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What's your take on Jeremy Lin and the Knicks?

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We'll post some of the best responses to these five questions on Jeremy Lin and the Knicks. Check's NBA 5-on-5 on Monday to see which responses are published.

1. When Baron Davis is healthy, who should start: Davis or Jeremy Lin? Why?

2. When he returns, will Carmelo Anthony struggle to adjust to Lin? Why?

3. Will the Knicks make the playoffs? Will they contend in the East? Why?

4. What’s the best Jeremy Lin pun you’ve seen?

5. Lin was #NBArank 467 in August. Where does he belong now? Why?
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1. Lin should start. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Davis can run the 2nd team while he gets in shape.

2. If Carmelo gets his touches, the team will struggle again. If he learns to play within the flow and take rhythm shots he'll be ok.

3. Yes. Me and the next 4 posters could probably make the playoffs in the East.

4.It's Linderful Day

5. It's a (shortened) long season. Until he's done it night in and night out he belongs at the same spot...or swap him w Baron Davis' spot hahaha.
1. Lin should should start if the Knicks continuing winning with Baron being a suitable back up at least until he gets into playing shape which might not even happen with the shortened season

2. Carmelo will struggle because he is a player that needs to be the center of attention and he won't be

3. Knicks will make the playoffs but wont last long because they just dont have the team to compete in a best out of 7 series

4. Lin-ing Isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing

5. So far its only been a few games so I wouldnt go ranking him top 50 or anything but he does deserve to be moved up at least into top 150 and maybe higher if he continues to be awesome.
I am a huge Knick fan, Jeremy lin's biggest challenge is yet to come. We are all exited about him, but let's not be foolish. The Knicks are invested in melo and stat long-term. While stat is licking his chops at what he is seeing (nash like play),the bigger issue is melo. Can melo adjust his game to compliment a Linsanity to stat /Chandler pick and roll. If he can the Knicks can become deadly. Baron at this point is a second team general,who can bring skill while lin rests. You have to ride the LTrain and see where it takes you.
The Yellow Mamba needs to start!!! As long as they keep winning with Lin starting, then don't change. Davis off the bench will pose problems other teams can't handle.
trade melo,trade S,and give lin a big contact
1- Without a doubt it has to be Lin. We know what to expect from Davis in a best case scenario. The first thing we need to see is how Lin interacts with Melo and Amare. It's going to be a different game with those two involved and he needs to be able to become more of a facilitator than a scorer when they're back. Knicks might not be the best setting for Lin with those stars back in the lineup but we need to wait and see.

2- Melo won't have a difficulty adjusting, it's Lin who's going to have to learn to adjust. He wont be able to dictate play as he has with Melo back in the fold. Make no mistake about it, this offense goes through Melo.

3- Knicks make the playoffs but they're a long way from contenders at the moment. Have to see how Lin fits in the mix with a healthy roster. Look for them to be in the 6-8 rank in the East but I don't see them contending with the Miami's and Chicago's of the east.

4- #Linsanity

5- Let's give it more than a week before we give him an #NBArank
trade melo (NOW)... he doesnt fit, let baron come off the bench while he gets better and if he doesnt fit... trade him too... they are doing well... dont fix what isnt broke.
1. Lin simply do to the fact that they are playing very well without Davis. Also, Melo and Amare are out which I don't think Davis could have the team doing as well without the "star" players.
2. I don't think he will struggle to adjust as long as he doesn't try to hold onto the ball for too long. He needs to let Lin help him get more chances.
3. Yes, they are only 2 games under 500 so they will make the playoffs for sure. I think they could contend in the East. It won't be easy, but if Amare and Melo can gel with Lin quickly, they could beat just about anybody.
4. LINcredible!
5. He's a top 10 PG for sure and you could probably argue he is in the top 50 overall for players at the moment. That's probably a bit high, but he has kept his production consistent over 5 starts so... Gotta give him props until he shows otherwise.
1. Lin Should start, though I'd want to bring in Baron off the bench to start no matter who was out there. He's been off for a long while and should be eased back.

