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Metta World Peace suspended 7 games

Too few? Too many? Just right?

What do you think?
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seems about right. he'll likely miss the first round of the playoffs.
Just right, dude needs to learn but never will
i think its too much considering that homie got blasted
I think MWP was trying to use his arm to push Harden in the back hard. Unfortunately, he went high and hit him in the head. Harden shouldn't have been there and shouldn't have tried to get tangled up with MWP especially after he tried to contest the dunk. So, 7 games... eh. Should've been 5.
straight up bro he was at the wrong place at the wrong time
+Barney Doan good point, Harden shouldnt have been there. He should have been going the other way or trying to get the ball on an inbound pass
How is this Harden's fault? How many times in the NBA does a player after a dunk, bump into the guy that is going for the in bound pass or just standing there. Nothing in the videos suggest "harden tried to get tangled up with MWP". MWP felt contact, took a cheap shot (an elbow that is even illegal in MMA!), didn't bother to show any remorse until he got suspended, and the amount of ppl who think the penalty was too much is ridiculous. The guy should've been suspended indefinitely!
Should be more than that...I was expecting no less than 10...the thing that get me is that MWP ran into him, so he KNEW Harden was there and than elbow was a UFC elbow...dirty...
MWP should b suspended 4 at least 10 games
I don't think anyone is arguing that throwing the arm back wasn't deliberate or intentional. MWP definitely intended on making contact. That he made contact with the dude's head and did so with his elbow was unfortunate and that's why he deserved the suspension. But I think people believe that MWP intended to make contact with the back of the head of Harden specifically with his elbow. MWP wasn't even looking when he made contact. It was inadvertent contact, but intentional in its overall delivery.
It is kind of ironic that someone who changed his name to include "World Peace" would be suspended for violence.
And that excuses the act Barney? He threw an intentional elbow that he intended to make contact. There is nothing inadvertent about an intentional elbow. He threw it with the intentions of hitting whoever was there, it doesn't matter whether he looked or didn't look. Even worst, he made the contact, and didn't bother looking as he continued to run away like nothing happened, and then square up ready to fight, and point fingers and try to blame other players for starting something? Please, there is no argument that can justify what he did, and no argument that can be said that he deserves less of a suspension.
+Arnaldo Reyes 1) It doesn't excuse the act because he got the suspension and I agree that he should get the suspension; 2) He threw an intentional ARM, but inadvertently connected with the elbow. I don't disagree with the fact that he had the intention on hitting Harden. I don't agree with the "fact" that he threw an intentional elbow to connect with Harden's head. And you know what? Neither does the NBA, which is why he got 7 games. If it were anyone but MWP, it would have been 5 games max. Did you see the hit levied on Blake Griffin in the Suns game? Where's the punishment for that? That was deliberate, to the head, while in the air. There could have been some serious consequences. Where's the uproar about that hit?
+Arnaldo Reyes you are correct. It was intentional. But Harden still shouldnt have been there. He could have avoided getting "tangled". There was no reason for Harden to be there. Look closely at the video, and you will see that Harden intentionally tried to get in the way of MWPs celebration
Remember that hit Blake Griffin got in New orleans and the Hornets player only got a 2 game suspension. We'll David Stern should be fair with everybody but since he owned that team he went soft with his player. It's all good Metta will be back in the second round. We got this.
+Idris Westbrook I made that point earlier in the thread (or another one). It looked to me like Harden was trying to step in front of WP while he was looking the other way, either to flop and draw a foul or just to be a pest. He didn't deserve to catch an elbow like he did but given that WP wasn't looking in Harden's direction it's impossible to say that he intentionally boned him.

I think it was certainly an excessively violent reaction to a provocation and it deserved a serious sanction, but I can understand someone reacting to being stepped in front of like that. There are too many guys who make those sorts of bitch plays in the NBA.

It's one thing to step in front of a guy going to the hole or coming off a pick: that's a basketball play. Stepping in front of a guy looking the other way going upcourt 80 feet away from your rim is just a bitch play plain and simple, and while I'm sorry Harden got hurt, I wish more guys making non-basketball plays like that would get run over.
Should be more. A vicious shot, and he obviously did it with intent to hurt.
Anyone who blames Harden for standing there needs to stop and think for a minute. Harden does what every nba player does. Standing under the net to inbound the ball. They were in no rush so he didn't need to break away from the play. He didn't really even challenge the dunk, it was Durant and I'm pretty sure Ibaka, Harden was trailing the play and would've been in the right spot to inbound the ball, just like on any other play. 7 games will satisfy most, but if I was Commish, he'd be done for the season. If he's not buying into his own name, why should we
few, that couldve done some major damage to harden
+Shamar Marshall Watch it again. Harden was trailing the play and was coming upcourt when WP dunked the ball. WP turns to start upcourt, banging his chest, not looking the direction he's going, and Harden quite clearly steps in front of him. Harden wasn't coming back to take the inbounds, he clearly changed his line of motion to step in front of WP, like I said, with the apparent either of drawing a (cheap) foul on Artest or of at least being a pest.
+Gil Williams Your use of proper grammar and punctuation is very persuasive. Not to mention the engaging and personable way in which you address your interlocutors.

