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Sad news. The falling bear whose photo went viral ( has been hit and killed by two cars.

Story: | Photo credit: Andy Duann
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minus one. RIP, falling bear.
+Travis Wise and bears are no exception. this should be a lesson to bears all over the world.
You think one car could take down that bear? Not a chance in hell.
and you would've thought hanging from a tree would've killed him already; nooooo, you need two more cars to kill him #reallystrongbear
Now we see why he went up the tree in the first place.
Have the two drivers been charged with vehicular bearslaughter? Because they should be!
Is it funny when a person is hit by an automobile?
It's sad we don't prosecute crimes committed using a vehicle as a weapon, intentional or not, as we would crimes committed with a firearm. Kill someone crossing the street with a gun? Life in prison. Kill someone crossing the street with a car? Oh, it's "just an accident." America's got some fucked up priorities right there.
Very sad to be rescued only then to be killed by an automobile.
his family will miss him...!or her
That blows. RIP. 
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