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Obama to Boehner: 'Hold a vote. Call a vote right now. Let's see what happens'

President Obama again pressured House Republicans to hold a vote on a "clean" spending bill, challenging Speaker John Boehner to end the shutdown's "manufactured crisis."

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Was there a vote in the senate on the ALREADY passed bill in the House?  or did I miss that?

It seems to me.... Hold a vote in the Senate and see what happens.
Put them in a room and lock the doors....last one's standing wins. 
It was bad enough when Republicans held millions of unemployed hostage to extend the deficit creating Bush Tax Cuts.  Obama can't stand to see Americans suffer.  Too bad the GOP can.
+eric schripsema Yes. House versions failed in the Senate but Boehner won't even allow a vote on the Senate version in the House because he knows it will pass. 
Boehner won't do it, because he fears the extremist tea-wing will take away his speakership. Boehner has put his own job ahead of the entire nation!
Obama cant stand to see Americans suffer? Is that a joke? That Coffee party needs another enema. No one wants a compromise. Fire them all!
Mark David

Flashback Quote of the Day
"America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit."

-- Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), quoted by National Review, on March 16, 2006.
+eric schripsema None of the nonsense passed in the House would stand a chance in the Senate. The votes are simply NOT there.

But there ARE enough votes in the House to pass the bill already approved by the Senate.

But Boehner is a coward, putting his own job ahead of the nation by refusing to put the Senate bill to a vote and ending the shutdown right now.
Don Kaag
"Have a vote, have a vote right now..."  Good idea Mr. President.  Except instead of the House voting let's add a national referendum to the ballots in the nation-wide local and state elections on November 5th.  A majority of the American people have never approved of Obamacare, and the number of those opposed grows by the day.  Put it to the voting citizens of the country and see what they decide.
+Don Kaag Good Argument Don. I remember when they all promised that when laws were to be passed they would sit and allow everyone to view them before voting. THis ACA was never allowed to sit. No one in Congress could read the damn thing they ramrodded it through. Dems lied on this one.
+Shelley Schoenrock It was your teapots that turned "compromise" into a dirty word. Don't even TRY to pretend. The Tea Potty has been planning and cheering this manufactures crisis all along. Michele Bachmann said of the shutdown, "We got exactly what we wanted."
The health care law is the law of the land.  The Republicans fought it and lost; it is now the law.  If a defeated minority can refuse to fund a law they opposed, but that became the law of the land, what remains of statutes, the compromises that went into them, the right of the people to see them as fought-over-and-settled in the past?

The precedent in refusing to finance a program that has become law can be extended, if it works, every day into every piece of legislation that has a partisan side.  If as a member of Congress I compromise to get it passed, then find a year later that I was tricked into believing that we had made the compromise, because the person I compromised with will not fund the law, where will the compromise that has been the life's blood of American governance since the 1780s be saved?  In some new compromise?  I don't think so.  

This is the time to decide---is a law on the books entitled to funding when the minority that voted against it has not the votes to repeal it?  If not, what did that original vote mean, and what does the funding precedent mean for the future of all bills and every compromise?
Congress passed it +Don Kaag  - So you oppose having kids on their parents health care until age 26? You oppose preventing insurance companies for denying benefits due to preexisting conditions? You oppose getting millions of Americans affordable health care? You oppose companies being forces to spend 80% of your premium on your health care? You oppose making sure every insurance plan provides for basic preventative care? If you oppose all of that you sound like a real swell guy. People oppose "Obamacare" because they don't have the slightest understanding of the law. They let talking heads on Fox and friends dictate their understanding of the world around them. Try this, go do some research on the topics and try to make your own conclusions. Don't let others draw the lines for you.
+Don Kaag it looks like America decided to reelect the man that came up with it. 
+Don Kaag You had a candidate last November who vowed to repeal Romney... I mean Obamney... I mean Obamacare. We had that referendum. You LOST!!! Buck up and deal with it!
+eric schripsema the vote that happened in the house was not a clean bill. It had other things tied into the funding for the government. Appropriation bills should only have things related to the actual budget, not denuding things down ideologically lines. The Senate  did vote on a clean bill and sent it to the house where John bhoner refuses to give it an up or down vote.
+Malcolm Misuraca exactly the idiots are so blinded by hate they aren't paying attention. Laws aren't determined in a Republic that way. It's classic projection. Call the President the threat to democracy when he played by the rules. Meanwhile the Constitution is being obstructed by the tea party but that's not a threat to democracy or our representative government? Here's Peter King

“If we want to defund something, we should repeal it,” he continued. “And do it the same way the president got it signed: elect Republicans to both Houses of Congress, repeal it and then have a Republican president sign it. This was a strategy doomed to failure.”- Peter King REPUBLICAN

Според мен президентът Обама иска да прокара един много социален закон за по бедните в Америка. Така , че да за Обама!!!
+Robert Langdon You are making quite the assumption there sweetie. I'm independent.  Next time love, ASK, don't ASSume.  I used to be republican...not anymore.  
Song Ma
Obama could have said the same thing to Harry Reid last week.  
For my money shutting down most of government is great.  In a free country there need be but very little need for government-- police, courts, military, that's it.
As for those saying Obama would have said the same thing to Harry Reid. The Senate is not like the house. The Senate is no where near the amount of voters needed to pass anything from the house. However the votes are declared in the house. He is calling for a vote in the House because it will pass. Boehner can either do it now or they will do it without him. "legally blonde" 
BTW, I am all for reformed health care, I am NOT for forced anything. Anything forced is not good. What shall we do next? Force a national religion? Hmmm, and what shall THAT be? I am under the "lets wait and see" group. If it works...good. If not, I dont want to hear any bitching an moaning. This is set as a way that young folks will buy into it. Newsflash, I dont think they will. Healthy folks dont buy insurance. This is under the premise the youngins will buy and help the older less healthy folks. I dont see that happening....but ya never know. We pay already for those who dont have insurance, so lets just WAIT AND SEE, shall we?  What would have been nice is to have an actually popular vote. But, alas, we didnt. Forcing is tantamount to slavery. No good. 
+Mark David You wouldn't know a good argument if it kicked you in the backside. We had that referendum on Obamacare last November. You LOST! Get over it, and stop calling foreigners (who are probably a lot smarter than you are) idiots. Unless, of course, you can read Russian? 
+eric schripsema Yes -- Senate voted on a clean spending bill (passed it) and on House bill loaded with amendments (failed it).  You must have "missed it".... You must have been watching Fox....
+Song Ma Obama could have said that to Reid, yes. The problem, however, is that there are NOT enough votes in the Senate to pass any of the outlandish bills passed by the House.

There ARE, however, more than enough votes in the House to pass the bill already approved by the Senate. Boehner is merely afraid of losing his speakership, putting his own job ahead of the nation.
This is NOT how the founding fathers intended laws to be repealed! Image the blood curdling screaming that would be going on with the tea-wing crying "constitutional crisis" if the Dems were employing this wholly UNPRECEDENTED tactic to repeal the 2nd amendment!
Two parties. Same agenda! Fuck America! Do you really think they care about the people?
chris m
Why won't Obama lead and unify? If he was able to control people like Pelosi , who seems very adversarial towards all people not on board with ACA, and instead be actively involved in negotiating and educating the people on the ACA , then maybe , just maybe all this could be solved maturely.
I've watched the proceedings on CSPAN, it is not pretty.
I want to know the long range plan? And how this ACA and raising the debt ceiling will make a positive impact on more than just the Democratic ,big government entitlement , party?
I feel like I'm watching our local school district cut back on essential school programs ( bussing, music, art and sports) because the voters didn't pass the levy , because they can't afford more taxes.
Exhausting. We need a hero.

+Robert Langdon so you are under the impression only republicans want to keep their 2 amendment rights? Tisk Tisk. Thats like saying all dems liberal? 
+Shelley Schoenrock The only other option would be the public option, single payer, Medicare for all. The GOP will NOT allow that. If and until then, all we have is their CONSERVATIVE mandate from the Heritage Foundation.
Мисля, че освен богати републиканци в Америка живеят и по-бедни хора, които са дошли от Мексико, България и от др. държави. Къде със зелени карти, къде по друг начин ... Obama Yes! !!
+Robert Langdon Wow, your advanced age sure makes you Assume a lot sir. You would make more sense if you didn't do so much assuming. I left the "right wing" about two years ago because it was SO EXTREME. So please, move along. I don't play games. Wanna know, just ask. Otherwise, check yourself in the mirror. And please, do pull that log out of your eye before you try and pluck the splinter from mine. 
I think holding a vote right now would the right decision 
Left Wing
Right Wing
Instead of Caring about this amazing country you are bickering against yourselves! Amazing. 
People are so afraid of change that it scares them into becoming idiots! The Affordable Care Act is for Americans that do not currently have insurance through their employers. Most people arguing about the law, are already insured. As far as the government shutdown and the debt ceiling are concerned.  Party lines are causing ALL americans to suffer one way or another. I agree with the POTUS. VOTE!!
If either really cared about "the people". There would not be a gov. Shutdown! They play politics and we are the sheep that pay the price!
You think that's funny? No justice ~ no peace!
+Don Kaag A majority certainly did approve, by electing Obama twice, on that very platform. I don't know what sort of propaganda you read, but it is false.
+Andrew McAtee I do oppose it all if the government is running it!  They can screw anything up. 
+Don Kaag actually America did vote for Obamacare by electing him for a second term, in a landslide by the way... so umm, yeah the American people have spoken, deal with it.
+Sione Island You make a lot of ignorant assumptions about poor people, many of whom work two and tree jobs and have trouble making ends meet on poverty wages.

Moreover, if it were the Dems trying to employ this wholly UNPRECEDENTED tactic to repeal the 2nd Amendment, you extremist tea-wingers would be losing what little you have of your arrogant, condescending and delusional minds. 

