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The generous donations received by Karen Klein -- $700,000 in all – have allowed her to leave her job, and those who taunted her, far behind. 
The bullied bus monitor made famous by a viral video is calling it quits after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.
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Congrats.  I bet those same kids that did this will be comming to her for a loan for bail in a few years.  
I would of gladly donated had I known about it!! Good for her
Mz Nik
This is great!!!
Very happy for her and wonderful to hear of the generousity of the donators..:)
Good for her! Those kids were so mean. Now she doesn't have to subject herself to working with them anymore.
I dont understand bullying. It just never made sense to me. But good for her.
Love this. Good for her. Kids need more obedience these days or harsher punishments. 
Good deal for her! Leave them behind. But i bet if she were to be a teacher, she could teach the locals a few t hings. And in a NICE way too!
You go, Karen!
Some children are stupid! What is the point of saying something nasty, it's disgusting! I'm glad people made it semi right and helped her leave that horrid job. Who knows how long this was happening. 
She made a brilliant decision.
you go and retire ~bake and be a elder lady~~the loving kindness all who had opened thier hearts and wallets makes me glad that humanity and hope for all is reality~~to you~allwho donated and took to heart PAY IT FORWARD..U DID!! BLESS YOUR HEARTS~NOW IF THAT CAN BECOME MORE FOR HOMELESS AND ILLNESS THEN WE ARE GETTING BETTER AS A PEOPLE!!!
She should not have been given the money, let alone that much money. Shows how misguided and ignorant people are. The 700k won't resolve the issue or make it better in the future. What a waste of resources.
Jon Dye
Y'all are just mad that you're poor.
Awesome news. That poor woman and the children's parents should be ashamed they never instilled good manners in their children. 
Privatize school bussing with security firms. Karen could start this business with seed money. 9/10 of those kids on that bus (and in any American school) will be looking for a shit minimum wage job soon anyway.
MEANIIG JAYM AND DEAN  IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOUR ON IGGY  
Those kids started to treat her like she was a piece of crap and that is wrong it does not matter if we r skinny, fat. We should all be treated equal, it only matters what we look like on the outside
what matters is what's on the inside last post was a type mess up
Good. This is literally exactly what I hoped she'd do when I gave her money.
Hope she had a nice life away from those little shitbags. In fact I hope she goes on the vacation of the century with her family.
+Jaymz Austin You're upset that people can care about a stranger? Shut up, you're what's wrong with the world.
+Jaymz Austin I don't give a shit what you've done for this country, that doesn't give you a right to attack strangers for no reason. This woman was elderly, and spent her job every day being harassed by little shits like yourself. Frankly you do the country a disservice with your attitude.

Furthermore, it really doesn't matter if you think she didn't deserve money, several thousand people disagree with you enough to have given her their own money. Whine all you want. I hope some day when you're 80 years old and some ignorant kid jumps you that no one comes to help. Karma is a bitch.
+Jaymz Austin People are going to shun you for talking out of your ass, it's not quite the same thing. If you were to present some kind of valid explanation for your stance, perhaps people would care. At this point, however, I doubt it.
+Jaymz Austin So, what you're saying is that you've come to the conclusion that no matter how articulate you could be, no one will agree with you anyway? Perhaps that should tell you something.....
+Jaymz Austin Too bad you're relating things that aren't related. None of those things were mutually exclusive, and frankly I'm sure half of them did happen. Plenty of people across the country get help like this every day, one of the victims of the aurora shooting has received tons of money from an online fund-raiser as well, do you have a problem with that? He's not the only person in the US who can't afford a surgery he needs, does that mean he shouldn't get the money unless everyone does? You're drawing lines where there are none, man.

If your issue is that not enough peoples' story gain this kind of traction, or that not enough people get this kind of help then you're correct!  Why don't you do something to remedy that situation? Go find someone in your own life who could use help and get the ball rolling for them. You be the change you want to see in the world, don't come online and complain that other people aren't doing it for you. This isn't communist Russia and one person getting aid doesn't mean everyone needs aid.... It also doesn't mean they're the only person who deserves it.

