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Guttierez: The Heat have turned a corner

Even without Haslem, the Heat look primed to close out Indiana in Game 6 tonight.

What do you think? Who will win Game 6?
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next round the heat vs sixers you can bet that
we dont need any of them 4 this close out game by the way Pittman is really an x factor
I foresee a game 7
The Heat will close this out tonight, Pacers look like a beaten, dejected, and humbled team. Watch out for dirty play from Indiana, they'ved been called out by Byrd and are going to be playing desperation basketball. Hopefully the Heat get through this one injury free.
Guttierez: A biased blogger who always paints a picture of the +Miami HEAT as the best team in basketball no matter what.
heat are going down :) trust me :) ->
Its funny how anyone can actually think Pacers had an actual chance vs the heat lmao you clearly don't know nba
I see the Pacers tonight. Even if Wade and Lebron dominate, the size from the Pacers and home court will be too much. Don't expect the Pacers to run out of steam: they will play hard and play to win. Miami's bench will be the biggest factor for them in this game, and without Haslem they have a big hole. 
Wow ok he have to give up sum💰
Pacers. They've got a chip on their shoulder after taking cheap shots last game.
Watching the game online The HEAT will win they are the HEAT of Miami Heat
The HEAT won i knew they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Good win but the Heat still need Bosh back to win the championship.
Chris that's true but i think they can beat Celtics/Sixers (whoever wins from today's game)
I definitely agree. It's the winner of the Western Conference that concerns me.
ikr but i am all eastern conference so i hope either the Celtics/Heat win in the Finals
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