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Actor Andy Griffith, who won the hearts of 1960s TV viewers with his role as gentle Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show,” then returned as a 1980s country lawyer in “Matlock,” died Tuesday at 86, NBC affiliate WITN in North Carolina has confirmed

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RIP Andy.  You'll be missed and not soon forgotten.
He will be missed, and thank you Mr. Griffith for all the years of entertainment. 
I still watch The Andy Griffith show when I want a good laugh. So sad that he is gone now.
Thank you Andy for sharing yourself with the world. The characters you played affected generations. 
Great Actor and a great musician!
One of my favorites.  He will be missed.
My grandmother loved the "Andy Griffith Show" it was because of her that I watched it. Thanks to TV Land you can watch this show all the time this show is "Priceless"

RIP Andy Griffith you will be missed.. 
Sad day. I always loved watching Matlock with my mom when I was a kid. He'll be missed.
Oh...: (  what a loss for the world...I am not sure how he was in his personal life, but as far as the man I saw him as...(Andy Griffith) I  would always dream about what it would have been like to have a dad like him...such a gentle and kind soul! RIP Andy and Thanks for James said.."Memories"
Wow,gonna haftah CONTROL myself. Down hur n the South by not makn cracks about An'DEEE-(like Aunt Bea says it!)roflmbo...
What will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul- Jesus Christ
We've lost an icon of 1950's American culture :(
You have come along way from being a sheriff to a lawyer and that landed you in our hearts forever. You will be missed but not forgotten.
He will be missed. SUCH talent, and I have heard he was a really nice guy too.
He will be missed. We owed him so love in his many movie. He was true good role to be. 
Wow. This stinks. He was so nice in the episodes I've seen.
Christ Jesus came to bring sinners to repentance. Love not the world or the things in it, if any man love the world the love of God is not in them. 1 John2:15
A true southern gentleman. He'll be missed.
One of the only theme songs I can whistle.  I grew with the sheriff and wished that my father could be as understanding as he was.  May he rest in peace. 
Rll D
RIP. Wonderful childhood memories.
Goodbye, sheriff. We'll always remember you.
Gentlemen are one of God's beautiful and special creations 
One of my favorite shows of all time...funny, heart-warming, and real all at the same time. If life could be a bit more Mayberry-like, we would all be better off. RIP Andy - I am glad you are with our Lord, but you will be missed here.
Such a legendary actor, you will be missed
Liked both shows. And even though I watched both during the same period of time, never for a moment had I suspected any connection between the actors. Speaking of prowess of acting! RIP
Sad to hear-grew up watching you.You will be missed but never forgotten.
I remember watching all these shows on Nick at Night
Extremely good entertainer.  Reruns still seem popular.  Sad news. 
Live on in peace, Andy Richter. Conan will miss you.
He gave us a lot of quality entertainment to remember him by!   RIP Andy and THANK YOU!!!!!!
Wow, that is sad. I have see n the reruns millions of times growing up in the 80's. My dad loves the old B&W Andy Griffith show, and my mom LOVED Matlock.
RIP Andy. You showed many how to be human. SYMPATHY GOES TO OPIE, AUNT BEA and all family and friends.
Who will protect us from Ernest T.'s hijinks? Nice wholesome entertainer. He will be missed. Good cracker!
Andy, Barney and Aunt Bee back together again. Great shows I grew up with. You will live forever in re-runs.
RIP Andy, you will be missed by millions of people.
He was also in a tv program as a space scrap man collecting space debris & satelights from space in his own spaceship to collect the precious metals
What a gentle man...we could all learn from him.
RIP Andy. Thanks for the laughs
+Eric Corriz Off topic much?... Back to the POINT of the NBC post... This is sad news. One of my favorite lines, sung as a song: "Oh my Barney, oh my Barney, had a jail and couldn't lock it, had a bullet for his pistol, and he keeps it in his pocket!"
He truly was an American icon! He will be missed!
Awww the show just came on tv:( it's making me so saddd:( 
Good memories of enjoying this show as a child. Somehow I bet +Wilson Hines has a Andy Griffith story to share.