To continually insinuate that her troubles are somehow less important, or that the aid she received was unjustified somehow because everyone in the world didn't get it, that's just ridiculous. 
+Jaymz Austin understood what you were saying perfectly, perfectly valid opinion. Donate money for Jaymz for having withstood a troll barrage.
Glad to see some good come out of a terrible situation. She is deserving of some good will that was provided to her by caring people that do not condone the atrocious behavior of the kids that basically tortured her.
Crazy. This woman did nothing. Didn't try to correct those kids; didn't try to teach them anything; and didn't report them to the driver or any authorities. What the hell was she getting paid for? Seems she chose to be a verbal punching bag. And we've now rewarded that lack of behavior handsomely. What about all the good kids on the bus that have to be traumatized by that type of behavior? All this did was retire one loser; it solved nothing.
Jealous Chuck, too bad, sucks being you.
+Chuck Fresh The fact that your dumb ass presumes to know everything about her life based on a five minute video is fucking retreaded. Honestly, no one asked for your horribly uninformed opinion.
+Jaymz Austin I get it now. You're saying they shouldn't give her money because they won't be able to duplicate it for every person in a similar situation. This is a little worse than you understand it to be. Her son committed suicide and the kids were taunting her that she has no family because she made them kill themselves. That's not something you just shrug off.
People were kind to her (on their own) after the kids were cruel.
Only a total asshole would have issues with that.
1st I've ran across. Most people say good for her.
I don't get why anyone would have a problem, it's not their money and had she won the Lottery who  would complain?
Just jealous petty people. Leave the woman alone.
Why be an ass?
+Dennis Mix I mean, you hit the nail on the head. They're just jealous, petty people... or communists. Either way, not too concerned with their opinions.
I viewed the video also, I didn't hear she had a child who committed suicide, it all starts at home the raising of our children I wonder if the parents of those students who taunted Mrs. Klein punished them it is nice that people donated funds to her she also needed words of encouragement it's still going on it doesn't stop with her the next time a monitor being bullied is televised that monitor may be expecting the same as was done for Mrs. Klein but God Bless her she doesn't have to be subjected to the cruelty at the hands of those disrespectful kids anymore.
As far as her getting money not stopping it from happening to another monitor, that has nothing to do with the story, the story is about nice people helping out a lady who was mistreated.

What caused this?
We all know whats wrong with society, we allow the media to raise kids now, many accept and glorify thug society and make excuses when kids act like thugs like they did. These kids threatened to stab this woman. It's good they did not have knives.
My parents would have kicked my ass for doing what these kids did.
I blame the parents. They are responsible for these kids.

I am glad she got this gift from these kind people, it showed not all of society has gone to hell.
Who is to say what excessive is? You own a computer Jaymz, most of the worlds population can't afford one, is that excessive? The money spent on a computer could feed someone in a 3rd world country for months. Am I judging you? No. What you do with your money is your business just like those that gave to this woman. It is no ones business. When did we become so dam mind numbingly judgmental yet be so hypocritical in our own lives?
What message are we sending? We are not sending any message, "the people" that sent her money are sending a message "They" felt bad for her and wanted to help. It's that simple. Move on.
Can I have a Harley? Gas prices are killing
my grandmother would have banged on those kids, did 72 hrs. and been home.
This is what happens when people say spanking isn't necessary. I was spanked so was my wife and lil brother. We turned out a lot better then some of our friends with more "progressive" parents, and you can bet if I have kids and they act anything close to this we will get out the rod that has been passed down from my mom.
I agree Justin Garcia...

It's not "abusive" when "discipline" is involved. When it's done right, the right way, it's perfectly fine. Anyone who says spanking children when they're wrong is wrong...should've got plenty more licks in their day.
She's so calm in that video. If it were me, I would have caught a case for beating the crap out of little children.
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