This is NOT how the founding fathers intended laws to be repealed!!!
+Shelley Schoenrock do you carry financial responsibility on your vehicle for example.. that's forced... you either buy insurance or get fined, either way your paying. As far as the "we are already paying argument" the average cost of a non emergency ER visit (uninsured people use the ER for primary care) is 2000 $ the average doctor office visit 100 $, which do you want to help the needy pay for?
+Robert Langdon The second amendment is not a part of this conversation. Why keep bringing it up? ~smh    I would also let to know why the founding fathers would appreciate forced laws?  The only way this become constitutional is by back dooring the approach and fixing it as a TAX. You dont buy, you get taxed. Thats how they did it. Taxes are a ok. 
+Rich Ullom Yes, and we also saw how well the LACK of government and regulatory oversight worked leading up to the economic meltdown that enabled Wall Street bankers to walk away with HUGE bonuses (at tax payer expense) AFTER crashing the institutions they headed.
+Shelley Schoenrock explain how it's a forced law. It passed the House, Passed the Senate, upheld by the Supreme Court. That's called due process. 
If no vote is made and the US defaults, it's going to be catastrophic for both parties. While Americans appear divided on which party to blame, I strongly doubt the GOP will recover from this before the next election. Quite a game of chicken.
+Shelley Schoenrock As I said, this attempt to use the budget and debt ceiling as a negotiating tactic to repeal a law that the GOP does not like is WHOLLY UNPRECEDENTED. This is NOT how the founding fathers intended laws to be repealed. And that is EXACTLY what we would be hearing if it was the Dems trying to use this tactic to repeal the GOP's many anti-choice laws or the 2nd Amendment, and you KNOW it.
Actually the government income is big enough to pay all debt payments, they would have to not pay some other thing, but they don't have to default.
+Shelley Schoenrock As for your "forced laws," the most conservative  United States Supreme Court in history has already heard and ruled on that case. You LOST!
Just when the economy is starting to rebound the Teaparty tosses a grenade. Thanks to gerrymandering they wont be punished for it. These people make me ashamed to be American.  
+Keith Stansbury That's a mighty big claim. I don't suppose you have a credible source to support such an unfounded assumption?
How Obamacare Became the “Law of the Land”
So how did Obamacare become a law? It’s actually pretty interesting. If you
recall, the Democrats in the House weren’t able to pass their version of a
Healthcare law. Because all revenue bills have to originate in the House of
Representatives, the Senate found a bill that met those qualifications: HR3590, a
military housing bill. They took out essentially all of the wording of it, and turned
it into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare. It gets better.
The Senate at that time had 60 Democrats, just enough to pass Obamacare. After
the bill passed the Senate tho, Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy died. In his place,
Massachusetts elected Republican Scott Brown. That meant that, if the House
made any changes to the bill, the Senate wouldn’t have the necessary number of
votes to pass the corrected bill, since they knew no Republicans would vote for
Obamacare. So they made a deal with the Democrat‐controlled House of
Representatives: the House would pass the Senate bill without any changes, IF
the Senate agreed to pass a separate bill by the House that made changes to the
Senate version of Obamacare. This second bill was called the Reconciliation Act
of 2010. It made a bunch of detail changes, and added some things. So the
House passed PPACA, the Senate bill, as well as their Reconciliation Act. So now
PPACA was ready for the President to sign, but the Senate still needed to pass the
Reconciliation Act from the House. Confused yet?
Now, remember that the Senate only had 59 votes to pass the Reconciliation Act
since Republican Scott Brown replaced Democrat Ted Kennedy. In order to pass
the Reconciliation Act, therefore, the Democrats in the Senate decided to change
the rules. They declared that they could use the “Reconciliation Rule”—this is a
different “reconciliation” than the House bill now. This rule was only used for
budget item approval, so that budget items could be passed with only 51 votes in
the Senate, not the usual 60. This rule was never intended to be used for
legislation of the magnitude of Obamacare. Too bad… they used it anyway. So
then both of the “Acts” passed both houses of Congress and were then signed by
President Obama. All done by Democrats without a single Republican vote in
favor of it. To quote Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings of the House Rules Committee
during the bill process: “We’re making up the rules as we go along”. They
certainly couldn’t have made this law without it. How do you feel about that?
+Rich Ullom Government ran? You mean all of the options on the health care exchange are government insurance companies? I am 100% sure those are all privately ran companies.
+Barack Obama You're clearly not the negociation type,are you?

Oh well,play all the buffoonery as you please but justice for your actions will be done...the Department of Homeland Security Emblem is gold!
+Don burroughs A single payer system would have made much more sense. But the GOP preferred this "market based solution," dreamed up by the CONSERVATIVE Heritage Foundation, first implemented into law by then Governor Mitt Romney, and hailed by Republicans everywhere as a "national model" until Obama agreed to it, which magically transformed the GOP's own idea into socialism. That's how I feel about it.
They all should be fired! Boehner doesn't care about the people or people's choice. "Hold a Vote"
It is curious that the GOP is taking such a beating in ALL the polling, but continues to think it is "winning" the argument.
+David Gary this "negotiation" started in March, the House Republicans refused to negotiate and instead let the clock run out.
Bryan May
+Robert Langdon 
and hailed by Republicans everywhere as a "national model"
Uh... No it wasn't.  It was hailed as an example of "State's Rights".  See, each of the 50 states could easily pass such a bill, or not, depending on the will of the people in each state.  If you want a government run health care, you are free to move to a state that offers it.  If you don't want it, move to a state that doesn't.
Isn't that better than forcing it on everyone, whether they want it or not?  Aren't Democrats "Pro Choice"?  Why can't the states choose this?  Romney proved that it could be done at the state level without federal help.  Why force it on the half of the country that doesn't want it?
+Robert Langdon, I haven't lost a thing. I didn't care for bush and I don't care for Obama. So no, I didn't lose. Try again. 
You haven't even got it set up in Alaska yet, and the news i hear, is it is so bogged down with sign ups, it is not working, is this what anyone else has heard?
Pertaining to medical care
+Mark David The Honorable Senator from IL was just talking in 2006, he didn't actually mean what he said. ;0 Thank you for the quote. I bet your post won't be "shared" all around social media!
+Shelley Schoenrock You lost the decision in the Supreme Court.

But you feel free to twist my words any way you please, if that makes you feel any better about it.
Why not hold a public debate about the subject instead of pointing fingers. I wish I knew what was true and what isn't. It's like taking words out of the bible to fit your own meaning. I need to hear the whole thing to really get a handle on it. If Obama doesn't let things go through it shows they are throwing a fit and need to all be kicked out. It's ridiculous that they feel the need to hurt the public with their money feuds. 
Contents of harry reids desk, bills passed by the house;
40+ jobs bills
40+ bills repealing obamacare
26+ bills funding the government

Of those contents how many have been voted on in the senate?? Zero.

But it's the republicans fault.
Jesse Ventura for President 2016 !!!!!
1. Boehner doesn't want the vote to succeed.
2. Boehner claims that it won't succeed because the votes aren't there.

So why doesn't he just let the vote go ahead, and then he can prove he was right?
It sounds like its a two way street. That's why we need to stick them all in a room and video tape it for the world to see. 
Well honestly, it's the republicans fault because they refuse to be steamrolled. If they'd just allow democrats to get every single thing that they want and not demand that they themselves get anything, then we wouldn't be here.
Hahahaha sounds a bit biased doesn't it? It's a world where equal is better than not equal. It's like saying well democratic's rule so u don't get shit. 
Don't the democratic's want to get outed from Obama care?
Shit I'm going to have to find it. Maybe then I'll have all the answers. 
+Amber McGuire Suffice it to say that the founding fathers NEVER intended laws to be repealed in this wholly unprecedented manner. This has NEVER been attempted. Moreover, try to imagine the reaction of the tea-wing right, as well as the center and even some on the left, if Nancy Pelosi had tried to hold the budget and/or nation's credit rating hostage until the GOP agreed to repeal the 2nd Amendment or some anti-choice law. 
"It's like saying well democratic's rule so u don't get shit. "

That's exactly what is happening.
LOL "allow the Democrats to get everything." The Democrats have no demands here but "keep the government running."
+Robert Langdon the founders didn't intend for the majority leader to put legislation in his desk because the president was too cowardly to admit defeat.
Indeed, +Joshua Trupin , the president and Dems even agreed to the GOP's much lower budget number, which preserves the job killing cuts of the GOP's sequester.
+Joshua Trupin you are incorrect. Every part of the government has been offered funding. The house has been demanding changes to obamacare for a long time (hence the 66 bills in reids desk) but the senate won't allow them to be voted on.

So now they're demanding they be heard because their power was taken away by the senate majority leader.
+Robert Langdon does any truth come out of your mouth? The sequester was bipartisan. It was never supposed to go into effect, but when negotiations for cuts came along, obama and the dems went back on their word and wanted to add MORE tax hikes.
+Devin Christensen Turn the channel and stop reading all those conspiracy theory birther blogs that Fox likes to cite as "credible sources."
+Devin Christensen John Boehner on the sequester, "I got 90% of what I wanted."

Michele Bachmann on the shutdown, "We got exactly what we wanted."

And the president DID agree to the GOP's much lower number, meaning you (your choice of words) got shit.
So 26 bills funding everything but Obamacare are waiting?
+eric schripsema Yep Eric, you missed the entire boat. Do you actually believe people are stupid enough to follw the House Republicans want to talk now speel. The house vote is a vote to defund Obamacare. Its the law, get that through your head. Passed by the house and Senate, signed by the President (yeah that black man) Suddenly the law and order party is unable to follow the law.

You can keep holding this country until the voters get so sick of the Republicans that they toss them out on the street. I'll be happy to help. 
You know how you get changes to Obamacare? Pass it through both houses of Congress and have the president sign it. That's how you do it, not by holding the country hostage and pretending to represent "the American people."
+Joshua Trupin many of those bills are for individual pieces of government. Others include funding for obamacare, but do have a year delay on the individual mandate and/or remove the medical device tax (which the senate has already voted to remove).
+Devin Christensen wrote, "26 bills funding the government sit in reids desk" [sic]

We covered that already. NONE of those bills you mention would stand a chance of passing the Senate. Contrarily, there ARE enough votes in the House to pass the bill already approved in the Senate and end this shutdown RIGHT NOW.
Obama on obamacare: "I will not negotiate"

Reid on Obamacare: "negotiations aren't needed."
+Joshua Trupin
Well because then there would be a record of everyone in the house that voted against re-opening the government.  Basically a record of everyone who explicitly supports screwing the country over if their demands are not met.  Right now if Boehner doesn't hold a vote basically everyone in the house can shift the blame for this off of themselves when it comes around to election season.  Even Boehner can shift the blame from himself to others in his party.  He can say he was never in favor of the shutdown he just knew the bill would never pass, because of extremists in his party, so he never held a vote.  While all the reps can say, 'Well the shutdown wasn't my idea there's no way to prove that I had anything to do with that idea, I would have voted for a clean CR but we never voted on that'.  We are far enough from election season that they can get away with spinning this BS like that by then.
+Robert Langdon You weren't duped by that video of people saying they'd support a clean CR in the house, were you? I suggest you look further into that. The video was taken before the house decided on a strategy. Now that this strategy is in place, there aren't enough votes.
+Devin Christensen Again, the founding fathers NEVER intended laws to be repealed in this wholly unprecedented manner. And you tea-wingers would be screaming bloody fracking murder if the Dems were to try holding the budget and/or nation's credit rating hostage until the GOP agreed to repeal the 2nd Amendment or some anti-choice law. 
+John Stoler Obama and his Klan are not following the law.

