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Hollinger's Awards

John Hollinger names his MVP, All-NBA teams, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and more!
Making picks for All-NBA teams and individual awards.
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LeBron James all the way
+Justice Groothousen I disagree, The Heat's bench can barely score. Durant i surrounded by skilled players and a much more solid bench. I don't doubt that Durant would be just as dominant on a worse team..but the fact is, he's on a much better all around team than the Heat.
KD helps his defensively? No. Does it rebound like Lebron? No. Does he win games w/out Westbrook? Not as much......sooooo?
+Eric Fitzgerald I understand that, but would you rather have two helpful players or a great starting 5 with a great bench?
+Kevin Duran...Yeah oklahoma city thunder Champion this year...
J Krah
Durant by a mile.
Not entirely sure how it can't be LeBron. People point out D Wade but LBJ managed a 12-1 (around that mark) record without him this year. Seems MVPish to me.
My opinion for NBA MVP:
Tony Parker.
The +San Antonio Spurs have had TWO 11-game winning streaks and will most likely end the regular season with a 10-game winning streak. And a big reason why...Tony Parker.

My Opinion for All-NBA First Team:
F - +LeBron James
F - Kevin Durant
C - +Dwight Howard
G - +Chris Paul
G - Tony Parker
+Justin Mathews: I think both Doug Collins (76ers) & Frank Vogel (Pacers) deserve it. Both did an amazing job this season!
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