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NBC Bay Area hung out with 8 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Mat Langley, George Kiriyama, Jennifer Bullock, Nicole Iaquinto, Tim Crawford, Elisabeth Handler, Michael Wyszomierski, and paul gogo
Election Night 2012
NBC Bay Area and 8 others participated
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Who is this guy they are showing live? Does he know that we are watching him live?
Hi. It's me. Hanging out in the newsroom. Ready to talk, if anyone wants to.
Oh, he said hello. Lol
Yes sir or on

Are you in here, too?  Hard to tell on this end...
Our political analyst Larry Gerston and Janelle Wang will be coming up shortly.
Who are you typing with?

We'll be inviting people in about 10 minutes.
Someone tell Larry and Janelle we can hear their conversation.
It's kind of fun when they don't know, isn't it?
Yes we can actually hear all of you. Please, talk to us the you microphone.

Lol, yes we heard her story already. Too bad people broke in to her car. Sorry. I hope nothing important was stolen.

Can we invite you in Jennifer?  Apparently that's what we have to do.
I heard that if Romney is elected he is going 2 be getting rid of some woman's rights
if that is true, which ones?
still working out the bugs on my end. :) My first time joining G+ Hangout.
ok. Trying to figure out how to join. I can see the video...just can't join otherwise (video/ audio)
here, on the left side of screen, click on hangouts, u should find something there, or maybe the hangout isnt a public thing, or it has already happened
I wasn't following NBC Bay Area...but am now. :)
I think I've changed my settings to allow an invite.
FYI - I just got a call to ask if I voted for Measure D!!!!
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