...And laws can and will be repealed,and Obamacare is no different.

We have criminals in power who hide behind something that they despise such as law and this will not fly.

Law is intended to protect people,not an agenda.

+Robert Langdon again, the founding fathers never intended for the speaker to leave legislation in his desk because the president is too big of a coward to admit defeat.
+Devin Christensen I thought you tea-wingers cherished the Constitution. Is this REALLY the precedent you want to set, to leave the door open for someone to come for your guns somewhere down the road by holding the budget hostage? 

Forgive me, but how "f-ing" stupid are you?
Oh, and we aren't trying to repeal it with this strategy, we are trying to delay it.
+John Stoler Obamacare has defiled the Constitution,spit on our Founding Fathers and other values,is hiding behind his skin color to prevent himself from prosecution and various other displays.

Sorry,he has no credibility to be enforcing any law.

Making laws as he goes pretty much seals the deal as to the imbecile that he is.
+Devin Christensen That WAS the initial aim, YES!!! Where have you been?

And AGAIN, is THIS the kind of precedent you really want to set?
Before anyone gets into the Left vs. Right bull please visit this site  Now please stop acting like this is some finger pointing thing.  It is time to tighten the belt America.  Not spread new social programs, start new/more wars, or raise the debt cap.

It is pure and simple.  The US makes this many dollars per year in taxes.  They spend more then they make.  We have a high debt.  The simple solution is this.  Make a budget plan that involves paying this debt right now!!  The Left, Right, or Executive branch have not put this budget plan forward.  The whole "Yes we can" is not going as well as I hoped.
+Devin Christensen So what? Thy could still hold the budget hostage until their demand was met. And the idea that you needed someone to explain that to you is truly frightening.
You tea-wingers are in for a big disappointment when Boehner eventually folds without any concessions on Obamacare. And he WILL fold. He has already stated he will not allow America's credit to be jeopardized by another Tea-Party Downgrade.
+Robert Langdon the precedent has been set many times before, the founders actually did intend for the government to shutdown if there was a big enough disagreement.
So if we judge this President based on his actions and not his skin color we are racist because his is black, but if we did judge him by his skin color and not his actions we are racist? there is truly no winning is there?
When government becomes too dirty with corruption,yes re-evaluation(cleaning/firing) is necessary.

The government doesn't exist to be bullies and a mafia to the United States.
+Devin Christensen My God, you really are that dumb. Please learn to read. Yes, the government has been shut down in the past over budget disagreements. But NEVER to hold the nation hostage until the other party agreed to repeal a law one faction didn't like. That's what this was about, the "don't blink" repeal of Obamacare REMEMBER?
+Devin Christensen Again, NONE of the House bills would pass in the Senate. But there ARE enough votes in the House to pass the bill already approved by the Senate to end the shutdown right now.
The idiocy of +Robert Langdon knows no bounds! No, the republicans have not tried to repeal obamacare through this shutdown. They tried to defund it, which is a power granted to the congress. But as with all negotiations, they have offerered a way to fund it, by making some changes to the law.
You say: 'I am under the "lets wait and see" group. If it works...good. If
not, I dont [sic] want to hear any bitching an [sic] moaning.'
The problem with this is that decisions are made before one knows for sure
if something works! So one needs some principles that provide boundaries.
Like in scientific research where the boundaries may include: "Do not use
unwilling subjects," etc.


Tibor R. Machan
+Ryein Goddard I did read your post. I simply chose not to respond because (although I respect the general sentiment) it's not very realistic.
+Devin Christensen Now come on, really? Is the end result of repeal vs defunding any different? Everyone knows what this Gop hissy fit is all about. Obamacare will turn out like social security, medicare and all other social programs created by the Democrats. They have not been without fault, but they've made this country much better. That is why it's called "Society."

What has the Republican party accomplished other than starting wars at every opportunity? They come to the table with nothing but an appetite. 
+Robert Langdon Please tell me your reason for believing it is not realistic.  Lets make sure this isn't an external kinda of Johari window situation. 
+Tibor Machan If mankind viewed everything as you suggest with respect to scientific research, we would still be living in the Dark Ages.
Regardless of all this fiasco in government,working taxpayers are in charge of this country and paying politician's salaries at the end of the day....Obama and Boehner alike.
+Jim Clark well I guess your the asshat then because it was the Republicas that added that exemption (for another year).. see this is where Obama keeps making concessions for the Republicans yet they keep saying he inst negotiating. . They must have the memory of a fruit fly.

Unfair? Lets see: untill the ACA you had to foot the bill via taxed and high insurance premiums for the uninsured. Now 30+ million people can have insurance thereby reducing the cost for everyone. Sounds good to me. Instead of the Government having to give tax breaks to Hospitals and Doctors Offices for charity care (unpaid visits) the Government will save billions a year alone on just that. This alone will reduce the cost of medical care because Hospitals and Offices are getting paid. Your premiums will go down since the exchanges open up competition between insurers who want your business (open markets drive down prices). If your premiums go up, get on the exchange and find a better deal! I went on and found I can save $300.00 a month, keep my Doctor, and its better coverage!

You already help pay for the needy, every unpaid medical bill comes out of your taxes, this will reduce that cost by huge amounts.. do the math 1 non emergency visit to the ER for an uninsured person because ERs wont turn them away, average cost $2000 or a now insured person going to a Doctor Office instead, average cost $100.

So where is this a bad thing? I mean really, is your whole one percent in taxes that go to medical aid gonna hurt you that much that you can't help the needy? If so then I suppose it's your parents that failed
+Robert Langdon This is relevant.  You would rather make baseless opinionated hate?  I think the best method is to have a conversation and use facts.
+Robert Langdon, continue to insult others! really suits your so called case. Grow up please. You sound like a child on the play ground with your "neener neener" we won, you lost comments. Aren't you a little old for playing games? I am.

Our founding fathers wanted to make sure the government remained small, this my friends, is not the government remaining small. Simple. 
+Keith Rea Actually,adding more taxes will an adult and take care of your own responsibilities.

Who the hell do you idiots think you are forcing people to pay for something that they don't want?

Try educating people about work ethic,parental responsibility etc instead of enforcing a bogus healthcare tax/law for a change.

It's amazing how people talk intelligent and tough over the internet,but tend to go the coward's way when actual thought and action is required to solve problems.

+Andrew McAtee bravo...very well spoken ...if they would just read the bill for them selves and stop letting Rush Limbaugh tell you everything you would see that ACA will only help all Americans.
The congress holds the power of the purse not the senate and not the president.  They do not have to fund what they don't wish to.  I talked to mine the other day and made sure to tell him to not fund the ACA.  It was passed under the guise of an emergency so it wouldn't have to have all of it's funding mechanisms in it.  The debt was 10T in 2008 it is currently 17T due to a dem congress, dem senate and dem pres.  They need to stop spending money and start paying down this debt.
Be nice to +Robert Langdon . After all, he's the one who determined Barack Obama was in the Illuminati :-P 
T Mare
No matter what is decided. Obama is responsible for this country like a parent is to their child. Sometimes you have to move back a little to move forward! He's no better than anyone else. He is willing to sink this country if that's what it takes. How is that anywhere near a good president? He's a joke!
Senate Democrats, where was the indignation last year when the majority leader "sat" on 30+ bills from the House?
T Mare
Yeah. And to those that say actually "read" the ACA, you obviously have not read it yourselves. If you have, and you think its the greatest thing? Then you don't deserve to live in this country. Take you're prophet blobama with you! 
+T Mare, good point. I doubt any one this page have read all over 2000 pages. It takes a legal team to understand it. Oh how the sheep blindly follow. -smh
T Mare
Get real jobs all you bums that want a free ride!
+Shelley Schoenrock We DID win last November. And in addition to losing the White House, the GOP also lost three seats in the Senate, and lost EIGHT seats in the House. Moreover, only the GOP would go to the US Supreme Court to fight its own idea, and LOSE!

THAT is why ALL the polling shows the GOP taking a beating in this shutdown, because America KNOWS Boehner could end this shutdown right now by simply putting the bill already approved by the Senate to a vote in the House.

If you choose to take that as me calling you a loser, I did no such thing, but believe what you will. You obviously have no regard for any of the other many facts that I have repeatedly laid out. Beyond that, Devin really would do well to keep his opinions to himself.
+T Mare, the min wage needs to raised enough for folks to afford their own. Simple. 
The House has offered 8 separate bills for funding more and more aspects of the gubmint including funding the VA, but Reid won't even allow a vote on them unless the bills also include full funding of Obaba Care...THAT is obstruction and non-negotiation. If they'd only tell the WHOLE story on the news.
Artificially inflated wages destroy jobs.
+Robert Langdon. You throw names around like a child. Aren't you a little old to do that? Really, wanna push facts, fine, but your belittling is getting annoying and old.

+Shelley Schoenrock actually its under 1000 pages, supporting docs make it over 2000, and if you just read what pertains to an individual ita only a couple hundred... you might wanna look it over.. smh
+Ryein Goddard Tell that to the guys who decided that their first priority was to obstruct Obama on EVERYTHING, and make him and (by extension) the nation a failure.

