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Another reason to hate on LeBron.
Hey it's not as bad as Kobe's little stunts.
"not as bad as Kobe's little stunts"? like what?

The one thing I hate about Kobe is that he wants a foul even when he isn't fouled on a bad shot. But LeBron is far worse, he falls and folds like rubber. Sorry. This is the guy who's built like a thoroughbred and wanted to play in the NFL. For him to take falls like a lady in distress is embarrassing to watch.
This shit is weakening the nba makes it as bad to watch as soccer with all the flops and fake injuries to run out the clock.. Need to start fining the players and couches
Don't bring Kobe into this flailing mess. Queen James is the topic. When was the last time the Mamba made Flop of the Night?
And the oscar goes to.............Mr.JAMES!!!!!!!!!!
Ya , LeBron and Wade are the biggest floppiest players ever.
James gets up and he is fine as soon as the whistle blows.
This is so dumb....have you guys ever even played basketball before??

Follow his eyes and head...he was tracking the ball after losing and lost his wasn't a flop...good grief. The fact that the refs called it is not his fault or concern.

Boy, when you guys get goin on a theme you stay on it
Hey Dbags, look at West's foot and then you will see that steps on Lebron's left foot.....haters!!
That was awful, I remember thinking that watching it live. Ref was right there too. I think the NBA needs to think about adding a call for flops. One think that soccer has right (even though it's hardly used)
Lebron is so physically gifted and talented and yet he needs to flop. Whats worst is the refs biting on it.
6'8 260 and he's flopping r u serious!!!! Smh Lebron needs to grow a pair!!!!
Terrible absoulutly Terrible....floppers dont get titles
Lebron, mr. Kobe is doctor for you!
+Oscar Solis you're right! When i was watching the game I thought it was a flop but from this angle he does step on LBJ's foot!
Kale please tell me you are joking! Lebron clearly did not get hit in the face nor hard enough to act the way he did
+Kendell Haynes look at LeBrons foot, he was moving when it was stepped on, that's more than enough to send anyone to the floor. Please stop hating because LeBron is a great player.
+larry buchanan ok he steps on his foot but there is no reason lebron should be flinging his head back like he was punched nor should he drop to the floor!
+larry buchanan yea i would pull back and try to catch myself but i would not fling my head like you punched me
Okay so maybe there was a bit of acting but stop acting like LBJ is the first to flop
+larry buchanan i dont discount he is a great player but great players dont need to flop! He has done it on multiple occasions so get your head from out of lebrons ass.
Great players don't need to flop no but when your team is struggling you want to do whatever you have to I'm not mad at all.
Lebron is the phoniest MVP ever. MJ is laughing with a cigar in his mouth. 
lmao you mad? LeBron is on pace to having better stats than MJ, now watch you come back with a comment about lebron having no rings +Faisal K
Not mad. Actually laughing. It's comical to see how lebron's play during crucial times is dependent on how he's feeling emotionally. Very up and down. Better hope he's not on his period for game 4
+larry buchanan

LeBron has no rings. Right.
LeBron has no heart. Right.
LeBron couldn't stay with a team and build around him, he had to go find a team with superstar D. Wade who already has a ring. Right.
LeBron isn't clutch. Right.
LeBron travels. Right.
LeBron flops. Right.
LeBron passes up the last shot of the game. Right.
LeBron didnt go to HS which gives him a head start on stats, Jordan went to college. Right.
Jordan is and will always be the GOAT, not LeBron. Right.
Nail on the head. Don't be bitter. 
Lmao you all are absolutely hilarious, I don't believe you all have be caught up in the hate train. unbelievable. Kobe has rings with people but look at him choke vs OKC +Beto Aguirre lmao. Kobe is nothing without Fisher, Bynum,Gasol, And Shaq.
Not a fan of Kobe either. Just an MJ imitator in every sense of the word.

All bow down to MJ
No one ever said MJ wasn't the G.O.A.T but what does that have to do with anything? I don't see any former Bulls player from the dynasty days praising Kobe like they have done LeBron.
Pip got caught up in the moment last year when he made those ridiculous comments about Lebron. He had front row seats to the CHI/MIA conference finals from last year, where Lebron played like an MVP, only to disappear in the finals. This is what separates the legends from the greats. MJ = legend. Lebron = great.
But we're not focusing on MJ he's done, and gone. we're talking about people in the league right now.
Ok, I'd take Kobe in a playoff series over Lebron.

Book it.
True dat I'm tired of seeing people drawing charges when really they barley got touched! STOP THE FLOP
Everyone is against the flop when it's used on their team but when someone on their team does it it's not a flop. This first of all is not a flop you can see LeBron has his foot stepped on while he's near the side line, this occurs while he's trying to dribble the ball and keep it inbounds. All of this occurs while the two players on the pacers are trying to force him out of bounds which is an AUTOMATIC foul in the NBA. I'm so sick and tired of people criticizing this man.. Oh this post is about flopping right? But it only shows LBJ and not the Tony Parker flop right? GTFO. Truth is everyone does something to help their team the latest thing just happens to be FLOPPING, it's unfortunate that this is what the league has turned in to but it is what it is. No body talks about how Kobe TANGLES himself up with defenders and flails around like a damn fish until he gets the call though right? This hating on LeBron shit is getting real old.
LBJ,you are the best...
+larry buchanan umm mj himself said kobe is the only player comparable to him. And ALOT of greats agree.
Still a lot of basketball to be played. Lebron was playing like this last year during the ECF. The flopping will continue, and he will wink and grin after doing it.
Lebron is a joke. Talented, yes. Heart, none. 
That wasnt a flop. He was trying to save the ball.
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