be alive.
And there's no side effects from marijuana use or the lack thereof? Right....
congratulations Dumb ass that's over half a million dollars of American tax payers money out the window ( and by the way yes you are a tax payer you stupid dope smoking retard)
Marijuana isn't addictive my ass! If it wasn't addictive he wouldn't seek justice for getting arrested for having a joint. Stupid stoner
+Jim Holland  Obviously it was the fact that this guy was playing Dungeons and Dragons and listening to Judas Priest that made him do this. Don't blame the pot.

Or maybe some people are just unbalanced no matter what?
What a waste of tax payers money
Grand Theft Auto: Vermont Stories
Matt V
+Faisal Emad marijuana doesn't make you violent. If he had smoked first he probably would have not done it and just watched tv. I wouldn't be surprised if he drank alcohol first then crushed the cars. He probably had these feelings towards cops for a long time. 
All of you are nice people. Stop arguing or I'll die. Do you want that? do you want me to die?! Nice children...
You could say they ..
puts on sunglasses
.. Were flat outta luck
well, I'm sure the police have learned their lesson!
Kip Fox
Whether or not pot should be legalized or decriminalized is besides the point. He just disabled 8 officers cars which are used for other things like working wrecks, responding to calls for help, and so forth. On face value it may seem comical but he's putting the public at risk with his angst for getting caught with marijuana.

Lesson learned: Keep that stuff at your house if you don't want to get caught, his stupidity is what lead up to it. They don't bust your door in on a dime bag, but if your dumb enough to be driving or walking around with it, then it's your own fault if you attract attention to yourself and get caught. 
I'm absolutely appalled by the ignorance I'm seeing in these comments.