The charming character of your response aside, though, I am not saying WP deserves a pass. Elbowing is an automatic Flagrant 2, and WP was ejected as he should have been. And, as I said, he should have been sanctioned particularly harshly given the violent nature of his response.

I just don't think the response of a player in a situation like that can be judged completely outside of the overall context of the play, and things like the overall chippy nature of the game up to that point, the fact that WP was not actually looking at Harden when he swung the elbow, and yes, Harden's apparently intentionally annoying play to put himself in that situation all should be part of how the incident is judged. I think the league probably did this, and I think the sanction they handed out is about right.
+Idris Westbrook are u saying that Harden bumping into his back is reason enough to elbow someone in the head? If that's the case there should be elbows thrown to the head on every play into the post
+Shamar Marshall I see guys step in front of guys coming upcourt trying to draw charges all the time. But even in cases where it's not an obvious flop situation you see guys all the time doing things like stepping in front of guys just to try to get under their skin. Harden, in fact, is one of those guys, known as a heady/smart defensive player who plays that sort of 'annoy your opponent' game at times.

And no, I'm not excusing the elbow. Like I said, intentional elbowing is an automatic Flagrant 2, and WP deserved some extra over the mandatory one-game suspension that comes with a Flagrant 2.
+M. L. Hunt does being a pest warrant a cheap shot by an elbow to the side/back of the head?? Harden's "bump" was less contact than a chest bump from another player
+Shamar Marshall Like I said, an elbow is an automatic Flagrant 2, and WP deserved some extra over the mandatory one-game suspension that comes with it. But also, you can't say that WP intentionally connected with his head -- he wasn't even looking at Harden when he swung the elbow. It really looked more like a reaction play to me.
I know guys flop, but players very RARELY draw fouls, after a dunk when the scoring team is trying to get back on defence. Contact is expected when the teams are going back to defence/offence. I know you are not excusing the elbow, but it does sound like you are defending it, and Artest bc of some "heady play".
I guess you can say, Ron didn't like his head games too much, HAHA, so he played a head game of his own on Harden hahaha
+Shamar Marshall I am not excusing WP for the elbow, it was inexcusable, and deserved a serious penalty. Believe it or not, 7 games is a serious penalty in relative terms, the standard in the league for hard elbows that connect has always been more like 2-3.

So I agree that WP should have gotten about what he got. By the same token, though, if he'd have just hit Harden with a hard forearm to the ribs or put a shoulder in the middle of his chest or just run over him on that play, I'dve been perfectly OK with that.

I've never liked those sorts of 'pest' plays in basketball, I think players either get rewarded by getting charges/double fouls, or nothing happens at all, and it causes lot of the frustration and chippy play that you seen in games sometimes. I wish the league would do something to get rid of it.
+Shamar Marshall I dont want to give the impression that the elbow was somehow deserved, it was more than wrong. Im just saying Harden didnt have to do that. As +M. L. Hunt pointed out, it was not a basketball play for Harden to run into him. Harden was clearly agitated that the play happened and that was his response to it (running into MWP). He just didnt expect that he would be elbowed. No one did. Except Ron Artest
+M. L. Hunt Yes you are correct, he didn't know WHO was there, he didn't INTEND to hit Harden in the head, but he intended to make contact with that elbow on someone. If that was Ibaka, maybe it hits his shoulder, and he brushes it off, but he hit Harden, and he hit him HARD to the head. Yes it was a reaction, but one that wasn't needed at all IMHO. Players celebrate their dunks all the time, but A) when was the last time a player celebrated by throwing elbows around like that, and b) when was the last time someone got hit from a celebration and got hurt...
+Shamar Marshall I'm not disagreeing with you as much as you think. Maybe we disagree on the seriousness of the penalty. The league set a baseline for intentional elbows at ejection + one game. WP got seven games, six more than the baseline penalty, which I think is a lot, especially going into the playoffs.
With his record of fighting in the NBA he should be out longer. Just because he has a new name doesn't excuse his past experiences.
+christian saltos I don't know... what is it about being "baned"? I didn't realize "bane" could be used as a verb, but let's go with it. I guess MWP is a person that causes misery for David Stern and the NBA. In that way, isn't the NBA baned?
The arguing in this comment thread is idiocy. The NBA, by virtue of handing out ONLY a 7 game suspension essentially communicated that they did not view MWP's elbow to the head as being intentional "elbow to the head," instead, was an unintentional "elbow to head" incidental to an intentional act to commit a flagrant foul. Did he throw his elbow? Yes. That deserves a suspension. Was a player hurt in the process? Yes. That deserves a suspension. And guess what? He got the length of a suspension that is consistent with precedent for such a foul, plus two more games because it's MWP. Garnett received 1 game for throwing an elbow. K-Mart got only 1 game for an elbow to Ely's face. Arron Afflalo got 1 game for throwing an elbow to a head. Bynum got 5 games for his flagrant last year. And all of those were obviously more intended than MWP's. But he gets 7 because he's MWP. Why are people still arguing about this?
MWP so wrong :/ ,... i can't believe this
+Barney Doan Good post, +1. But it presents us with sound logic and objective data. You surely don't belong here!