Moreover, I have shown you no disrespect.
No, greed destroys jobs. Too many crops make their money off the backs of the poor. Not to mention caring more about their investors return than their employees. 
T Mare
I totally agree with you Shelley!
+Keith Rea, I'm not legal analyst. That's what it takes to understand it fully. So go ahead, I will pass. Thanks ever so much for your concern though. Get back with me when you find a team that lays it out in English. :) 
T Mare
Bottom line. Obama is the one that must "budge" if this country is on the verge of an economic collapse. Again. HE is ultimately responsible for this country's future.
+Robert Langdon, you are a self righteous ego based man with a serious case of NPD. Move beyond that and we will talk.
I've worked with more poor that have more decorum than you do.
Your mentality is exactly why this country gets no where. You are no better than the extreme right.
It's time for a moderate caucus for problem solvers of every party.
+T Mare. Exactly. This is all Obama. We can't blame Bush anymore. 
+Shelley Schoenrock Then you won't mind playing with yourself on my block list, because I have seen enough of your word twisting think any better of your decorum  ;-)
+Andrew McAtee You know what I oppose?  I oppose 33% of our family income going on premiums only to have the deductible the same amount of my son's yearly income.  He is a city worker.    So you want us to pay all our bills and feed our family on our remaining 64% income?  Might be doable if we knew a year in advance how much that was going to be.  Now we may not even have that much since all our income is now being reduced because of reduced hours.  Those paychecks on reduced hours don't pay for the premiums, let alone food.  So now we have no house, no food, maybe we still have our car so we can go to work.  No, I say no ObamaCare crap passes at these rates and these reductions of hours.  
T Mare
Seriously. Can you believe how Obama is raking the republicans? But at the same time? He is doing the same thing! The republicans at least want to "try" negotiating. Is Obama doing anything? No!
+T Mare Who are you trying to kid? Obama agreed to the GOP's number, which preserves the sequester cuts demanded by the GOP.
T Mare
Just ignore him Shelley. Lots of fancy words and no wow factor. 
+Shelley Schoenrock nice try, why did these companies decide to take the Government money and move overseas? because Bush removed the restrictions... 1. Bush removed the restriction that companies getting federal grants had to use the money in America 2. Bush removed the taxation and tariff for American business to ship work overseas then ship it back to sell 3. Bush removed the receiving of federal money and / tax incentives for American based business to keep work in the USA. So yeah... try a bit harder. Why do you think Apple, a multi billion dollar American business, outsources to China for its devices?? gee cause Bush made it possible.
+Robert Langdon To use a crude analogy, I know people that smoke cigarettes, but I am not going to just because they are. If you look at the way I see the problem being a debt issue not anything else.  That is what has caused everyone to go kind of crazy.  Obama's budget plan from what I understand was like 3.77 trillion while the Republican's was 2.7 and the Democrat's was 3.7.  Based on this currently making sure our dollar holds value should be important because if it doesn't it could be horrible.  I look at it this way because honestly that is the only thing that makes sense from these politicians who honestly practice law and are professional liars which very few actually do what they say in the end.  I am not saying people don't deserve health care just because I think the most logical thing to do is go with the plan that is the lowest cost and doesn't increase the debt.  Hell I think everyone deserves a cell phone and high speed internet as well, but in order to take care of people with less you need to take care of yourself first and the US desperately needs to focus on itself for at least the next 8 to 10 years.  That is the only way to pull out of this debt crisis.  I think Obama care is an excellent idea, but bad timing.
+Keith Rea, nice try. You see, both presidents are fools. Its okay to admit it. 
Republicans just can't stand a black man being in the white house but you better get used to it because it is a fact...... at least there is  one good thing about this it brings out all the hidden Klansmen so next time you will know how to vote........
T Mare
Here we go. Another shallow person pulling a race card. SHUT UP! You people are the most annoying of all! Get a life!
I won't stand by any president who has tied to the MB. Bill ayers ring a bell? Obama sends money to the very folks that want us dead. No better than Bush. 
T Mare
Hmmmm. Klansmen. Was that a racist comment against white people? What a Hippocratic ass.
+Lamar Battle, you do realize he is half black, right? I know, which ever one suits your needs you pick. -smh. 
All this makes just as much sense as Obama appointing two devote Muslims to homeland security. Smart move. -smh 
T Mare
Is he half black? OR ISN'T HE? HMMMM.LOL!
T Mare
I better watch it. I said the "black" word! 
+Shelley Schoenrock It's BILL Ayers, and YAWN! We had that Palin moment what, five, six years ago?

And you are aware that Jim Crow dictates that if there is ANY black in the mix, then the person is regarded as black, right? Are you sure you really want to go there?
T Mare
Watch it! You might make Lamar mad!
T Mare
Black! Black! Black! What?! 
T Mare
Back to the idiot though. Ship Obama to one of the countries he is funding! Wait. WE ARE FUNDING!
+Shelley Schoenrock And "...two devote Muslims...," to boot. Why don't you come right out and admit that you love wearing white sheets and burning crosses, too?

PS, I am pretty sure the word you were looking for was devout.
Passed by a majority in the House.
Passed by a supermajority in the Senate.
Signed into law by the president.
Upheld as constitutional by the SCOTUS.

That's how laws are made (and repealed!) by the book.

Continuing Resolutions aren't part of the law making process. Funding is not where legislation was designed to take place.
You fund the government you have.
If you don't like that government, win seats in the House and Senate and win the Oval Office...then bring the issues up for vote again.

If you claim to respect the Constitution, then you follow it...that's how the ACA passed...via the exact process laid out for us to follow.

Anyone who rubberstamps intentionally breaking the American system to devastating national economic effect in order to negate established laws absolutely has no idea how the American system works.
+Sione Island Wrong argument. Though, I will say, record budget surplus to record budget deficit while LYING us into a SECOND UNFUNDED war and DOUBLING the national debt by the time the economy came crashing down in ruins because Republicans thought Wall Street was capable of policing itself. The political right has ZERO room to lecture anyone about fiscal malfeasance.
I don't think Obama knows what the word negotiation means, he needs to be able to offer something or the narrative will turn upside down on him. It isn't hard journalism  to find instances where senator Obama and candidate Obama were guilty of the same behavior he is projecting onto the republicans in his attempts to delegitimize them.  His leadership, especially as of late has been pretty pathetic.   
+Robert Langdon, I'm Native American you jackass. Are you judging me by the color of my skin? Hypocritical much?
These people weren't born in the USA. I'm not the only one who was concerned about that. Again, bill ayers comes to mind and Obamas connections to the MB should concern anyone. I won't support any president who has known ties to those who have harmed us and is a confirmed member of the DSA. You may, but I am a bit more picky. 
+Shelley Schoenrock oh, so all Muslims are bad? wow, here I thought my Sister was one of the kindest people I have ever known and her husband.. damn fine young man, who works two jobs and has never said an unkind word to anyone even after so many asstards attack him and his religion. You have just graduated from mild annoyance with an opinion that while I would disagree with I still respected, because you haven't bashed or attacked anyone in this comment thread, to an moronic asstard that  has my pity and nothing else. 
I am a native American... I was born here.
+Shelley Schoenrock I am not the one bashing Muslims and making ignorant remarks about the president being half black.

Why, does your allegedly being Native American give you a free pass to being a bigot?
+Keith Rea, why are you putting words in my mouth? Did I say all Muslims where bad?
Perhaps reading comprehension is not your forte?
Do you always read things that aren't there?
Seems you need glasses! 
+Shelley Schoenrock you said and I quote "All this makes just as much sense as Obama appointing two devote Muslims to homeland security. Smart move. -smh "

So if not a derogatory remark that all Muslims must be terrorists (ie bad) then please do explain yourself because according to your above post your bigotry is showing in the worst way.
sooooo. house has passed legislation and senate is choosing to ignore it. why is the house obligated to follow what the POTUS or senate want? I thought the entire idea behind multiple branches of the government was checks and balances. the fact that the house isn't just rolling over to do what the potus wants isn't a bad thing, last time I checked he wasn't king. he doesn't get to dictate how people do their jobs.
house passed stuff, senate is ignoring it and refusing anything other than what they want. this standstill is akin to my 4 year old holding his breath when he doesn't get a candy
In every single other government shut down the person who was president at the time would go sit down with congress, negotiate and business would get taken care of, but not this rebel.
+Robert Langdon, you made an assumption based off the color of my skin. Don't lie.
The president IS half black. That's fact. Why is it that when corrects someone, it makes them a racist? Typical liberal rhetoric and diversion.
I'm not the one who brought color into this.
You are so blind to your own failings. You are the epitome of "do as I say, not as I do!"

+Morris Buel We covered that several times, already. Yes, the president COULD say that to Harry Reid. However, there are NOT enough votes in the Senate to pass ANY of the GOP's anti-Obamacare nonsense. Contrarily, the ARE enough votes in the the House to pass the legislation already approved in the Senate to end the shutdown right now.
+Robert Langdon, please review your own comments before you pull apart mine. You have quite a few typos there too, dear. Lol! 
+Shelley Schoenrock Since when is a rightie bashing Muslims typical liberal rhetoric?

And you called ME a jackass? Please, continue, I could use the laughs.
T Mare
Obama IS half black! So what! Get off the race card you idiots.
+Keith Rea, well my goodness, you stated it much better than I did. You get a good star. Congrats.
Yet, nothing about your little buddy calling me a member of the klan! Sweet. I love being judged on the color of my skin. Sarcasm. 
+Jennifer Gibbs because the Senate knows that you cant defund the ACA (Obamacare) during a Continuing Resolution, in fact you cant defund the ACA (Obamacare) at all since the money for it has already been apportioned for it. All they could do is repeal the law. The Republicans are simply pulling a stunt that is affecting everyone in this country. If they (Republicans) seriously wanted to repeal Obamacare they could try to do so during any number of sessions as provided by the US Constitution the fact that they havent speaks far louder then this little shutdown stunt.
+Shelley Schoenrock side stepping the issue does not make it go away, please do explain how appointing two Muslims to Homeland Security wasnt smart
T Mare
And it will be ultimately be Obama's fault if this country defaults. He is worthless....
+Shelley Schoenrock You hate being judged by the color of your (white) skin? So, you're NOT really Native American... or would that be presidential half... 1/4 or what? 

Tell that to all the Muslims you bash, you hypocrite.
+Don Kaag A majority of Americans approved Obamacare in 2 Presidential elections - 2008 and 2012. In 2008, Obama said this is what I am going to do, and he won and in 2012, he campaigned on Obamacare while Romney campaigned against it, and Obama won again. How else do you want Americans to show support for Obamacare? 
+Robert Langdon, you are laughable. You spew typical liberal rhetoric and diversionary tactics. You spur me for a typo, yet you do same. What makes you more than human?
Listen, if I am wrong, I am quick to say I was wrong and offer an apology.
It's okay to admit you are doing the very same thing you are accusing me of.

Really, it's okay. 
Hi Obama, what about a world wide vote if people like to be spied on by your folks?
+Robert Langdon, you made an assumption on the color of skin. Admit it. That's why you are a jackass. Period. The very same thing you caused me of. You told me to start burning crosses. Who burns crosses? White pride folks. Don't pretend I didn't know what you meant.

