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*Is another Hall-of-Famer headed to the Heat?

As they head into the offseason, are the Heat in position to pick up Ray Allen?
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That would be crazy and makes them the #1 title candidate by far
They might need a point guard more than a shooting guard...
+Jeff Angcanan you don't think Mario and Norris proved themselves this year in the playoffs?

I think Ray Allen would be great if he's healthy...
I actually struggled with this question. Seems like the Heat have all their pieces together already , so it seems like adding Allen wouldn't be a factor (IMO). At the same time to defend your title (I hope they don't) you still need to improve on what you already have... 
In all likelihood, Mike Miller will be gone or very limited due to his back injuries. Dead-eye shooter Ray Allen would be the perfect candidate to replace him.  But with D-Wade and LeBron starting at the two wing positions, he'd have to settle for coming off the bench.
I just can't see Ray Allen going to the Heat....
For only 3 million, I'd argue that Ray would prefer starting in NYK versus coming off the bench in MIA.
whether you like it or not....Steve Nash would like to be part of the Heat and so as Grant HIll...and now its Ray Allen... I would love to see Allen wearing Heat jersey next season.Like what Todd said, Allen will be a good replacement for Miller's early retirement.
J Krah
I would love to see this happen, especially after mike Miller finally announces his early retirement. It will do wonders for our offense. Teams will HAVE TO respect his shot and the lane will be wide open. 
they might need Ray. Shane and Mike Miller will both probably retire. that leaves James Jones to back him up. I still say the Heat need to chase after Steve Nash
no matter how old Ray Allen gets he'll still hit more 3's than any player on the Heat. and I'm a Heat fan
I respect Ray Allen's game but I rather see that little money they have go on a Center, one who can block shots and give us 10 easy buckets.
I'll still wear my Ray Allen C's jersey with pride
Black Jesus needs to remain a Celtic! 
That would be a great addition for the heat to replace Mike Miller or James Jones. That is if after his surgery all is good. I'm not a heat fan. I'm just an nba fan. With that in mind I would love to see a servicable big man. One who can defend the basket and maybe score the ball a little. Also I think they would look good with a point guard that can handle the ball and set people up. That would take a lot of pressure off of Lebron and D wade. Steve Nash would b a perfect fit.
Being a Celtics fan, I don't like this at all. But if Ray decides to go to a big market like Miami or New York, that's fine. The man just wants money, and he can become an excellent bench player who can also run the point. But I hope he stays in Beantown.
This would be AMAZING!!!! He's done Boston a great service but for sure the Heat would use this to their advantage.  Mike Miller will more than likely retire so they need another clutch shooter. 
The Thunder will NEVER win a ring due to the SUPERSONIC CURSE!!! As for Ray Allen, he needs to do what's best for him. The only question is how he recovers from surgery on his feet 
Ray Allen goes to heat, is another 'chip.  All you need to do is surround "the big 3" with shooters...young, old it really doesn't matter.  As long as you space the floor with Miami is a win/win.
they will basically be a unstoppable force
Its funny to me hear people talk about what the number one team in the world still need....
Dion Barfield: Its funny how quickly you forget that without Bosh Boston would have been facing OKC.

Miami isn't deep outside of its Big 3. Ray would be a bit overkill, but don't don't they wouldn't sign more talent. You know Howard is about to retire.
I don't see this as a good move, not a good fit for him
Why the hell would Ray Allen go to MIA? He already has a ring, and they'd still be able to win a title without him anyway. Why not join a team like Chi and get more satisfaction out of helping a team win a title?

Thought Ray was better than that. 
Ray Allen isn't even good anymore everybody relax. Hes just a name.
He wouldn't have to be good... He would just need to shoot... He can still do that with the best of them...
Thats all he has to do with the celtics, and started playing on the bench for Avery Bradley. He's not even close to what he used to be, numbers don't lie
I'd understand if he never won a ring, but why now? Must want to inflate his 3 pt stats with all the open looks he's going to get. 
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