2. Carmelo should be ok. He co-existed with some success along side Allen Iverson in Denver for a while, so there's no reason he couldn't play with a less talented, more humble version in Lin. I'm excited to see what Anthony can do getting the ball in better scoring position and later in the clock. Or setting a pick... Or a double pick with Amar'e on the other side... Yep, I'm pumped.

3. Playoffs, sure. Contend, only if they get mega-hot at the right moment.

4. No Comment.

5. WAY too early to rank him, just like it was when he was ranked 467 in the summer.
Guys, get real, Melo is not going to be traded.

Lin should be the starting point guard, weather Davis is healthy or otherwise. He's demonstrated he can do the job better.

Even though I love seen the Knicks playing at this level, I don't think they can top Chicago or Miami in a playoff series. However this is a great step in their advancement to become a contender.

They might make the playoffs somewhere between 5-8.
4. All I do is Lin Lin Lin no matter what...
Trade melo are you kidding me? Every championship team needs a big time scorer who can hit the big shot
+Marvin BiGMERF Feliciano I don't think it's gonna work as good when Melo comes back. I don't know why but out of all the high scoring players in the league he really slows an offense down.
+Marvin BiGMERF Feliciano I didn't wanna say it but I was thinking they might be better off without Melo too. Not just because of Jeremy Lin, the offense just flows better without Melo.
i know everry market needs a big time player and NY's problem is they are stacked... and then theres the rise of LIN... Melo has already proven he is not going to flourish in the system... dont get me wrong im not saying hes not deserving... he just doesnt fit in the system.
+Pernell Moore I think melo can play fast break if need be. He may find it fun. Im not ready to give up on one of the NBA's pure shooters cause linsanity had five good games
1. Lin should definitely start over Davis. Lin plays smart and makes the players around him much better. Davis is getting older and is still recovering from an injury halfway into the season. There's no way that he can come back without disrupting team chemistry.

2. Melo won't struggle to adjust to Lin, but Lin will struggle to adjust to Melo. Melo's the star of the Knicks, and he'll get the touches, but I'm not sure that he's the best thing for the Knicks right now.

3. The Knicks will barely make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round. The East is too stacked for the Knicks to make a deep playoff run this year.

4. All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin.

5. Lin definitely deserves his spot in the top 100 on #NBARank. He's a high impact that will continue to make his presence felt in games whether he's starting or coming off the bench.
1.) Lin should start, he is the PG of the future. Baron should lead the second team and be a potential trade piece. 2.) Melo will definitely struggle, he needs the ball in his hands. Trade Melo and AS to Orlando in a three-way deal sending DH to the Lakeshow, and Bynum and another piece to NY. 3.) The Knicks will make the playoffs if they make the right moves, but will not contend. The east is too tough and the top teams have chemistry. 4.) the Lin puns are getting old. no comment 5.) Lin should be ranked in the top 75 out of current players. He should have been a top player all along. It was obvious in the summer league two years ago. He's still not elite yet, it's only been a few games, and it is an odd season.
1. Lin. First of all, even if Davis is healthy he will need to get in shape first - remember the beginning of the last season with the Clippers. When you are winning, don't change and that remains true. Apart from that you are taking away from such a hard worker kid with all his story and background, but above all, it would be stupid, fans would never approve it, period. I prefer to bet on Lin rather than a healthy Davis, which is almost a contradiction in itself. The only one that prevented Davis to be more than he was is himself - and the injuries - but that doesn't seen to be a problem to Lin.

2. I don't think that Melo will struggle too much - unless he is still banged up. Melo learned a bit about ball movement while he was running the offense and Lin is a smart kid, his basketball IQ is well above average - maybe not just basketball IQ -, Lin will be the one to figure it out even before D'Anotni, I think that Lin can make Melo better. Why? How does a guy that barely knows this team, that has little to none professional experience has such a game flow? He not only gets himself going but also gets the other involved, you gotta be smart to compensate all of the odds. For me, fans have been to harsh on Melo - mostly because they expected more of him - but make no mistake, Melo will play better with Lin, he never had a PG that creates space for him, set plays and looks to pass before shoot. Billups was an upgrade in that sense over Iverson but Billups is still a shooter. Lin's points will be down but he will average at least 10 apg with Melo and Stoudemire on the floor because c'mon, 8 apg with Jeffries and Walker? Walker was a missing 3s festival on his own, his assists will go up, for sure.

