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The Celtics' new killer lineup

+Kevin Arnovitz profiles the devastating Celtic lineup that has helped Boston make a push for a top three seed in the East.

How far will the Celtics go in the playoffs? Put it in the comments!
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Kinda sad seeing Ray warming the bench, but this is definitely an interesting lineup to watch. Realistically, Eastern semis is probably the best they can do, but I'm hoping for a lot more.
Really?? Killer's?? Talk about prisoner of the moment.
I'm betting there is going to be a upset. Heat or Bulls may not make it.
whatever heat will dominate in the playoffs
Lebron needs help, the Heat pgs are garbage.
I wish the Heat would stop trapping the ball every possession and play Rondo like he's a pro! Coaching has been suspect and too predictable.
They're defensive rotations really sucked.
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