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D-Wade breaks Kobe's nose

"I took a foul" against Kobe in the All-Star Game, Wade admitted.
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So he gets to wear the Rip Hamilton nose guard for a while.
D. Wade meant to deliver that hard foul..
All Kobe needed to go off on them next Sunday. Wade will guard Kobe.
+Bruce Davis Agreed, Kobe can't do it by himself. But, we have seen so often that with the right motivation, he can take over a game. I hope he is still in pain by next Sunday! :0) But you are right, with those twin towers, they should be dominating. They need a better PG to run the show. If that CP3 trade had been allowed to stand, the Lakers would be unstoppable this year.
+Tom Martin That is SUCH a tough call. We need a point guard, so the question is what is more powerful, the double big men, or one big and a solid PG? I honestly don't know. But I really love Gasol's game and think still have doubts as to Bynum's constant injuries. If pushed, I would keep the two bigs for one more year and give Blake more minutes.
+Vance McAlister The thought of Kobe finally having a real distributor at PG is scary for non-Laker fans such as myself.
Kobe Bryant's not going to let this go.

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wowww, way to have a fun family weekend, dwayne
Breaking kobe's nose and a triple!
No lie I wish he had broken his face. That snitch!
All I'm saying is if me and you rob a bank and I get away scotch free and you didn't... don't tell the cops "well I should've done what Shaq did and pay the cab driver to keep quiet" nah take ur end of the punishment & live to see another day
Kobe is a snitch and I can't respect him for that....don't drag somebody else down w/ you cause you got caught.
things can get physical when the game heats up, but wade was just trying to make a play. All-Star game or not its was just a players reaction
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