Again, it's okay to admit you made yet, another assumption. 
+Shelley Schoenrock To be clear, though. NO, I did not judge you by the color of your skin. Your photo is not clear enough to reliably do so. I judged you by the ignorant content YOU posted about Muslims.
+Shelley Schoenrock There is absolutely no connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the administration. This was a completely bogus story that poped up in the last election. Most news sources have retracted it.  
+Robert Langdon, you most certainly did. The only folks who burn crosses are white pride folk. Admit it and move on. 
+Shelley Schoenrock You know what? I have endured enough of your stone-throwing and bigotry and complaining of people putting words in your mouth while you have been doing nothing but twisting everyone else's words. Have fun playing with yourself on my block list. 
+Keith Rea, hmm. So, you aren't better than anyone else? Yep, name calling. Ha, you aren't any better. Next! 
Robert has a serious case of NPD! That's about it. I hit a nerve and showed him his own hypocrisy. That's all. 
+Morris Buel, slavery and prohibition were both upheld by SCOTUS. They were also overturned by valid application of the legislative process.
The budget process is nit the legislative process.
You fund the government you made.
Send a clean CR to the floor. Period.
Wow its surprising how uninformed alot of people are here... posting theirs n others opinions not fact!
+Sione Island thinks liberalism is a mental disorder? LOL--

Research into the conservative mind reveals the following from an article in psychology today. "Peering inside the brain with MRI scans, researchers at University College London found that self-described conservative students had a larger amygdala than liberals. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the brain that is active during states of FEAR and ANXIETY."
Contrarily, the article goes on to say that Liberals tend to think more with the anterior cingulate cortex, a region of the brain that helps people cope with complexity.

You might try looking into the science before you make such ridiculous statements in the future.
Some will follow like sheep, right off the hill. No questioning. No nothing. It's shameful really +Greenwood Pack. Some will follow their party so blindly they are no earthy good. Question everything. Period. 
Listen you shallow minded prick. The quote refers to supporting Muslims if  they are persecuted. He's speaks of muslim brothers not the group The Muslim Brotherhood. Its a common quote taken way the f out of context by r wing bloggers and a.m. radio host. Grow the hell up.
+Morris Buel Gingrich did NOT shutdown the government in an attempt to repeal a law he didn't like. 

If this was about the Dems shutting the government down, holding the nation hostage until the GOP agreed to the repeal of the 2nd Amendment, you extremist Tea-wingers would be screaming constitutional crisis and arming for civil war. And you KNOW it.
When is going to an end this Govt. shut down thing, I am waiting for my license from New York State for selling my Photograph in Internet so I can make a living...GOD help me!
+Gary Elliott How can we help other countries when we have negative dollars in our bank account?
+Michael Patton You are WRONG. 

The Congressional Budget Office – Washington's nonpartisan number crunchers – released new projections May 14 showing that the deficit will fall to $642 billion this fiscal year, a 24 percent drop in its projection from just a few months ago. The improvement is primarily due to increasing revenue and fewer expected outlays to government-backed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

If this holds, it will be the smallest the deficit has been since President Barack Obama took office. As a percentage of the economy, the deficit will have been cut by more than half over Obama's first five years, from 10.1 percent in 2009 to 4 percent in 2013.
+Morris Buel You are welcome to debate whether it was Newt or Bubba who balanced the budget as much as you like.

That sorry attempt of yours to spin away from the point does not diminish the FACT that Newt did NOT shut the government down in an UNPRECEDENTED attempt to repeal a law he did not like.
Stop pointing fingers.  This is a US problem no matter who caused it.  I didn't do this, but my children and I are going to need to pay for the misdeeds of the past.  This debt could be paid in 8 to 10 years if we really wanted it.
If Rebublicans want to repeal the ACA then they are welcome to try again. I think it would be the 41st or 42nd time attempted. But threatening the American economy to get what they want is in my opinion is tantamount to treason. And for all you DIM r wingers, treason is BAD.
+Morris Buel If you wish to make yourself irrelevant by arguing such pathetic nonsense, I invite you to have fun playing with yourself on my block list. I have better things to do than waste my time on intransigent trolls who would be screaming "constitutional crisis" if the shoe were on the other foot.
+Morris Buel Back when slavery was an issue the Republican party had a different platform and Lincoln  Republicans would vomit at the state of the Republicans these days.
The spending bill, known as the Continuing Resolution, which properly originated in the House of Representatives, but was rejected by the Senate, and did not come to a vote.

There are several bills to fund the government, piecemeal, passed by the House, just sitting in the Senate inbox, awaiting their introduction to the floor.

The people's business awaits. 
Treason you say? How about detaining Americans for no reason? How about drones? How about spying on USA citizens? How about placing restrictions on gun ownership under the guise of "security" all the while surrounding yourself with small children to prove said point. Yeah, we know where the treason lies. 
Mr. Obama. Let's make it a national popular vote. And see what happens.
I wonder how many people touting the merits of Obamacare in this thread have actually read the bill? 
+NBC News

Why NOT show here in G+, how many DEMOCRAPS state and cities that are poor and have NO progression that is happening now?

MOST of Obama new bills that passed on the Congress since he was elected are all TRASH...

DEMOCRAPS with their leader OBAMA will "RUIN" USA soon...

I want 2016 NOW!!!

BARACK HUSSEIN (Bin Laden) OBAMA, why you voted for this guy???

+Dennis Deckard The CR is NOT a budget. And none of those anti-Obamacare CR's passed by the House stand a chance in the Senate. But the there ARE enough votes in the House to pass the bill already approved by the Senate, which would end the shutdown right now.

But Boehner won't put it to a vote, because he is afraid of the Teapot extremists. Boehner is putting his job ahead of the entire nation.
Yeah, this HOPE is doing nothing but leaving CHANGE in my pocket as my wallet gets raped even more. Sigh. 
The White House hasn't established a budget in 4.5 years (maybe more?)

Here's the deal...lets pass appropriations bills that fund specific government services, and not the BS that has bankrupted our country...time to tighten the belts and pay for essential services, and not studying mouse turds or special favors for big business groups....
This man was groomed specially to do this; to carry out what no other regular USA politician could do; they do not want the judgement that is coming after Obama finishes with "taking control" of access to the private lives of all citizens
+Shelley Schoenrock i never claimed to be better than anyone else, still waiting for your explanation though, I guess you being a bigotted asstard is explanation enough
+Clifford Miemban 
States Receiving Most in Federal Spending Per Dollar of Federal Taxes Paid:
1. D.C. ($6.17)
2. North Dakota ($2.03) Red State
3. New Mexico ($1.89) Swing State
4. Mississippi ($1.84) Red State
5. Alaska ($1.82) Red State
6. West Virginia ($1.74) Red State
7. Montana ($1.64) Red State
8. Alabama ($1.61) Red State
9. South Dakota ($1.59) Red State
10. Arkansas ($1.53) Red State

States Receiving Least in Federal Spending Per Dollar of Federal Taxes Paid:
1. New Jersey ($0.62) Blue State
2. Connecticut ($0.64) Blue State
3. New Hampshire ($0.68) Red State
4. Nevada ($0.73) Red State
5. Illinois ($0.77) Blue State
6. Minnesota ($0.77) Blue State
7. Colorado ($0.79) Red State
8. Massachusetts ($0.79) Blue State
9. California ($0.81) Blue State
10. New York ($0.81) Blue State
+Clifford Miemban
Of the 10 states with the …
• Most alcoholics needing but not receiving treatment, 6 are RED states.
• Most babies born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), 6 are RED states.
• Most underage drunk-driving fatalities, 8 are RED states.
• Most tobacco use and dependency, 9 are RED states.
• Most adult drunk-driving fatalities, all 10 are RED states.

Of the 10 states with the …
• Most illicit drug/alcohol abuse/dependency ages 12 to 17, 6 are RED states.
• Most cocaine abuse/dependency, 7 are RED states.
• Most marijuana abuse/dependency, 7 are RED states.
• Most methamphetamine abuse/dependency, 8 are Red states.
• Most illegal use of oxycodone/OxyCotin (AKA “Hillbilly Heroin”), 9 are RED states.

Of the 10 states with the …
• Most assaults, 7 are RED states.
• Most burglary & robbery, 8 are RED states.
• Most incidents of rape, 8 are RED states.
• Most automobile theft, 9 are RED states.
• Most firearms deaths, 9 are RED states.

Of the 10 states that …
• Are the most polluted, 9 are RED states.
• Are the greatest consumers of oil per capita, 9 are RED states.
• Are the worst places to live, 9 are RED states.
• Have the worst water quality, all 10 are RED states.
• Are the least green, all 10 are RED states.

Of the 10 states with the …
• Highest rate of suicides, 7 are RED states.
• Highest rate of unhappy residents, 7 are RED states.
• Highest ranking as the worst place to live, 9 are RED states.
• Most incidents of major depression, 9 are RED states.
• Lowest ranking of mental health expenditures per capita, 9 are RED states.
+Robert Langdon

What state gives MORE to Washington and have the most BIG fortune 500 in almost all cities?

And MOST Republican led State & cities are more progressive than Democrap led state & cities...


And there's TONS of links and FACTUAL information about how Democraps ruined most state & cities they have.

Hello DETROIT!!!

There's NO perfect party BUT I will choose the lesser evil - Republican than Democrap...

Have a great day
+Keith Rea Shelley claims that about everyone who disagrees with her. She also likes to twist other people's words and then accuse them of putting words in her bigoted mouth.
Tony S
Boehner can't do that because he's the tea party's bitch.
Isn't it the democratic thing to vote? I feel bad for the American people right now.
+Clifford Miemban FACT: Texas woud go broke almost overnight if it were to secede because it is home to SO MANY government jobs.

And Glenn Beck's The Blaze? LOL!
+Kimberly Hipps A flat tax would be a HUGE tax break for the rich, and impose even more of the tax burden on the middle class and working poor.

I think I would rather flush Washington of all politicians who think that is a good idea (Republicans).
+Robert Langdon


Give me FACTUAL evidence that TEXAS is home to SO MANY government jobs...

As far as Texan know, we add business here from BIG businesses from other state and overseas per DAY...

For example, Samsung have $8 billion and still expanding factories, then Motorola, APPLE, Google, National Instruments and MANY more in every cities of TEXAS...

How about in Florida or other Democrats state?