RIP.  We have lost our character, dignity, and self respect.  This man showed how it could be done, thanks.
Great show watch it all the time! He will be missed!
+Peter Shire Yeah, I do.  My sister's in-laws are his neighbors in Manteo, living two doors down.  He was a school teacher here in Goldsboro for a few years in the 50's while he was getting his start and we usually spend either Labor Day or Memorial Day in Mount Airy, NC (the town he was born in).  That place is Andyville!  
He will be missed.
Ahhh.  I grew up with Andy of Mayberry and little Opie. Time marches on.  
Everybody dies at some point. We lost quite a legend today.
I grew up with that show and loved it thank you andy for all the years of great shows
My prayers are with the family at this time of mourning. RIP Andy. Thanks for all the memories.
We lost a legand, a true patriot, a true actor, a true role model. He was a big part of my childhood, and he will never be forgotten. RIP Andy. Cant wait to see you in Heaven!
I remember watching his shows.Its soooooo sad that he died. :(
Loved him in Matlock......RIP Andy
:( I loved The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock!
One of the most enjoyable actors ever.  May he rest in peace.
I too loved him as Matlock. R.I.P..My condolences to the family.
OMG! I am so sad! He was like a Father figure to many many people.

God Bless Andy! :(
Lovely show I still watch in reruns. Sadly I thought he was already dead...
Life is so short I see all these great people passing, I will see Andy in Heaven.
R.I.P. you rocked on Matlock and The Andy Griffith Show
Just see this for the first time! Sure will miss him!!
Met Andy in a LAX restroom when I was a kid.
Damn that sux my grandma gonna be pissed
I remember watching The Andy Griffith Show after I'd get home from school when I was kid.  RIP
Andy, You will be forever missed, God Bless You!
Ok ok he is dead lived damn good life better than some of us time to move on and see more damn pictures 
We all going to die he die in peaceful damn way and we work our ass and end we die like animals no one cares about us so move on people 
Who will care when I die !! No one 
If this means that Barney is now in charge... We ARE screwed!
I always loved Andy he will be missed
So sad. I still love watching Matlock and Andy Griffith show. You will be missed Andy.
I loved Mr. Andy Griffin....RIP IN PEACE
Andy Griffith Rip. Never to no forgotten
RIP Andy. Thanks for all the smiles you gave to so many of us. You will be missed!
Rest in Peace Andy and thanks for all the memories
Thank you Andy... for teaching me how to treat people as a Sheriff. You were a role model.
RIP Mr Griffith.. You be miss Great actor.
Rest in peace Andy, you will be greatly missed.
Let's all watch "A Face in the Crowd" again this week. One of the best performances by an actor ever. 
Sorry to hear that.  He was a great actor and will be missed.
me used to like watch him shows back in the days===ok===bless===
No, it was news about an actor.  You're looking in the wrong place if you want the other kind of news.
NOOOOOOOO! The web footed red crested lake loon shall live on though!!!!
RIP. Only if he could have seen 1 last 4th of July. :[
Truly a loss to the American system of justice. RIP Mr Griffith
Sherriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife are back together again keeping the streets of Mayberry safe from the likes of Otis, Goober, Gomer and Ernest T Bass!
Welcome, thou good and faithful servant....
Coldplay Concert this Sunday night Verizon Center can't wait.
He looks awefully familiar to me. I think that I have watched that movie. It is SUPER good
so sad I loved Andy's shows and his gospel singing...
Grew up watching that show w my dad, great memories!
It seems I've seen him on movie. May God grant him rest in His bossom. Amen!
Matlock. Thoroughly entertained me for years. I hope he had a relationship with Jesus.
Oh no... My wife and I loved Matlock! I got the habit of eating hot dogs from him. :(
Good Bye O' friend. Give my love to Captain Kangeroo,  the real Superman,  the very first Tarzen, with Cheetah, and Miss Nancy of course . Do Bee patience,  you're now entering the TWILIGHT ZONE to the Outer's the ROMPER  ROOM of the afterlife.! God bless
Just call me Pastor Reepen, PASTOR, with a Pee, my children, not a B, Bee!  Amen
I still love watching the re-runs.
