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The Howard for Bynum dynamics

Larry Coon delves into the salary concerns facing each player and shows why Bynum might be more motivated to sign a short-term extension given the new CBA.

Would you trade Howard for Bynum even if Bynum doesn't have a longterm deal in place?
Larry Coon weighs in on what salary strategy is best for Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum.
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J Krah
If Howard is going to walk you trade for anything. If I was the Thunder i'd look to add Howard.
I wish some of these all stars would get benched.
I'm not sure they are both good centers but Howard is better defensively and Bynun is better offensively so idk 
Isn't it the other way round?
they're both valid.  the trick is building a strategy around it (or until lebron blows out a knee or something).
just go somewhere, dwight!  of course that only means a long-term deal.  the more dwight-gate continues the less popular he'll be.
+Dalt Wisney lol his "popularity" is already in the negatives, don't know how much further down it could go, at least he's shut his mouth.  dude just needs to shut up and grow up. he's acting like a little baby who can't have his way
lakers need something.  and they'll also need the right coach to quiet down the big-mouths and divas.
howard seems like a good fit for LA.  don't think they can move him this season though.  it kind of sucks for the magic not getting anything for him (e.g., lebron)
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