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JA Adande on a possible changing of the guard out West
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It ain't over yet? #gospursgo
Lets Go SPURS!!!! Dream Match up....Celtics Spurs let the vets slug it out!
Its a changing of the guards and "We Are All Witnesses" This is the Thunders time!!
The spurs time is over. Make way for THUNDER!
We all no the playoffs are about money spurs will take it to game7 and OKC will take it..
Spurs are gonna win this series Celtics-Spurs in in the NBA finals
IF the Spurs win tonight, the series is theirs. I repeat, IF. Also, WHAT IF the basketball gods are preparing a Boston v Spurs final? This is a pretty good prelude to it. 
I agree with that!!

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Thunder has already got the way to beat Spurs....See in Final vs Celtics !
well it not working right now
wow 63-48 Spurs run~ Spurs FG% 54% vs Thunder 45%
look at thunder fighting back and takeing the lead
Yea I know still a good game though 
It's going to be the Heat vs. OKC. With the Heat on top. 😄
HEAT vs THUNDER, will be pedal to the medal match, high octane!
I think the Celtics will beat the heat in game 7
NBA will fix the OKC/MIA matchup.

BOS has no chance in game 7
Yea I think so because that's what most of the people want to see 
I hope that basketball will win!
Cmon somebody change pictures ( Boston is no longer in game)  ,,, Let's go LA Lakers :)
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