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BREAKING: Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, has died, NBC News confirms. #NeilArmstrong  
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Jj Fran
God's speed for a great man
God speed Mr. Armstrong.  R.I.P.
1st man on the moon is now in heaven.  Thank you for your efforts neal.
RiP, to the first man on the moon, lived a hell of a life
"That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind."   RIP
I don't think it's a sad thing. He lived an amazing life. Better to celebrate the life lived than lost.

BZ, sir.
RIP Neil Armstrong, and fare thee well into a place beyond space and time.
On to his next journey. Travel well Mr. Armstrong, travel well.
Grateful for his contribution to humanity. RIP...
Awww... He was a true American hero.
This is unbelievably bad news, it seems like we've lost a living part of earths history.
Neil, thank you for your fearlessness, determination and swagger, to go where no one had gone before. May you go in peace.
He was a great man, but he died aged 82 so he has had a good long interesting life.
well done u went to the moon and came back safely
Olga V
Great man! Great life! Rest in Peace....
He had a great life! Gods speed Neil Armstrong.
I read a book at 7 years old, about how Neil Armstrong was selected from 200 candidates, went through rigorous testing, etc. Kinda killed my childhood dream early.
Rest in Peace Neil Armstrong.
One small step man you will always be remembered
RIP Neil Armstrong, I met him once in Dublin. Good luck Neil, on your next small step. You were a champion of us all
Neil Armstrong, along with John Glenn were two of my first "Heroes".  No sports figure can hold a candle to what they accomplished as the original crop of Astronauts.  Rest in Peace.
God's speed in your exploration of the truly unknown.
R.I.P the greatest pilot and explorer. He was a true American/World Hero!
R.I.P. Neil, forever & always will be remembered l.. so sad!
R Hall
Thank you Neil for your step of Faith so long ago, and Prayers and Blessings with your family.
He takes the next big step into the great unknown. How long until no one alive has walked on another world? 
We pray for those who were in his family. God bless him. 
Rest in peace moon'll be able to see all the planets and stars now.......
You're very welcome. He going to remain apart of history.
He was a true American hero. 
At the rate we're going, we'll have nothing but robots cruising around Mars and a bunch of rich tourists puking away in low earth orbit.
Rest in peace, Neil...

People are of course free to comment on his passing as they care to, but I think it's a shame that someone would use the occasion to make a cynical comment.
He went all the way up to the moon, now hes all the way up in heaven, RIP
RIP Neil Armstrong, one giant man who made a leap for mankind.
As a small child I still remember it. RIP Neil
Great American safe trip home
He is now touring the universe in spirit! 
Those of us who saw that first step televised will never forget it.
May He Find Peace and Harmony in The After Life
Sad news. May his memory be a blessing and an inspiration for all of humanity.
R.I.P. and Godspeed Mr. Armstrong!
Wow ! I remember when the sister brought the t v into the classroom so we could watch this. It was something that had only been done one other time 1 year before when bobby Kennedy's funeral was on. 
his last words were>I was the first man on the moon,so blow me
That's very sad to hear he was a man the world will never forget
i never believed they went to the moon...why hasn't anyone ever been back?? They say that the "van allan belt was descovered and they didn't have the technoligy to penetrate it back then...that it was too late to change the mission,so to avoid the embarrassment with the whole world watching...i believe it was faked !! no-one has returned there,and it would be typical human curiosity to keep returning...
He was a figurehead of wishes, fulfilling dreams and inspiring generations of dreamers to follow. The only thing I mourn is that we couldn't dream large enough to visit the moon again in his lifetime.
RIP Neil Armstrong the man who changed space science.
One giant loss for mankind. May you find your own Sea of Tranquility. Rest in peace.
There were none other like him.....Rest In Peace
RIP - Would only be fitting for him to be the first man buried on the moon as well, can we make this happen?
RIP Neil -- what an American, and from my home state of Ohio!
America's heart goes out to Neil Armstrong...R.I.P. Neil.
Neil has inspired us all to reach for the stars and beyond........ God speed Neil.......
The headline I read from NBC reported Neil Young had died. This is obviously more upsetting.

R. I. P. Mr. Armstrong. You are a true legend.
Wonder if he did a deathbed confession about the moon coverup. Smh. 
R I P Neil are now in thehands of our Almighty God......farewell my hero....
Breaking news, huh? I'm sure he appreciates the publicity, now that he's dead. XP
Amazed by the figure Mr.Neil Armstrong... :D 
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