Remember watching his show with my dad, its a sad day to loose Mr
Andy Griffith.... :-(
We all will sadly miss him. He was a great person. Touch the heart of all of people. 
So long Ang....RIP we hardly knew ya
ahh this show was my favorite to watch when I was kid 
No one mentioned "A Face In The Crowd" - maybe his best.
So sad! He was such a great actor! So steady, wise and full of great character! He will be missed!

so sad! such a great man. a great actor. we will forever miss you, Andy Griffith
so sad:( i loved the Andy Griffith show:(
Always loved his home spun humor.  Before and after Mayberry.
He sure could play a guitar and sing!
Awe I have to watch Andy everyday w my 84 yr old!
Oh wow! Still watching the show. Loved it!
May he rest in peace :(
Sad news.. though I'm part of the 90s generation, I watched a lot of The Andy Griffith show growing up with my grandparents. It really was a great show that taught many morals that I still carry. His legacy will live on. RIP
Thanks Andy for playing a wonderful man that has inspired generations to be good respectable men. You set a standard that I look for in all of us. RIP 
RIP Andy, thanks for the great childhood memories watching you balance out the always funny and bumbling Barney Fife.
I grew up watching his shows... I am so saddened by this.
May you rest in peace, I grew up with you, you were like a part of my family.
Can't wait to sit down this weekend and watch the inevitable Andy Griffith marathon...
R.I.P.  Great actor and will be missed 
One Bright morning, When this life is Over,
I'll Fly Away

He had a truly wonderful voice.
Like the father i wished i had see you in heavan brother
A kind and gentle man, unlike many of our current "stars"
Wonderful person to follow in his footsteps
Have been working my way through the Andy Griffith show on Netflix.  Always loved that show, and he was a great role model.
Andy and Barney 5: comic dual--the best
Let's assemble a group of people to whistle the Andy Griffith theme song at his funeral.  RIP Andy!  You will be missed.
I watched that show every day before work during the 60`s !!!!!!!
i used to watch him before i went to bed... amazing man
The Andy Griffith show was a big part of my life growing up. I'm sure his hometown in NC will be teeming with mourners.
i really should not +1 it because it is sad.
So sorry to see him go.  In a way, he was my own father at times, watching him when I was growing up.
R.i.p. you will be greatly missed. 
Rest in Peace, Matlock...
Bayberry will never be the same - Andy, you were awesome! RIP
what do you mean loved he is still alive
Somebody didn't read. He died today.
May he rest in eternal peace!  I loved watching the Andy Griffith show as a kid!!  My childhood keep slowly dying off.
Cnale I miss my sheriff & my matlock
We'll never see another one like him. RIP Andy. We'll see you in a few.
RIP. Can't wait to watch the marathon of the show.
I grew up watching Mayberry RFD and The Andy Griffen Show as a young boy. Andy and Don were two of the funniest guys of that era. You will be missed we love you ! Goodbye andy
Andy's humor was too wholesome for me, but I respected his pure comic delivery. Rest in Peace, Andy!
R.I.P. Mr.Griffith. My prayers are with your family.
omg, dats so sad. i still watch the Andy Griffith show!!!
My dad grew me up on this show. R.I.P.
Now the character Sheriff Andy in the Eureka TV show makes sense. I had no idea of the running joke until I saw the NBC nightly news tonight.
he was a tv icon he did well O:-)
he was one of my favorite people...loved The Andy Griffith Show & Matlock......will miss his ''Big Smile'' & ''Country Boy '' Personality....another ''Icon'' gone to rest.....Will never be forgotten...
I really enjoyed watching him back then and if I can catch a few reruns .. ;) I'm there.
Ro Roe
RIP he will be missed..:(:(
Andy was a great comedian and very good actor in addition to being a true gentleman.he will be missed
my 3sons the pie piper off tv icom molty piper O:-)
The Andy Griffith Show was amazing...I still watch the re-runs. No better place to have filmed it too....the Blue Ridge Mountains bring out the best in people!  We'll miss you, Andy!
pipe the piper icom tv star my3sons O:-)
I think Andy Griffin inspired the sheriff on the TV show Eureka.
