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The study found that 50 percent of full-time workers with a smartphone are checking their work e-mail while they're still in bed
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Cut the cord people.. Work can wait.. enjoy your Homes
In bed, sitting in traffic, in meetings, during commercials, while listening to podcasts, during meals, while on vacation, while posting G+ replies ... is there a reason I wouldn't??
Do you see your Kids.... NO i mean go outside and do the seeing with them
you also have to consider that a lot of those same people are playing games are just putzing around with the same phones during work hours.
The sky is blue, water is wet, and Anderson Cooper is gay.
+Enrique Blaze - Yup, we try to go out and swim atleast an hour a day (Pandora and or podcasts in the background) ... in fact, I am on vacation right now - can't you tell??  (Kid and wife in bed already :)  ).

+Dennis Weed - Exactly; step up and do the job :).

I think perhaps some are mis-understanding.  This is not odious or a problem, this is a benefit!  This level of flexibility allows me to work from home a day or three per week, to come home before rush-hour gets to bad (the difference between a 40minute ride and a 2hour ride), etc.  I will gladly spend a couple minutes here and there in order to help me regain my life :).
Mobile device indeed enable us informed our business more easily and efficiently,but don't forget we all need to relax and enjoy our spare time with families.Do not get all day drown into work~
That's up to you if you want to work during your free time & don't receive compensation for the work you've done in your days off.
By the way, if you end up with a heart attack or stroke after working 7 days per week, your employer will say who told you to be so stupid to work yourself to death
most of my colleagues used to check their work email via their cell phone regularly, but not in bed, i suppose.
oh hell no work stays at work Home stays at home!!!!!!
+TJ Evans is right; my smartphone is a freedom device.  I'd much rather be lying in bed (or at my son's football game, or in a bar, or working out in my yard) responding to an email rather than sitting in my office in front of a computer.

My job requires a certain amount of work and availability.  I can either do all the work sitting in the office, or use my phone to let me get out and have some flexibility.
That's the difference between someone who works and someone who has a career! I work 24/7 and yet I never work at all! Gotta love what you do!
At least they don't have to work at office until midnight
in my last job, had the same... all day, everyday with my mobile
+Karen Young - again, this enables me to have a life ... less likely to have medical problems. And I am paid to do my job, having flexibility in when and where is a Good Thing! :)
Guilty. :( planning a social media/email fast for 40 days after hours...can you do it?
Isn't this a "Well Duh" story?
you know there is an 'off' button
OMG!... New meaning for AAA... Anonymous Androids Addicts ... the worst part, I felt represented.
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