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The first American woman to go into space, Sally Ride, died Monday at age 61 after a 17-month battle against pancreatic cancer, her company said.

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We will miss you, Ms. Sally Ride.
Everyone must be die at one time. Above all mark you as a person of stars 
R.I.P. Sally Ride

She took the 'ride' of her life (to space).
She returned from that 'ride' of her life (earth)
Now, She is on the "Ride" of her life (creator).

I hope that didn't offend anyone. Just happen to think of that.
I was a schoolboy when heard about her as about "lady-cosmonaut #3" (after our Valentina Tereshkova and Svetlana Savitskaya)

So, RIP Sally Ride, and let Lord accept your brave soul with all proper respect.
rest in peace sally.. u always be a fly-girl to america
That so sad, R I P ! Your still an inspiration to all women say they can !!
so sad.  at least her accomplishments will live on...
Today is the 115th birthday of a great woman who flew solo across Atlantic Ocean! She is Amelia Earhart :)
Tribute to all great women, those in our lives and those in the history!
Sally's big ride felt like it was just yesterday. She will be missed.
That sucks. American Hero. RIP. 
May she rest in peace! God bless you Sallie!
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