3. They will make the Playoffs. I don't know about contention, but I have to say that it's plausible but it's too soon to know, before actually see Melo and Stat playing together with Lin and how they mesh, it's hard to tell. I'm sure they are gonna get better, but contention is a whole new level. Defense wins championships and the Knicks still have a lot of work to do, it's not really about individual defense, it's about collective effort and the crucial part is the help defense. Help defense doesn't translate so much on stats but it makes the whole difference and right now, the Knicks help D is one of the worst I've seen, it's a completely mess, guys get lost a lot, switch over too much and always end up with an open man.

4. The Missing Lin. I actually saw it as "link" but I prefer this way. He really is the missing link, he is the guy that can put this team together, make the Knicks get it going.

5. Easily TOP 100. Lately he has been playing like a true All-Star PG, carrying the team, making his teammates better, creating and exploiting lanes, running the offense, a true floor general. He already proved the doubters wrong with his consistency so I would say TOP 50 - maybe better -, I just don't want to be caught in the hype too much, teams are still getting to know him, so far he had done a good job covering his weaknesses, but teams will push him harder, but as I said, he is a smart kid I think he will overcome the adversities.
Looking at Lin's high school stats the dude was a beast. He has the skill set, but it looks like he was over looked on every level from college to the Pros because he does not fit the "NBA" profile. Time to open you eyes scouts !
lin is good...very harvard good
(1) Baron has got his spot taken because the productivity alone. Lin's first four games as a starter he has scored 109 points, that's the most by a player in his first four starts in NBA history. You don't sit that You ride that out till the wheels fall off. (2) No I think we may see the TEAM USA Melo. The Melo that shot 48.2 % from the Field. The Melo that shoot 38% from 3. And made big plays within Couch Ks system. This will be up to Melo. Does he want to win championships or be a stat stuffer with no rings. I am betting after 9 seasons, he wants rings. (3) They will make the Playoffs. To make a run, they need to take the 6th seed. They are not ready to beat Miami or Chi Town in the first round. I think they can if DH gets traded and they can outplay the Celtics the rest of the way which is possible. (4) "All He Does Is Lin,Lin,Lin No Matter What" (5) If B Davis is in the top 120. I think he should be in the High 90's. But he has to continue producing and he will go from the bottom 100 to the top of the list. Only time will tell. J.J. Barea is 92 and he outplayed him on a bad night the other night.. As long as he is in mike's system, he will be successful.
1. Lin as starter, Baron will get minutes off the bench, running second team and getting his looks as he will be the go-to-guy in these situations. Plus: looking at Baron or playing some minutes at his side will be a nice lesson for Lin. The kid got game, seriously, he's not just a one-week phenom, you can clearly see it, just watching at his game, his attitude on the court, he has got big time basketball IQ, handle, shoot, athletics, could be the next Tony Parker

2. Melo doesn't fit at all in the whole system, and it's not because of Lin. He doesn't fit with Stoudemire too. I don't know if this was because Stoudemire was not 100% or because he could not fit in with Chandler's presence in the paint, so Melo had to carry the whole team offense on his shoulders but he was completely out of the flow, out of rhythm and not helping his teammates at all.
Plus: Lin/Chandler has proven to be a good 1-2 punch on pick and roll and Stoudemire used to be an All-Star playing like this with Nash, so I foresee good things on this side.

3. They probably will, but it's an unusual season, it's an odd team in a rebuilding period, so...

4. it's crystal clear that scouts made big time mistake and NBA rank has no meaning in this case, but it's too early to say what's the true number.
With Melo and Amaré back on rotation, Lin will be another Fields\Shumpert kind of player. There's no way that two were going to play second banana for a player that, just two weeks ago, was at the end of the bench. Said that, I bet Lin could be the PG they need for the long run...and Baron will be out of the team when seasons ends.
1. Lin should. Baron Davis running the second team. This will be good for Lin too, allowing him to get some rest instead.

2. Carmelo can adjust, and I think he will benefit from Lin. Lin will present better shots and opportunities to both Melo and Amare.