(An aside: at Google+'s inception, it seemed to me that its users tended to be more, um, considered in their approaches to discussion than, say, FB or youtube comments. That seems to be changing, however.)
Put him in the UFC and kick him out of the NBA. That fight years ago in Auburn Hills was the low point in the NBA. He hasn't changed.
+Salomon Lino It was a low point in the NBA, but I've never felt that the players were entirely to blame for that. After all, as I remember, things had pretty much settled down when some asshole in the Detroit crowd threw a full cup of beer on the then Artest, who was lying on the scorer's table.

One cannot excuse the players who went off into the crowd after that; on the other hand, though, I have to confess that personally don't I know how I would have responded to such a provocation.
+M. L. Hunt Yeah, having those kinds of discussions more and more in other site comments. But, that's a good thing right? Means more people are coming over to use G+. Well, it's bad in a way too.
I think all the 'put him in the UFC' comments I've read are insulting to MMA fighters. Those guys don't get to be as good as they are without incredible personal discipline.
Not trying insult to MMA fighters. I was being sarcastic that if he wants to fight, but him with someone who can defend himself.
Basketball is about execution, timing, defense and talent. I want to be able to take my son to a game without worrying about the players running into the stands and fighting. Stern should have given him a stiffer sentence and send a strong message that this won't be put up with anymore.
+Salomon Lino I have a somewhat different take on the essential nature of basketball.

It is about execution, timing, etc., as you say, but it is also a decidedly physical sport in which body-on-body strength is as an important an ingredient for success as are height, jumping ability, agility, stamina, and quickness. Especially the pro game.

And the players are professionals who (with some exceptions) care very much about winning, and put a lot of effort into their play.

And it is a game you cannot play at a high level without an enormous investment of ego.

Wherever you have young men engaged in activity with a strong physical contact component, with a lot at stake in financial and egotistical terms, and a very high level of mental intensity as well, there will from time to time inevitably be situations where things get out of hand. Unfortunate, perhaps, and certainly to be contained to the greatest extent practicable by rules and their enforcement, but unavoidable in my view.

If the NBA didn't recognize that some occasional instances of this sort of thing were inevitable, they'd have a no-tolerance policy for any act of naked aggression. To me, the fact that sanctions for things like elbowing, fighting, etc., aren't much more drastic than they are signals that the league's view of the essential nature of the game aligns more closely to my view of it than it perhaps does to yours.

As to desire to be free of fear of players attacking the fans, I agree, though I think that the fact that there has only been one such incident I can recall in NBA's history indicates that your concerns are probably overstated.

On the other hand, some of the fan behavior, such as drunken disorderliness and some truly reprehensible things I've heard or heard of having been said to players are things I'd worry almost as much, if not more, about exposing my children to.

I actually think that the level of self-restraint exhibited by some players in the face of what they experience on a nightly basis while doing their jobs is something I'd be hard-pressed to match.
dude they sould of gave him an award for such awsome attitude
He needs another session with his psychiatrist. 
Alex W
MWP should be suspended the rest of the season.
come on man! he was pumped up he clearly didnt see him but was sorry1 7 games is more than enough! Chilax conrad
come on noah! r u serious he didnt kill him just a concussion bro! seven is more than needed
Lukas B
He should be suspended for that name. Who the f changes his or her name to world peace?
The line "World Peace suspended for 7 games" makes me laugh and cry at the same time...
i say ban him from the league,he's a wreck waiting to happen...remember the palace brawl
come on people ban is a bit to harsh he didnt kill him or paralyze the guy it is a physical contact sport dont forget that he dont forget the detroit pistons of the 80"s like lambeer and thomas those were some flagrant fouls tell the truth
I agree that mr. peace was a big ding dong for his actions but getting emotional can get the best of a person so i think he really got pumped so it wasnt on purpose1 seven games is defnitely sending a message: control your emotions or stern will come after you
Given his history and the ignorant justification of remorseless violence in the name of passion, a suspension for the entire playoffs was in order. Because the Lakers represent too large of a revenue stream for the league It was pared down to seven games = reality.
It was totally uncalled for. He deserves his suspension.
Too many because his team needs him for the playoffs and if they make it to the NBA finals.
that is what i mean he cracked him in the head noy kill his family by dui
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