If this was legitimately a cause/effect of marijuana [you know, instead of the dude being an *over-reacting dumbass* that happens to smoke it]... where are all of the other serious acts of aggression caused by this measly weed?
You can't get truly 'addicted' (i.e. physically dependant as with heroin and alcohol) to marijuana or cannabis anyway, so there isn't an 'addiction' issue here.  Just one understandably pissed off guy! ;-)
A person that makes a bad choice like this isn't usually a novice at making bad choices.  That is why we have law enforcement and a criminal courts system.  He is lucky a life wasn't in direct danger otherwise we would talking about how he ended up on the business end of some lethal force. 
After the millions of people cops have murdered this is the least of what they get.. Good Job.
Doesn't this idiot realize this just comes out of the taxpayers money now! Thanks a lot bud!! lol
We've all secretly wanted to do this a few times
That's gotta be gratifying. Not necessarily responsible, but definitely gratifying.
Seriously, +Anthony So ?  You don't think there were any other factors in this like maybe a guy who might have already been under stress or just plain unstable getting pissed about being arrested for a victimless "crime"?  Must be that super-dangerous cannabis.  That stuff will turn any upstanding citizen into a violent, raving lunatic apparently.  
Well I'm sure he'll just be tickled about what he's going to be arrested and charged with now!!
well if that is not selfish...   guess all those people that need 911 right away....   will be waiting - 
Too Funny, But Crazy!
How could something like this be avoided in the future?
A strong fence around the area where the cars are parked?
nyc he should have fucked the authority whom so eva arrested him......
Surprised he had enough motivation to pull it off being high and all.
Resisting arrest? I'll show you resisting arrest!
Obviously he was creating a artistic interpretation of NBC's Olympics coverage. Based on the photo he got it spot on!
to quote Wu-Tang Clan (however altered to fit the article) - Rednecks aint nuttin to F@#$ wit!
There will be a monster truck show that does this now.
Wow... Dude got the attention he was looking for !!! CLASSIC !!! Lol
ok look at MY blog
Ben Cao
Only happens in any state that has tractor owners.
well, I think simple possession is the least of his worries now.
still the act is not good! this is not the right way to protest
Dang....!!! I dont think he was high when he did this.....
Fuck yeah...don't fuck with a man's weed !!!
Next up....."Vermont politicians seek to ban all tractors" (while wing nuts like this guy get state sponsored housing, healthcare, meals, etc.)  
They said he destroyed all of the town's police cars on CNN. So, if all the cars were at the police station who was out enforcing the laws. He didn't do anything wrong. They aren't using the cars anyways.
I wonder if the cops think it was worth it now for busting a guy whose crime was merely owning a natural herb that comes from the Earth. If a law is unjust, it should be broken.
It was in my home town. And only about half the force was destroyed
S ss
Road rage with drawer s .yeah thy going realy hard .the staff the cover ment s inter duce 67 s new vitenum .to start a war would be ok if ths hard staff wasint so readly ,
Jack Le
Nice cars LOL!
We now have ourselves some new Ben & Jerry flavors: "Crushed Cop'n'Candy Cuiser "  and  "Tractor Toffee Treat"
Absolutely Classic.  He needs to make bail and hit the talk show-circuit during his 15 minutes of fame.
Never fails you wash your car and it gets run over by a tractor. 
We must immediately ban all tractors and high-capacity fuel tanks! These rampages have to be stopped, and we all know tractors are only built to crush cars!
last time I checked I don't think that these events will help his case at all.
Well oid story caint use it after all them purson sent n other fhiyber s get n trap ment dna all other going on cheap than replace nturneil s replace uint tracker n gps traces :g m ,
marijuana is supposed to be a peaceful dope ?
If he was illegal or gay - he'd get away with it. This is America after all . . .
at least, this guy didn't use a gun!
Wow! This usually happens at truck shows in the arena.
Only test driving it orificer ,, honest.
This looks like a job for the wonder pets!!
Put that in your "Tea Party" pipe and smoke it!
And now they have a plot for the next Fast & Furious movie... Vin Diesel on his tractor of terror!
Perhaps he should switch to decaf? 
It does calm you down, clearly he wasn't smoking anymore, so the cops kinda did this to themselves, if they never wouldve taken it from him, he never would have destroyed 8 of their of the many
reasons canabis should be legal...
So, the police took medicine from a mental ill person.
Just great.....had nothing else to do that day?
+Paul DeBrino  You forgot to put in that it was only ten minutes since a shift change or ten minutes before........ 
This is stupid, and not in any way standing up for your rights. You want to help a cause? Destroying police cars isn't the solution. People are idiots.
As they say in America ... "OWNED"
Congress needs to enact stricter tractor control laws!
Maybe he just stepped on the wrong pedal - that excuse works for old people all of the time.
we need less draconian laws. less seatbelt mandates, and less imprisonment of marijuana consumers. i would buy the guy in the tractor a beer for sure. i dont hate cops. but goddam the opressive laws. 
People don't crush cars, tractors do.
Just another reason NOT to smoke pot.
Just another reason why not to piss off people for doing what they wish with their life.
one would think they'd learn their lesson after the FIRST Blues Brothers movie...
More money for schools has not improved our test scores nor has it reduced crime.  What's the point?
This just in.  Vermont ordered 20 armored tanks for "public safety."
Vermont hired 50,000 military for "public safety"
Vermont declared all private farms "targets of opportunity".
Vermont declared anyone with dirty hands or overalls "terrorist threats".    Think I'm kidding?  They're already using Predator attack drones on our own people here in the US.
Just an observation.  The suspect looks like he is pushing 50.  Kid is not aging well.
Well that's about what? A couple hundred thousand in tax payer dollars spent just because someone can't control their temper. Do I think pot should be illegal? No, but it is so don't get pissed when you get caught. 
Yeah, william, cause trying to protect people from killing themselves and others is such a big brother scheme.
Clearly he needed that weed to help him keep his cool.
It looks like he wants to visit police station back time & again..crazy guy.
+Matty Ice Jr. Of course, no one should do drugs, but does it make sense to criminalize its use?  Decades of data and studies conclusively show that decriminalization is much more effective in achieving better societal health: it leads to fewer users and addicts and hundreds of thousands of people avoid going to jail for a nonviolent "offense" and can get treatment instead--which costs far less than housing someone in prison.
Leo T
LMAO! Weed heads these days... It's not just about the munchies anymore.
See, marijuana doesn't cause violence, it's clearly lack of marijuana. ;)
the helicopter has great parking
You know the police just wanted new cars and an extended vacation!
Move to California, you will not be arrested for possession,in fact you can buy over the counter our have delivered like pizza.
so ya see if they had not arrested him he would have been smoking a joint and never have done that hello
That guy is my new HERO/ Role Model.

