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Easy for you to say

Before Game 5, Andrew Bynum said that "closeout games are actually kind of easy" because "teams tend to fold if you come out and play hard in the beginning."

Ramona Shelbourne has the story of how the Lakers fell apart Tuesday night.
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Not a smart comment at all especially for him not to show up in the 4th and get out played and by Mcgee
Bynum may be talented on the court, but he sure is stupid off the court...
I really, really wonder about this guy. He's talented, clearly, and from what I've been able to gather he's perhaps smarter than the average NBA player in some ways, sort of a geek even. But he has so little social intelligence, it's almost as if he has some sort of social personality disorder.
I don't like Andrew Bynum at all.
Someone needs to buy Bynum the big book of sports cliches.
What he says is true though. Closeout games ARE easy when a team folds early. Nothing wrong with what he said. Now the timing of it is pretty horrible. No sense in giving the other team more motivation.
+Tino Pham it might be true, but don't say it until after you've won. And even then keep it classy.
Shaq needs to come back and deck this guy in his jaw!
Al Ca
Bring it to game 7!
I hope the Lakers win so they can get destroyed by OKC in the next round. That would be fun to see.
calling it now: OKC vs San Antonio in the Western Conference Finals
+Kevin Lam Sure looks that way. Lakers are a narrow-margin team: they have to keep the game slow and completely half-court to have a chance against either OKC or SAS. Any time the game gets uptempo they get killed because they so lack team speed. Even the Celtics, old as they are, are harder to run out on than the Lakers.

Still, if they can manage the game style and if their bigs bring it, and if MWP, Barnes, and Ebanks give them something defensively, they do have matchups they can exploit against both teams. And the Lakers were one of the top FG% defensive teams in the league, which indicates that they they must be outstanding in half-court defense, given how many layups they might give up any given night.

This is all, of course, assuming they get by DEN, which, while likely, I think, is by no means a foregone conclusion.
I guess thats what they did last year when dallas swept them, so I understand his logic
You need to be humble , it is anybody's game , people love to ride the lakers and heats wagon and bottom line is with all there star power they couldn't get the job done , it takes heart power it takes effort it takes everyone on a team with the same mind set 
Mr. Reggie its gone to come down to the Thunder and Clippers they have got that fire in there eyes 
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