I've lived my life from Hawaii, California, New Jersey then some parts of Asia and traveled most states and I can tell you that TEXAS has the fastest growing & progressive cities in the whole USA...

I don't know if you're trolling or whatnot...

Every single day we are admitting 1,200 movers from different states and overseas migrants...

Yeah, we are the ONLY state that can secede if ever.

Now you KNOW?

Have a great day

FIRE OBAMA and ALL Democrats that ruins their state and cities now!!!

That's the best thing to do...

Have a great week
Screw the Shithead in Chief. No one cares what you think anymore Barry.

BTW, you're going to be even more worthless after 2014 when Republicans take back the Senate. 
I think the people need to get rid of every last person in office today, start a "peoples party" give the people the power back and get America back on track. We don't need to raise the spending cap are you people insane thinking it's OK to go further into debt??? Everyone needs to wake up and see your " elected" officials no matter what side could care less about you. As long as they provide themselves a future that's all that matters. They could even care less about their future family members because they are so consumed in themselves.
Obamacare passed without a Republican vote, maybe they should try and fund it without a Republican vote...where is the bipartisanship, now?
+Robert Langdon


Those are 2011 that covers the OLD political hearsay and "TIRADES" for PERRY...

If you will believe to those who typed some "NON FACTUAL" reports by his opponents.

Then I have lots for sale in MARS for you!!!

You really don't want to accept the REALITY that we are very progressive place that even those people who visited us RECENTLY was wowed by what the state of TEXAS can offer NOW!!!

How about in your place?

Try harder...
I'm tired of this Mickey Mouse form of govt. My 8 yo had more sense than the morons we appoint to office.... It's like when you were in kindergarten and you liked a girl and all you could do is pick on her telling her she had cooties... Such bullshit. Why can't anyone see all they "all" are doing is putting Americans against Americans. Only people that have any right to complain here are Native Americans... read your history people. They had EVERYTHING taken from them and by the "goodness" of our govt they were given land that they already possessed.... Give me a f**** break
+Robert Langdon

Even sarcasm you cannot grasp?

No you don't need to EXPLAIN it, because I will just read your rebuttal of non sense...

+James Ascher I don't think it is called making demands, when it comes to making is called negotiating.  The bill passed with NO GOP support.....

The fact that Obamacare was found constitutional is not lost on me, and, in affirming Justice Roberts specifically stated that it is a tax, not a penalty or fine, so...following that, it is the provenance of funding for such to come from the People's House...which is a majority of Republicans, based on a vote by the general population.

Funding comes from the House...they have voted 26 times in the last week on funding measures, and the Senate has not voted once.

I think the problem lies in the Senate...the people's House has been working and passing bills to be considered.
+Keith Rea If I am an asstard for questioning, then you are officially a  C*CKSUCKER! Wanna spew hate, I can give it as well.  
A flat tax is the most fair tax there is!! If it were 10%, then if you make $1.00 you pay $.10; make $10,000, pay $1,000; make $100,000, pay $10,000, etc. Tell me why that's unfair and a burden?
+Jamey Brock You remember you said all that when the Dems similarly decide to hold the nation hostage over with budget until the GOP agrees to repeal anti-choice laws or the 2nd amendment. I can't wait to hear you righties scream, "Constitutional crisis!"

This is NOT how the founding fathers intended laws to be repealed.
+Robert Langdon

You didn't yet see what links and posts I can share to you and most people here.

I am just on my Note 2 BUT when I get home, be ready to receive tons of FACTUAL information about our topic for tonight.

Your rebuttal has full of loopholes and I will show you how much progressive (in reality) the state of TEXAS and most Republican states and cities.

I will give you MORE...

Just hang on buddy!!!
+Kimberly Hipps Irrelevant to the present conversation. I refer you to the debate the nation had with respect to a flat tax back in 2012.
Hmm, I re-read the constitution. Our President is still wrong, the house passes the budget and if he doesn't like it he can negotiate changes or shutter the government.  Guess we all know what El Presidente has chosen.  Educate yourself El Presidente, you are not the Emperor.  Consider trying to lead instead of community organizing a protest by the uneducated masses.
+L. Scott Rubin And you received your Juris Doctor in Constitutional Law where?

This is NOT a budget being debated, it is a continuing resolution.
+Robert Langdon I would look at history. I'm not trying to single anyone out but.... Do you support your beloved party for being head of the KKK? Do you support your party for not having a clue of how revenue is generated from middle class that support all the programs they have created? Come on now
+Clifford Miemban Your misplaced love for Texas governance is irrelevant in the matter of the CR and shutdown,

Moreover, you already stated you don't care what I post, which tells me that corresponding with you is a complete waste of time.
+Kimberly Hipps Again, the founding fathers NEVER intended laws to be repealed in this UNPRECEDENTED manner. 

But in case you missed it, the polling on the shutdown is in, and it is ALL bad for the GOP:

CBS 10/3/13: Fully 72 percent of Americans disapprove of shutting down the federal government over differences on the Affordable Care Act. Republicans in Congress receive more of the blame for the shutdown: 44 percent of Americans blame them, while 35 percent put more blame on President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. These views are virtually the same as they were last week before the shutdown, when Americans were asked who they would blame if a shutdown occurred.

A Quinnipiac poll Tuesday morning that shows 72 percent of Americans oppose Congress “shutting down major activities of the federal government” as a way to stop the Affordable Care Act from going into effect.

A simultaneous Fox News poll of registered voters found 42 percent saying either “Republican leaders” or “Tea party Republicans, such as Ted Cruz,” are responsible while 32 percent blamed Obama or “Democratic leaders, such as Harry Reid.”

Moreover, the Fox News poll also found disapproval of the Republican Party jumping to 59% in their latest poll. According to the Fox News poll, disapproval of the Republican Party has jumped from 46% in September of 2012 to 59% today. Disapproval of the GOP has climbed from 54% in January to 56% in April to nearing 60% today. Approval of the Republican Party has fallen from 45% to 35%. In contrast, Democratic Party unfavorability has stayed stable in the Fox poll at between 48% and 49% all through 2013.
How about a real budget, it's there job. No more spending bills, congress do your job as called out in article 1 & 2 of the constitution 
+Kimberly Hipps your 100% right, just sick of both sides defending their parties. As I said before they are only out for themselves. The constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper with letters. If anyone wants to go back to a form of tyrannical govt then move someplace where this still exists. We fought for our freedom a long time ago to separate from the rule of England.... Why because we wanted to be free from dictatorship. If no one can see that we are headed back to those times you don't deserve to make decisions/input anymore.
Sorry +Morris Buel (and anyone else who wants to end-around our system), but the budget process is not the legislative process.
Clean CR.
You fund the government you have and you change laws by the book.
+Robert Langdon

"It is NOT misplaced loved about Texas, I want to share to you the REALITY"

As my grandfather kept on telling me "there's a lot of people in this world that has NO chance to see the reality BUT just heard their FACTS they think is true in transistor radio or newspaper that owns by people who supported politicians".

I will expound MORE what that means, if you want to...

Smile, bud...
Why didn't Obama commit to causing so much pain when the Senate didn't pass a budget resolution for Obama's first 1,000 days as President??? 
+Marc Morici Here is some history for you. Read Strom Thurmond's bio and you will learn that the vast majority of racist Southern Dixiecrats followed Thurmond in fleeing the Democrat party for the GOP to protest Johnson (DEMOCRAT) having signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act into law, as evidenced by the red-state/blue-state maps from then and now.

Still want to talk history?
+Clifford Miemban Expound it upon yourself. Again, you have already said you don't care what I post, you will simply dismiss it as nonsense. Why waste my time on your intransigence?
+Mark David I don't get it. How quickly they forget!!! It is ok for the dems to raise the debt limit but not the pubs???? They are all crooked.
This is not about budget, obamacare, dept ceiling, party lines.This is about obama, and those that are trying to destroy him at all Cost. He must not give in or he is done
+Robert Langdon why have you not mentioned that your king hasn't signed a budget since he's been in office until now? Or why had he signed bill # hr347 which pretty much abolishes the right of the first amendment banning protests if there is a secret service agent present. Which would be a felony. Is this the govt you want to be part of???? I really would like to know your answer !!!!
+Kimberly Hipps Obama already agreed to the GOP's lower number which (at the insistence of the GOP) preserves the sequester cuts. But go ahead, keep crying foul, America ain't buying your snake oil.
Obama is all about OBAMA. His god complex has the best of him. He doesnt care about the USA or popular opinion. The only opinion that matters is his own. He is a confirmed Socialist. NEXT STOP...NWO! 
+Marc Morici I guess you didn't like being schooled in history, eh? And why the hell can't you teapots stick to the subject at hand?
Ex Jr. senator you are not the speaker of the house. You had Peelousy for 2 years and just pissed away money on shovel not ready jobs, and the abomination aka ACA.

Mr FoodStamp please play more golf or plan your next vacation to Syria or Russia,
J. Wolf
Couldn't get Clinton out of the negotiation room in 1995, can't get Obama near one now. How do you negotiate with someone who isn't there? 
+J. Wolf Why bother when Cantor walked out of negotiations THREE times in the run up to the Tea Party Downgrade?
Well, you Tea-wingers have fun arguing all of your irrelevant nonsense among yourselves. I have no more time to waste on such intransigence.
+Robert Langdon oh yea... your right liberals know all... Silly me what was I thinking to argue with a know it all. You and your king should go live on the moon maybe just then you could live in a land of unicorns and rainbows
+Robert Langdon
LBJ would not have had the 1964 Civil Rights Act to sign if not for Republican authors. That's the real history, and it comes all the way from Abraham Lincoln.
 Obama , don't want to touck the power hen self. that's  no god. four the nation
Finari Jahannama Fiha Abada. . . . Ei Manubropi Soytaner Junno Royece Voyaboh Ajab. . . 
well well, we the peaplo want, America back, 
Kirk M
+Tibor Machan - " For my money shutting down most of government is great. "

Really? I hope you're not a disabled veteran because if you are it looks like you won't be getting your disability compensation come November thanks to the "great" shutdown. Neither will I for that matter.

