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Kevin Durant scored 30 points and set an Olympic record as the United States defeated Spain 107-100 to win the gold medal at the London Olympics on Sunday.

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It was an ugly game and too close for my tast but congratulations to the USA BASKETBALL TEAM!!! AND TO NOTE: Lebron James save this team and he needs to get the MVP for this olympic basketball!!! #olympicbasketball  
Great game! Congrats to US! And Spain did very well too! 
you are simply the best...
Congrats team USA. Durant really played well.
Good team basketball!! All scored and played effective. Go USA!!
Every time Durant scores, a Portlander sheds a tear.
GO USA...but lets be honest, Spain is kicking our butt and thanks to the officials we are ahead. 
A win is a win.  Spain is tough, or do people just want what happened with the Women's BB gold medal match to happen?  Spain is damn good, USA was just better.  GOLD for both Men and Women in Basketball, I'm impressed!
I'm confused, because I swore I saw Team USA with the Gold medals around their necks?
Oh! That's true! I have forgotten that the team who wins is always the one who played better! No other things around it. Excuse me!
Why not give it up to both teams, who have played great in the finals for the past 2 Olympics?  Spain is a awesome squad, filled with NBA players and showed why they are the #2 team in the world.  I would expect it to go down no other way than it did....a close competitive game that showed the world why these two teams, countries, have some of the best talent out there.  In my humble opinion.
Great game, great teams, but no DREAM TEAM! Some of these games scared me. C'mon, if we (America) is going to get our ass kicked in reading, science, and math by international states, at least spank the hell out of them in SPORTS. We had three close games. 
Is that an either/or proposition?  If we quit idolizing sports, could we start idolizing scientists and educators?
KD was the man yesterday congrats on the gold USA!!!!!
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