Sorry Jesus, but you haven't done that yet.
That will teach them! Good luck in prison.
I wish I can see how he do it..

Lol all these people mad about the money those cars cost but how many care about the billions spent by government everyday in comparison this is a very small amount and to be honest pry got more use out of that amount then government could cause I can't think of any thing the government does that gets peoples attention that does not cost the people tens of millions of dollars this guy destroys 8 cop cars maybe 200 thousand dollars worth max and look everyone cares lol just sayin
see the only answer is legalization to avoid situations like this!
Nice! Any chance of some officers being killed?
He's beyond screwed for what he did haha
Tractors don't kill police cars, people kill police cars...
I wish I will be there at that time
He probably should of smoked the mary jane he was in possession of...oh wait they took it away. See how this all could have been avoided.
Wow! The guy was angry because he broke the law and his response was to break it again? Bonehead. If you're going to live the life be prepared to pay the price.
I'm sure this created a serios FOOT chase.
i must agree with william=and i dont hate cops just some of those fk ed up ed laws.
Cats be acting up and these *** be lettin em 
There's a right way and a wrong way to go about thing. Wanna guess which this was?
Rob Rsl
Fucking rednecks.
Illegalization...gone wild?
Had the person been high at the time he decided to flatten the police cars, He would have likely decided it was too much work and went to a Diner to order all the food he could eat. That would stimulate the economy... what say you o' government.
Good. Only reason Pot is made illegal these days is to justify the police force and fund the corporate prison system. This man ought to be applauded.
would be hysterical if tax dollars were not going to be used for replacements. still earned a giggle simply for sticking it to the cops. occupy this..
Cars were old and junky anyway. I'm sure the police force needed new ones. LOL
Wow the things people will do!! But I do have to say 1 other thing. LOL!!
If you wanna be thrown in jail I guess you might as well do it in style
Now that is funny !!  There is no way I could send that man to jail.
Marijuana is illegal for a good reason. If we let rednecks like this influence the way we create laws, then crackheads and every other criminal will pull off a stunt like this which would be stupid
Nora O.
I thought bacon was flat to begin with.
A. Bea
Wow! Was anyone injured???
Imagine if he was on meth... might have leveled the whole damn town... & then rebuilt half of it the same afternoon!
He is an idiot who should be beaten senseless for such destruction to Police property until he snaps out his addiction.   
**Believe it or not - All addictions start as a habit (good or bad) until the person’s brain takes over and control the nasty habit.  
Don’t be a slave to these unnecessary habits.   Instead teach your brain by cognitive therapy (self- talk) to do good for you and your loved ones.   Good deeds can be contagious and fun.  
**Our short life on earth is fragile and precious to waste as such!
Wonder what would have happened if he had been arrested for cocaine!!
LMAO that's what im talking about.
Dont like how some people see this as a good thing, this will incite more violence and more hatred towards one another. Guess this shows what kind of man you really are. Also i dont care if weed becomes legal or not....I dont use so i don't care. Why can't we all chill out.
Left overs from a Monster truck ralley I bet.
I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!
Some people just can't seem to find a good parking spot.
+Eduardo Evaristo Roman if you apply the same reasons that marijuana is illegal to alcohol, alcohol would/should also be illegal. NOTHING replaces responsibility for ones own personal actions.
Is everybody fine and are any people in hospital?