From a 100% disabled vet.
+Mark David You realize that the Internet is all over the world right?  And, I suspect you probably also realize that what happens in the U.S. affects every other country in the world ... right?  So anyone, anywhere, has a right to say something ... even an idiot like you.
How can President Obama be accused of being so many terrible things that are absolutely not true? And who makes up these lies that so many people are so eager to believe? And what makes them want the lies to be true? Someone has figured out how to control you with your own fears.
+Robert Langdon many here just think Obama is a dismal failure. 5 years of crappy economic results, he owns it. Beer submits, pretend pot smoking son, dismal foreign policy, "you didnt build it", "clinging to guns and bibles". He is the Food Stamp president 48,000,000 and counting.

Come on admit it, he is just a really shiity CEO, If it gets really cold this winter, oil spikes, he will come on TV like Carter in a sweater did in the 70,s and tell us we suck and to turn down the heat. His low information voters won't understand, they will just camp out in the mall.
+Kirk M
There is a bill that has passed the House to fund the VA, just waiting for the Senate to act.
Hold a vote Mr. Speaker, It is the right thing to do.
+Dennis Deckard James Strom Thurmond (December 5, 1902 – June 26, 2003) was an American politician who served for 48 years as a United States Senator...Thurmond represented South Carolina in the United States Senate from 1954 until 2003, at first as a Democrat and, after 1964, as a Republican. He switched because of his opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, disaffection with the liberalism of the national party, and his support for the conservatism and opposition to the Civil Rights bill of the Republican presidential candidate Senator Barry Goldwater.

And again, most of the racist southern Dixiecrats followed Thurmond. So, don't kid yourself. Today's GOP is NOT the party of Lincoln, as evidenced by nearly everyone not white, male and straight voting for Obama and the Dems in 2012.
+Kim Watts Wow, I guess you told me, eh? Stopped taking your meds? Have fun playing with yourself on my block list. You are truly pathetic.
I agree with you Don kaag let the citizens vote. 
The leader Fox News that large government is overrated and yes we can run on a small government
+Robert Langdon
Sure...It is obvious that opposing Obama could only be about race...because everyone wants Utopia, and Liberal Democrats have just the plan for us!

Only the racists would oppose that!
children is all I side points at the other and folks still fall for the same song and dance. 44 Presidents in and things aren't getting better lol...don't worry I'll wait...
+Dennis Deckard I was not the one who brought up race. But I HAVE seen you tea-wingers bring it up no less than THREE times in this thread, alone. 

Moreover, it was NOT liberals who drove nearly everyone not white, male and straight to vote for Obama and the Dems. You tea-wingers brought that upon yourselves. Keep up the GREAT work ;-)
+Robert Langdon
By himself, Romney couldn't repeal the ACA. And about that election, Obama's victory was very narrow in the popular vote.

Rather than POTUS receiving a mandate, it remained a markedly divided government, since the 2010 midterm election mostly stuck, with the House majority remaining GOP, and the filibuster-proof Democrat Senate fell prey to Ted Cruz, Mike Lee,
+Dennis Deckard Nevertheless, the man who vowed to repeal Obamacare LOST. In addition, the GOP LOST three seats in the Senate and LOST EIGHT SEATS in the House. The ONLY reason the GOP even held the House is due to the GOP gerrymandering of districts following the 2010 census.

Moreover, you are barking up the wrong tree. I am NOT the one you have to convince in any of this. And ALL the polling shows you LOSING the argument among those you do need to convince.  :-)
OBama by introducing Obamacare has brought our Government where it is today.  I was told today that the insurance this is too expensive.  This man is bringing America down.
So who thinks that the younger generation voted for him cus they kept on getting told the good things about him on Facebook an when interviewed they did not even know why they voted for him or much about what he did to hurt us
So I think a ton of us blindly voted for him though social media an i may have to if the CA would have except me as a independent/(taking no sides) 
Stop complaining Americans. Y'all put them in office. 
Rather than being about healthcare, ObamaCare is ultimately about control, and how much control the American people are willing to give up.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." - Karl Marx
why is this nitwit always on my screen. get the hell off obama.
+eric schripsema actually yes you did miss something Senate has voted on all the bills passed by the house they've just been defeated in the Senate! Unlike John Boehner who hasn't even allowed his caucus to vote on the clean cr to fund ENTIRE gov't! Educate yourself before you talk about something you dint know anything about!

The Republicans' goal isn't to resolve the matter. Their goal is to make it worse. They get their kick out of screwing things up.
Step down from office.
step down now and try to save some face.
Funny thing, I don't remember Pres. Obama asking Harry Reid to let the Senate vote on the legislation that the House has already passed that provides funding for our veterans, the NIH, the national parks, and several others. #ObamaFail
+Don Kaag there was already a vote! Did you forget already or do you just like to spew diarrhea out of your mouth! It was called a presidential election! His opponent said he would repeal Obama care on day one! And guess what he lost! On the other hand the president based his entire presidency in Obama care. This is just another attempt by all the right wing haters to make this president term seem illegitimate! It's ok! There's no way Obama care will be repealed! Get used to that!
Matt L
what ticks me off is we keep paying these same people to work on the same problems over and over and they get nothing done, both parties
How bout your buddy Harry Reid, Barry?
+Dennis Deckard You seem to forget that Obamcare is the brainchild of the CONSERVATIVE Heritage Foundation, its first incarnation signed into law by then Governor Mitt Romney, and hailed by Republicans everywhere as a "national model" until Obama agreed to it, which magically transformed the GOP's "market based solution" into Socialism.

Again, your empty rhetoric completely misses the point that Boehner is a coward, too afraid of the extremist Tea-wing, too afraid of losing his job as speaker to end this manufactured crisis right now. Boehner is putting his own job ahead of the entire nation.
+Kim Watts what riders are you talking about? What have democrats asked for? They've introduced a budget that was already negotiated on by republicans! They've submitted the republican proposal nothing else that's what a clean cr is! Republicans on the other hand have asked for a laundry list of things! And if they don't get it well... here we are! The fact is Senate has voted on the houses bills but they've been defeated but boner won't even put the clean cr to a vote! So who isn't negotiating here?
+Scott A. Baker Funny thing you don't seem to understand that there are NOT enough votes to pass any of the GOP's anti-Obamacare bills in the Senate. Contrarily, enough Republicans HAVE stated that they would vote for a clean CR in the House that we KNOW the bill already approved by the Senate WOULD pass in the House, thereby putting an immediate (with the president's signature) end to the shutdown.
+Robert Langdon you are disingenuous if you are going to state that the GOP historically is a racially insensitive lot....look at the percentages of support from the GOP and the Dems....overwhelmingly more by percentage approved of the Civil rights act of 1964 than did the Democrats.

The original House version:[17]

Democratic Party: 152–96 (61–39%)
Republican Party: 138–34 (80–20%)
Cloture in the Senate:[18]

Democratic Party: 44–23 (66–34%)
Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)
The Senate version:[17]

Democratic Party: 46–21 (69–31%)
Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)
The Senate version, voted on by the House:[17]

Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)
Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)

Be true with your facts....

That stated, it is about time to start vote g on appropriation bills and not CRs that are pork laden pieces of shit legislation that are the reason why our country is on the verge of bankruptcy. 
The GOP must be crushed at this point. Default on the debt over making health insurance available to poor people? You pricks. Its going to be very satisfying to watch you idiots be booted out of my country's Capitol building in 2014.
+Keith Rea ASSume much? You and Robert must be of the same DNA.  Dude, keep it up! Its fools like you that think their sheot dont stink. Stop drinking the koolaid for one damn minute to realize the world doesnt revolve around you. Had you taken a moment to come out of your fantasy land you would realize I am all for REAL change in health care.  But you cant, because you are so damn stuck on your BUZZ words and bullshit you cant see straight. Everyone deserves the right to healthcare, but not at the expense of the middle class. 
I would expect more from someone who claims to so damn "spiritual." LOL! I am not a right winger you asswipe. Can you read? I am an independent. Shall I look that up for you and post it just so you get it, or can you google? Oh...thats right, you use Wiki as your "go to" guide. Google it! 
You are the type of guy who would argue with a sign post and take the wrong way home. 
You make for some really enjoyable entertainment with all your so called Tolerance and all. Self righteous holier`than`thou. Good job. Keep it up! 
Jesus man! Look at what the gov't has done to all of us! We're at each other's throats talking shit to eachother like mad men when we should be directing our anger at the gov't the entire gov't! The whole fucking lot of them! 
+Jamey Brock LEARN TO READ!!! That is NOT what I said. I said that most of the racist Southern Dixiecrats followed Strom Thurmond to the GOP to protest Johnson having signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act into law, as evidenced by the red-state/blue-state maps from then and now. 
+Kim Watts yeah, we will. The tea party districts are so gerrymandered there isn't a democrat within 100 miles...but the less gerrymandered districts are probably going blue. Want a bet? These clowns are finished.
...and why won't the Senate take a vote on any of the spending bills passed by the House of Representatives? You are not reporting news honestly, +NBC News . 
+Bill T. Because the house wants things they can never get and won't take no for an answer. They WILL NOT stop the ACA.
+Bill T. There are NOT enough votes to pass any of the GOP's anti-Obamacare bills in the Senate. Contrarily, enough Republicans HAVE stated that they would vote for a clean CR in the House that we KNOW the bill already approved by the Senate WOULD pass in the House, thereby putting an immediate (with the president's signature) end to the shutdown.
Y'all are fucking crazy! All this back and forth between dems. And republicans. You think the gov't gives a shit or that your going to change someone's mind? I dint know maybe it's a release for y'all or something. Makes you feel better to call people racist or call people ignorant. Only thing that does is says allot about the person you are! Have a nice night! Or day! Whatever! Imma go chill in my 30 inch rims and be a balla! Thanks kim! You the man!
Please individually name those "Dixiecrats" that followed Strom Thurmond to the Republican party, +Robert Langdon . I call Bullshit! Wasn't Al Gore's father a member of the KKK? Shall I go on? 
To the GOP: spending cuts under Obama total about $3.5 Trillion...he's cut the deficit in half...reduced the federal workforce by 750,000... Not good enough, though, I guess. Well, he can't change his skin color. Genetics don't work like matter how hard you pray.
+Eric Pederson You're right. The most recent polling shows the GOP vulnerable in more than 20 districts BECAUSE of the shutdown. Though, you may want to pass that along to Kim. I've blocked her childish rants, so she can't see what I post.  :-)
Why won't Obama sit down and be willing to compromise on any point, is he afraid that he would have to talk to the Republicans instead of the Rhino's. I thought the Tea Party was a minority and if so they could be ignored and voted down. I guess according to the news media compromise is Obama,s way and not even listen to the other.
+Robert Langdon These people are so insanely stupid. I swear. Where do they come from? Holy shit. Its really too bad stupidity isn't painful because a lot of these clowns would be in utter agony.
Can you answer my question, +Eric Pederson ? Probably not. You cant debate. You are just calling names. Bring facts and I will mop the floor with you! 
+Bill T. Read your history. The racist south turned from Dem to Rep virtually overnight after Johnson (D) signed Civil Rights into law.