3. Hell yes, more than just the first round too!

4. It's LINception!

5. Still to early to tell, but if he keeps it up hes gonna be a rising, high ranking star
1. When Baron Davis comes back, Jeremy Lin should still be the starter at point. You have to figure that Lin can't continue averaging over 20 points per game with a full Knicks roster. But you can't ignore the fact that Lin makes everyone on the team better -- something that's rarely been said of Davis. Like Chris Broussard said at halftime of the Lakers-Knicks game on Friday night: No disrespect, but when was the last time Jared Jeffries score nine points in a half?

2. There will likely be an adjustment period when Carmelo returns to the Knicks lineup, but he'll benefit from Lin running the pick-and-roll with Stoudemire and Chandler. The defense will be forced to play helpside defense, which will only create more opportunities for Melo.

3. If Carmelo can learn to play off the ball a little more regularly, then the Knicks will terrorize teams in the East. A pick-and-roll combo of Lin and Stoudemire will be lethal, and Carmelo can provide the clutch bucket when needed.

4. All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin no matter what.

5. It's tough to say after just five games leading the Knicks, but for Lin to outduel Kobe and put up 38 on the Lakers on the heels of a crazy week, I'd say he should move into the top 25.
1. Lin
2.Yes. Because He's a ballhog.
3.Yes. Yes. Lin+Stodemire
all of this trade melo stuff cracks me up.. Do you think for a second That Lin cannot find Melo the same way he finds Novac, Shrump or Fields for open looks? Common. The only question really is if Melo will allow him to dictate the offense when it counts or will he try and keep the ball.

If you believe in Lin and the way he rejuvenated the Knicks second team , then why not believe he can do the same for Stat and Melo? If you dont think he can then your not really believing in him
Lin, no struggle, Yes, NBA Finals lose to OKC, LINning & grinning, #75.
+Félix Antonio Gutiérrez Santolino did you believe in Fields coming back to life? Or Novak averaged 6 now 12 since lin ? all though chandler has had a fantastic season so far he was averaging 9 a game. now 15 since Lin. Did you ever think you would see them diving for balls? or playing D the way they have. Lin has inspired them and I believe he will do the same for Stat and Melo
Look, the story of some kid getting lucky off the bench and it being nothing more than a sensationalist story should be put to bed by now. As a professional it is your job to be prepared for the moment. Opportunity intersecting preparedness is luck, so Lin has been preparing despite a number of downfalls early in a young career. He's a high IQ basketball player that has zero expectations. Expectations high or low dictate defense and attention, Lin has prepared himself for the spotlight, the rest of the league is surprised not him.
1) Lin stays... Shouldn't break up the chemistry.
2) Unless Melo decides to let the game come to him, he will only setback what the Knicks have built up to today.
3) Remains to be seen after all-star break and when amare and melo return
4) Linsane in the Membrane!!!!!
5) 100's
+Marvin BiGMERF Feliciano , imho, you can't compare bench type guys with star guys. FirSt group needs a player like Lin, or like Rubio at TWolves, a guy who will make the play to create space for the others. Amaré and Melo, like Kobe, play for themselves, only going for their teammates when the is no other choice. That is why the Lakers need more a true PG than Kobe, and that is why I'm not so sure about D'Antony being able to mix Lin's abilities with Melo and Amaré's needs.
1. Jeremy Lin should continue to start. Consider Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis as two consecutive bullets in NYK magazine. I am not even buying into first team second team idea. Lin should be the first bullet just because he is in the zone, when Baron is in the zone and Lin is not, he can start.
2. He is a smart player, he will work himself into current rhythm of NYKs and limit his possessions as long as Jeremy Lin is on the roll.
3. If Carmelo and Amare help this team not to lose the flow, Hell yeah!
4. No comments
5. Somewhere between Ricky Rubio and Tony Parker.
1. Baron. I know. This may sound crazy. But considering the fact that when healthy, Davis is one of the top PGs in the NBA and has more experience than Lin. Jeremy Lin can be a nice 6th man off the bench. I mean, he did prove he can be a good bench player in that win over the New Jersey Nets.

2. No. It'll make Carmelo Anthony a better decision maker and his game will most definitely improve now that the Knicks have found a true PG in Lin.

