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The man in the hat at Boston Marathon finish line: Carlos Arredondo didn't set out to be hero

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Photo: Charles Krupa / AP
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My heart goes out to all of you going through this terrible ordeal. I remember you guys in prayer  
What a very sad and depressing scene . The social celebrity has ended up in tragedy .
Peace to all! And ordinary people are to blame?
My heart an prayers go out to the ppl in BOSTON 
C Latil
It was Kim Jong-un who did this! 
Jen P
The guy in the picture had to have his leg amputated. heard on news
o wow i  dont know why people do these things it is stupid and it only gets them in trouble
Am so sorry to hear that Jen Paez I was complaining about this pain in my knee when I read what u said I am shuting my mouth am saying thank you Lord 
People who did this are not human. They are cowards.
Who so ever did this need to die im sorry but that's how i feel. This makes no cents 
TERRIBLE! I am really sorry!
All the news outlets edited this photo.
So this is real? Like the real photo?
+Gorgor Gor not all of them. I saw the complete photo on my Flipboard last night. O_o Not sure who had it though.
+Conner West That's the real photo, but it's been cropped so you don't see the part of his leg that's been blown off... it wasn't a clean shearing there were bits hanging down... they cropped the photo so it wasn't as.... graphic. I've seen the unedited version, trust me, be happy they cropped it.
From one horrific act rises thousands of heroes that make us proud.

Thank you to all the first responders, law enforcement, medical teams and good Samaritans like Carlos Arredondo
Live Leak has all the unedited stuff.
I Seen This On The News Yesterday...
Dear Mr. Arrendondo,
Thank you for moving to the U.S., thank you for the service of your late son, thank you for being where you were needed the most yesterday.
The victim's color indicates he was bleeding out. However much or little blood you saved may have been the difference between his life or death.
God Bless You
Fa S.
Yeah Carlos!!! Putting our name high: that´s a costarrican/international hero!
Oh... my.... gosh. I feel spell bad for you, god bless you!
Gracias carlos simplemente gracias por tu valor. Un vacino del barrio. 
vee lop
That's terrible to see.
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