Moreover, I said MOST racist Southern Dixie-crats fled for the GOP. I did NOT say all, and I have no idea about Al Gore's father. Neither do I care, because Al Gore's father has no bearing on the broader point.
+Bill T. Obama doesn't have to negotiate anything. The Democrats have the votes, the Tea Party does not. There is nothing to debate. Nothing. You lost the legal challenge to the ACA. You can't repeal a law without a veto-proof number of votes. The Constitution, you know, the document the TEAliban loves to invoke, says you're done. Give up, you're beat.
That's funny. So many people complain that the ACA is horrible, then state they need a legal team to understand it, that it's too long, Get back to me after you read it.

So if you haven't read it, how do you know It's so horrible? 
+Kim Watts LMAO...that debt ballooning is from the interest coming due on the money Bush borrowed to start 2 wars on the Muslim world and the money we needed to borrow to prevent the economy from completely vaporizing into thin air. Indeed, what part oglf the planet...I have been living in the U.S. and have eyes. You? It still amazes me people think like you.
+Roger Sutyla There are NOT enough votes to pass any of the GOP's anti-Obamacare bills in the Senate. Contrarily, enough Republicans HAVE stated that they would vote for a clean CR in the House that we KNOW the bill already approved by the Senate WOULD pass in the House, thereby putting an immediate (with the president's signature) end to the shutdown.
+Chuck A What would you replace it with? Employers shouldn't have to provide who then? Get back to us when you figure out a better STARTING POINT.
Eric, you have sucked the teat of Obama so hard you are growing FAT off his lies. Good Lord, wake up man! 
The constitution you say? The only way this became LEGAL is because the CEO made it tax, and you know what, you CAN tax because thats legal. Oh did that happen? Again, whats next? Nationalized religion? The PEOPLE didnt get to vote. That shows just how much the CEO gives a shit about the people. 
When the U.S. defaults as a result of this radical right wing hissy fit I will thoroughly enjoy watching the House turn blue...or at least very light red. I will go to DC myself to show these fuckers the door. 2014....tick tock
Oh Eric, Eric Eric. Are you really so blind that you cant see this is BOTH damn parties? And I DARE you to kick any fucker out the door. I am pretty sure they can hold their own and even hand you YOUR ass on a plate. But, at least you can say you tried, huh? The world CANT wait for the current CEO to be kicked to the curb. I would rather have Hillary than 'Bama any damn day!  We need to stop funding the Middle East, and any other country and start taking care of us for a damn change. 
+Eric Pederson ...We will default because our Senate will not vote on spending bills the House has already passed.

The House has funded the Government. The Senate wont vote. Democrats are to blame. People in the real world know it.

You libs amuse me. You call names and point fingers until a bigger, smarter and more educated guy shows up with facts. Then you cower, lie and hide. Ultimately, you attack and call names. You lost the debate in 2007. 
+Bill T.  You mean the funding bills that defund the ACA...and want the Keystone XL pipeline built...and want to give employers the right to choose if they wish to cover birth control or not...or strip the EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse gases...or privatize social security?  You people are fucking high.  Whatever you're snorting, I want some.  I support the President.  I wouldn't negotiate with you either if I were President.  At all. 

This is literally the situation:

GOP: Can we burn down your house?
Democrats: No.
GOP: How about the 2nd floor?
Democrats: No.
GOP: Garage?
Democrats: No.
GOP: Ok, let's sit down and negotiate about what we CAN burn down.
Democrats: No.

You guys can suck it.
+Bill T. You enjoy your tea-wing revisionist history. I don't subscribe to the wing-nut academia that also believes Creationism should be taught as science in our children's classrooms. The bottom line is that the racist south turned from blue to red after Johnson signed Civil Rights into law. Strom Thurmond ADMITTED to fleeing the Dems for the GOP because of Civil Rights. And more than a few racist Dixiecrats would have had to have followed to have turned the racist Dixie states from blue to red virtually overnight.
Most people like to talk and comment and call others fanatics of the opposite side. We do exactly the same thing they're showing us. Separating our selves because of different believes or ideals. Those we look up to add leaders what have they done for our nation? Have any serve in any of or armed forces? Those politicians make plenty of money to afford medical insurance they want us to use a universal health care yet they have their own. As military we get health care as part of our benefits but one would be surprise with how complicated and tedious it can be. I believe healthcare is a right to have, benefit but I've been in the military for over 15 years and one of the main reasons is the benefit of receiving health care. So now I have to work, make sacrifices and sometimes have place my life in risk but yet you want me to think that everyone is entitled? I don't know it seems fishy, we need to help or people and the first step is to get rid of our dependency on our government. We are giving a lot for granted, we are letting our politicians run our life and we are losing control of our country. We voted them into office and we should let them know what we want and need, not the other way around. I will pray for those who face hardship because of this closure.I will also pray for the politicians do that they learn how to compromise and put others before themselves.
+Robert Langdon  True that.  I won't tolerate an America governed by the Christian doctrine either.  If I wanted to live in a country that officially sanctions God I'd move to Tehran or Riyadh.
Cherry picked facts and analogies. Greenhouse Gasses? Those have been denunked. When I pass your Prius on the highway, I will downshift and stomp on the gas just to hear it cry!

Global warming is a debunked hoax!
+Chuck A Obamcare would NOT work with such an exemption. That is WHY the CONSERVATIVE Heritage Foundation came up with the mandate when it created this "market based solution," in the first place. THAT is why the president will NOT negotiate the mandate away.

But that has NOTHING to do with the fact that Boehner won't put the clean CR to a vote in the House. Unlike the GOP's DOA bills in the Senate, the clean CR HAS the votes to pass the House. But Boehner is too afraid of the tea-wing, and has put his job as speaker ahead of the nation by not allowing the vote.
+H Ludwig  The 2nd Amendment has been reinterpreted by the Supreme Court multiple times, it will change again.  Count on it.  And you're correct in saying that a law absolutely can be challenged...when you have a court willing to hear the case.  The current SCOTUS already ruled on and validated the ACA.  The ONLY option available to the conservatives who don't like it is repeal...and you need a VETO-PROOF number of votes to do it.  They don't have anywhere close to enough votes to repeal the law.  This matter, for at LEAST the next 4 years, is settled.
None of you liberals have answered or refuted the questions or facts presented in my portion if this debate. Simple questions. Simple facts. I claim victory. Thanks for losing. Have a great evening!
+Bill T. Simple questions we have answered but didn't like the answers to.  Yeah, indeed, sleep tight. 
+Eric Pederson I too will enjoy watching the fallout of our country's default, but let's give credit where credit's due. This wouldn't be nearly as vicious if the President had done his duty and provided a budget. We don't need a CR nearly as much as a Budget. Second, the ACA is not the will of the people. The President unilaterally changed the law, which is not within his authority. They need to use this time, also, to discuss his changes and explain why certain people get to be exempt and not others. If he's not a corporate fascist, then why can't we treat it as the law of the land and have EVERYBODY live under it? Why isn't it good enough for his corporate lackies?
social security? There is no ss. Wake the hell up. There wont be any left when I retire in 15 years. If you think the government should control ANY of your money you are sadly mistaken. Here is a word to the wise...invest it yourself, cause the government sure cant. And for the love of all that is holy, dont get old. WE already have cuts to the elderly, and they want more. You think the giverment cares..and yes...I spelled it GIVERNMENT on purpose? They dont give a rip about the average Joe. Obama and his SPREAD the WEALTH mentality is mentally ill. I mean really, we see how the government cares for its military, and we think they care about the rest of us? Like everything the government touches, it will fall apart. How about we take away the presidents money for life, and the rest? I mean, Obama went from one million to 11 million of his money in the first four years. He aint gonna hurt. Enough with this paying every president for life bs. 
+Kenny Pew Obama agreed to the GOP's much lower CR number, which (at the insistence of the GOP) preserves the sequester cuts.

And you don't have the votes to pass any of Boehner's bills in the Senate. But Boehner DOES have the votes to pass the bill already approved by the Senate. Problem is, Boehner is a coward, putting his job as speaker ahead of the American people.
+Chuck A
Brief lesson in money and banking, currency isn't printed.  Money doesn't get printed unless banks specifically request cash for their reserves.  The entire concept of fiat currency is, among other things, so banks can close out their books every day and get their ledgers to balance (and get their reserve requirements in compliance with Fed regulations) as well as an easy way to move wealth between entities.  Fiat currency is an idea, not a THING.  People who say "the government is printing money" just show how little they understand about monetary policy. 
+Mirridum Istariniad It is the responsibility of the Congress to write and pass the budget, so says the United States Constitution. I thought you tea-wingers were supposed to have memorized the Constitution forward and back. How is it that you did NOT know that BASIC fact?
+Eric Pederson You said: True that.  I won't tolerate an America governed by the Christian doctrine either.  If I wanted to live in a country that officially sanctions God I'd move to Tehran or Riyadh.

Why not? You are allowing the country the exact thing. But this is A OK? Hmm, okay!   Well, believe it or not, this isnt any different. And please, do leave, because most of us would fight for this country and the small government our founding fathers wanted. 
+Bill T. On the contrary, we have summarily dismissed your so-called facts as pure rubbish, unworthy of any more of our time.
+Shelley Schoenrock
I already have fought for this country, sweetheart.  Iraq twice, Africa once.  Oh yeah, and my disability compensation for my leg is now cut off thanks to this hissy fit by the GOP.  So much for my government promising to have my, and other veterans', back.  I'm used to the United States and it's people letting me down though...while I and others like me were sucking sand for you, you sacrificed absolutely NOTHING.  Americans sacrificed NOTHING since 9/11.  Don't even pontificate to me about how much you love this place.
As a 'foreigner' observing the American 'system' of government, the US term 'basket case' comes immediately to mind.  Whomever designed your well-obfuscated process must have been in an establishment for the insane at the time. I very much doubt that there is ANY single living person in the entire country who can understand the rules sufficiently well to explain it to others.  In this specific case only, I agree that America is demonstrably 'exceptional'........God Help America !
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