3. Yes and yes. The way Lin's playing right now, it's guaranteed. On being a contender, I don't consider them title contenders. . .yet. But I could see the Knicks win a series for the first time in 12 years. They'll probably go as far as the Semis and be done for the year, because Miami and Chicago have too much talent and experience and they will both give the Knicks some problems, if they ever meet in the playoffs.

4. "All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin no matter what!"

5. I won't rank him just yet. Let's see how he does for the rest of this season and beyond. Then I'll determine where he ranks.
J Krah
1. Lin. Davis will be hurt again shortly after he returns anyway. 2. No because he's a proven winner. 3. Yes. East is weak to begin with. 4 Dont stop believlin. 5. Too early to tell.
D'Antoni is the coach, which means defense will be lacking....the EC is predicated on defense (MIA, CHI), so no, NY will not make the finals as long as D'Antoni is the coach.
1-Lin, because he fits in well & has has early success with D'Antoni's system.
2-Only slightly, although Lin's PPG will go down, I think we will see a smarter Anthony, more open looks with Lin controling the game instead and I think Amar'e will prosper.
3-Yes, I think they will... Albeit, a low seed..
4-From the Pearl Jam song, "Jeremy"- "King Jeremy", "Jeremy has spoken" and my fav, "Jeremy the Wicked".
5-Kind of early to change that ranking.. He needs a larger body of work.. Give him half a season worth of games. Say, another 20 in this strike shortened season.
1. Until Davis get's into game shape (no, round is the right shape for the ball, not you Baron), Lin should start. After that, maybe Lin will come off the bench to give that second unit a boost. God knows they need a boost.

2. Carmelo has been playing point forward for a little while and is used to having the ball, but I think if he shows a little faith in Lin's ability, he'll understand that by playing Lin's game, it's going to save him and his body for the playoffs.

3. Yeah, I think the Knicks will make the playoffs. They were able to make it last year with the scrubs they had, so this year shouldn't really be any different. Plus, the east is fairly weak as it is. I doubt they'll make it out of the first round tho. Lin needs more experience and D'antoni needs to learn to coach Defense...good luck with that last part.

4. I saw "Yellow Mamba" on some sign when they played the lakers. At first I thought, "wow, that's racist", but then I started laughing and though, "He is playing just like Kobe right now, so why not the Yellow Mamba?".

5. I think until Lin proves that he can keep this up for an entire season, he should stay right where he is. I'm happy for him, but we still have to wait and see if can sustain this surge. If he does? Then I could see him being in the mid 100's. I could see him falling right around the Goran Dragic level (same build, same style of play, and around the same efficiency).
1. Baron Davis first then if still he do not show progress in 1or 2 games let jeremy lin

2. I think, Carmelo is a flexible player.

3. They have a 50:50 chance of getting in the playoffs. They will make it if some of their players continue to step up (not just jeremy lin)

4. Timberwolves Struggle In Lin-esota :))

5. On my opinion he still rank more or less 370-420. He still haven't prove much. It is just that there are too many ads trying to make him popular.
Ace E
1. Still Jeremy Lin and have Baron Davis play Backup or even at the other Guard spot

2. Melo definitely wont struggle with Lin. I think its the other way around. Melo is a ball-hog while Lin is a pure point guard

3. Yes. They will make the playoffs. I sure hope they can contend. :D

4. Spin Move against fisher

5. 100?
1. Lin, because he earned it
2. When Melo returns... we have to wait and see...
3. Yes; They can contend ONLY on how Melo can play with Lin and everyone else...
4. Linderalla, Super Lintendo... I feel bad for Vince Carter since its similarity to his Vinsanity...i think they need to lay to rest that name.... then again... Yellow Mamba similar to Kobe's and Brain Scalabrine...
5. Lin needs to play more games to justify what rank he should be in.
Zhe Hu
1.Lin, he had proved he is capable for NBA as a starter, besides, Lin is younger and healther
2.No, Melo is the key to Knicks, Melo might be the secound best SF in the east, Lin definitely is not the secound best PG in the east
3.Playoff, yes, they have big 3 now, everything looks good now
4.May be Vinsanity, which reminds me of vince cater
5.May be Top 50
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