all I can say about this pic is....
wow.. that guy is facing a long long list of offenses. And on a side note, this guy just really didn't want to take responsibility for his own actions and chose to target the cops.
And on another side note, now that the police are down 8 police cars there is chance for crime to go up because of the lack of coverage. So, in the end someone will probably get injured/murdered because this guy took his rage out on 8 cop cars that had nothing do with him. 
Somebody woke up on the wrong side of their bed
i think a tractor ran them over
That is what happens when you get a ticket....
Don't you only wish you had the B&$^#% to do this just once
this is a type of a man that the police should not mess with :)
he never should have been arrested for marijuana possession
safe country, safe things but no safe for human

I think he should be arrested for a long time at least 15 years
Guy W
He certainly knows how to resist arrest!
The police need to realize the long-term implications of these arrests. In this job market, the arresting officer might literally be ruining someone's life, when the accused wasn't causing anyone harm (other than himself, arguably).
Maybe he switched to bath salts...
What a dumbass. Now they gonna buy new vehicles using he's taxes.
Wow! What lessons for our young children? Why is there such anger? If it is not guns in movie theatre, it is guns on the streets - the guns themselves do no harm; there needs to be a finger on the trigger and a thought to point the gun and pull the trigger...and the trigger could be the driving of the truck over the cars...or whatever 
All i gotta say is ur a idiot if i believe a plant that grows naturally on earth is this "harmfull" history plants have been used to cure and fix so many ailments .....y is it such a hard concept for peopme to grasp ....plants have been used for medical advancement forever......y is it so wrong for this plant to be used for medical needs?.... theres more than enough scientific data to show its positive effects.......
Too bad the cops were not in the cars at the time
what damage?! I don't see the damage...
Must have been really good weed
What ? Why ? Is this a part of God ?
I think I'm gonna go ahead and add this to my bucket list.
Ana G.
Oh. Just oh.
I had to stop reading the comments due to the sheer ignorance of people....sumone needs to bitch about the tractor.....sumones farm needs that sumwhere lol....what about the poor guy who has to fix the cars what about that little bush the tractor ran over b4 the cars ohhh the humanity lmao .....idiots
The local report on WCAX about it last night said the guy who did this had a long relationship with the police in that area and was well known to them.  Whatever was going on in this guy's mind this wasn't just because of something that had just happened to him.  Something finally happened that caused him to snap.  That doesn't justify it of course but it needs to seen in context and not as some stand alone incident. This was building for a long time.
See what happens people?  He was perfectly fine until they confiscated his weed, and now he needs to find "other" ways to relax.  Give 'im back his dope and he'll purr like a kitten!
Wait, he was angry?
Wasn't Marijuana supposed to make people feel more relaxed?
No matter how angry he was he shouldn,t have done that 
#AWESOME - Marijuana prohibition is the dumbest thing ever - well except for the illegalization of hemp.
obviously weeds does not calm him down,,maybe weeds plus anger management?
8 cars $400K in damages at least?  Because he they took his weed?  What was he smoking when he did this?   I guess anger management is spelled F-E-L-O-N-Y
Somebody should have told him that that's already been done in the movies.
d s
+Glitch Girl +Mauri Kassick no, its the lack of marijuana that's gets ya fired up. Give the man his sack and everything will be fine.
uhhh really? how stupid can one get? was he high when he did it too? lol
None of this damage would happen if the guy were imprisoned for possession immediately.
Well that don't help in legalizing it...smh.
Well that was guide the statement,don't do the crime if you are unwilling to do the time!!!:-)
I glad his meth didn't get taken away.
That is so horrible God bless them. WOW!!!!!!
Is that really The World gonna end?
I think maybe I am wrong. I thought weed made people mellow
Wow, isn't it weird how people just go fuck-all when their life has just been completely destroyed unjustly?? >>More>>

Any argument against the legalization of Marijuana is an ignorant one from an ignorant person..
Making Marijuana a crime is a crime against all of us..
- It's an injustice that perpetuates injustice..
Good job you just screwed taxes payers not the cops! Lol
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