I wish I could bring him back. I love his shows!

(When does the Matlock Memorial Expressway open?)
What a great actor u will be missed.
I WATCH ALL HIS RERUNS.I truely. Will miss him.He was a good of the good old shows.
Rest in peace Andy, you will be missed.
You always be in my heart. Rest in pieces andy taylor
Matlock was one of the favourite shows in our household. Thank you and RIP
Oh man ! Mayberry has to fine a new sheriff ..
I watched Andy Griffith show every night
I wish there was more shows like his .
Andy griffith was awesome. I remember sitting with my grandparents watching the Andy Griffith Show and then laying down for a nap. It was the simplest time in my life. I wish it was like that again.
Watched Mayberry all my life......Classic that can't be replaced. Goober also died this year.......may they both rest in peace.
All I can say.... wow. I just heard it on FOX.
I feel like I just lost my grandpa  :(    He was one of the "greats".  Not just because of his outstanding acting abilities, but because of his integrity and wonderful down home values.  He'll be missed by many.
Miss you already ang ! rip ! He reminds me of my dad! he really does !
RIP - was a true gentleman sheriff!
What a great ambassador Andy was, to all his endeavours.
A shame Obamacare didn't get passed sooner or he would have never died....
May all remember Andy Griffiths he a great and best actor in his time.
He was an awesome man,I met him at a satanic ritual in the 80's
there is no way he died he was so cool :(
enjoyed the show and will continue to do so
Andy, you were and will always be one of my great escapes from this crazy, chaotic world. You bring the warm fuzzies into mine and many livingrooms. I will miss you!
David S
Was always a pleasure to watch his shows. 
Really gonna miss ya, Matlock.  My hotdog guy!  I loved Andy.
Didnt get this in th UK. Is this th guy from th Peaches vid?
I Miss Andy Griffith But I Dont Want To +1 His Death. But +1 The Lives He Has Changed!
And there goes the man who inspired me to become  lawyer. RIP
Andy Griffith 1926 - 2012 God Bless America.
obama lost a big supporter when andy died.
Andy Griffith will be fondly remembered for his shows.
My sympathy to his family and friends.
I grew up watching this show and it still is funny and good
I worked in Maberry (Mt. Airy)N.C. for six months.  Meet 42 people that grew up with Andy there.  They had a cop, I swear looked like Barny Phyfe, and some Hinkols and Macoy's there too.  The place is for real!
I LOVE this show & watch it all the time everyday , never get tired of watching these episodes ! Wish I was back in those days growing up ! In a small town like this ! 
I stopped likeing old andy when i found out how much he had his head up obamas ass.
If we had a lot more people like Andy Griffith this world would be a better place to live in ! Like Mayberry , us all being close friends & family living in harmony & fairness & Love !
I got a chance to work a project in Mayberry (actually Mt. Airy) back in late 70's.  Meet over 40 people that grew up with Andy there.  Some would walk to school with him.  They loved him.
At that time they even had a cop that looked a lot like Barney.  Real cute little town, with that crooked main street they'd show at the beginning of the show.  The doga would bark at you, but
not to scare you on the street - they just wanted to be petted. They had a Hardware Store with a old pot bellied stove on Main Street and a lot of old geezers would go in the morning and sit
around with their coffee.  We bought a oak rocking chair there for about $15.00 and kept if for years to remind us of Mayberry! It was a town with the Hinkles and McCoys walking around too. 
Just too cute a place for sure.  The 2-3 main radio stations would wake you up in the mornings with the Obituary Reports.  Women would put out their laundry with a CB Radio slung on their
hip to talk with their friends while working. I remember that winter with a "dusting of snow", they shut the whole town down. North out of town was a Restaurant that had smoked ham's they'd
bury to age then sale.  Still to this day my wife and I have never had a better Ham.  We used to write them and they mail us Hams out of state.  40 Years later, this town has still made an
indeligible impression on our lives.
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