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LeBron James or Kevin Durant?

Our writers debate which players has performed better this postseason, which one will play better it in the Finals, and which player will have the greater career.

LeBron or KD, who you got?
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I think Kevin Durant takes the defining moments of the series while lebron is more complete throughout the game, I see Durant and Oklahoma with more hunger for glory
GO Kevin! you can Crush! Lebron all day long
LeBron has carried his team much more and to greater levels than KD.
LeBron has intense Defense and has endured much more. I like KD and Kobe very much, but LeBron, in my view, is the greatest player in the league.  Koby leads on offense, KD is an excellent clutch shooter, but LeBron is the all around presence on defense as well as offense.

But, in the next three years, the league will belong to RONDO!
KD is young, humble and the future of the NBA! Lebron comment
Miami is gonna win this year.. i can feel it.. kd and oklahoma can wait..
This is so easy, LeBron James. Once Durant can play defense like LeBron, we'll talk.
Wow Kevin Durant is a beast, he is probably the best scorer in the NBA. I think Bron is a better defensive player, passer, and re bounder. I also think Bron generates more revenue. For those reasons I'm taking Bron.
Durant! Younger, taller, pure clutch player and consistent. Lebron is good but isn't consistent with scoring and isn't clutch at times. 
While Lebron may have a better finals showing, and be the worlds best player, KD shows more of winning spirit, and His team shows a good amount of passion along with unity than the Heat. RINGS = KD
J Krah
KD yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I think that if you were to start a franchise today, you should take Lebron, because he's a more complete player. E just does so much. He defends, he can score in the post, everything.
KD and his team, because this playoffs his team has beaten alot of great teams to get to the finals. hard work should be paid back with a championship................especially if the team your playing against didn't travel down the road you have. I mean the only really solid team that the heat beat was the Boston Celtics, and they went to game seven. 
LeBron.... he's already a hall of famer
I've got Kevin Durant all day, he's more clutch, he can shoot free throws, and he's consistent 
KD can shoot, although LBJ is more complete since he can also defend.
Kind of like picking between between lobster and steak...  why choose?  Just turn on the finals and enjoy both!  

Lebron's better though.  :D
Lebron. Kevin Durant needs russel Westbrook where lebron doesn't need anyone
During clutch moments? KD... :D
Kevin Durant, thunder is gonna win, no doubt
Yes, Tim is right. Heat suck, Thunder rock!
Heat burns, but Thunder STRIKES!
LeBron Season MVP + PlayOff MVP. 

Durant excellent scorer and clutch, but can't defend like Lebron.
LeBron is easily the better all around player but he has to do too much in order for his team to have success. KD has better weapons around him, therefore you can't key in on him on defense. KD is a better player in the flow if the game and unless its Lebron on him ALL NITE(which it wont be) KD is going to torch Miami. OKC in 5
Fear the beard because it stinks. At least lebron cleans his
KD already showing he's finals-ready.

Lebron - take notes
HJ Kang
Truly, Lebron has been the better player this postseason and so far.

But I want Durant to have the better career. It's not impossible, but durant has almost been Jordan-esque at times.
I hate these dumb comments. Lebron is a complete package yet he never defends the best player in the opposing team and doesn't have a reliable jumper. Meanwhile KD has always guarded the best opposing player and has been unbelievable on his J's. Even the last game, KD is on Lebron, and and Lebron is on... Perkins? LOL! Right now KD easily over lebron. This coming from an LAL fan that hated OKC.
Also what happened to the whole "lebron makes his team mates better" argument? I could have sword that Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade were better players before joining Lebron. And you guys still say Lebron doesn't have any help? Anyone could win with that much help. If 3 of the top 15 and 2 of the top 5 isn't enough help, and maybe it's time to start looking at why people seem to flourish without Lebron.
DWYANE WADE UR AWESOMEEE! then theres lebron 
Durant > LBJ.  Isn't Lebron James supposed to make his teammates better?  All of the sudden, he wasn't provided the help last night.  I mean is going to come to a point where he's gonna need a German army, The Avengers and Bugs Bunny to win a chip.  This is getting out of hand.  The guy is good, but I feel he's overrated.  He's an inconsistent shooter, poor post game and often checks out mentally from a game.  He purposely went to Miami to seek help, now is not enough help.  When does it end? 
Good job le bron james keep it up
Kevin Durant is the best player on this planet and would beat those aliens from Space Jam, without Bill Murray! Lebron will get a vote from me when he wins a title, although he is playing big time.
Lebron James is the most complete basketball player right now, can impact game on both sides of the floor, Durant is more offensive polished right now even though he is younger, he has to gain a little weight so he can dominate on both sides of the floor and then become the most complete player of the league
GEAUX LEBRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LeBron James easy, better defense and rebounds. anyone that wants to argue about defense can look at last nights fourth quarter when KD only scored 2 points because he was mainly guarded by LeBron, i say this because i see people saying things about LeBron that dont make any since just because the like KD or dislike the heat, don't say lies that make you sound stupid because a player is good and puts up solid points each game   
Upside? KD...right now LeBron...KD will have more rings!
Neither of them would start over MJ when the NBA had way more overall talent and competition!
Looks like LeBron James showed who's the better player , league MVP & finals MVP !!

LeBron is the best player in the game, was before he won the title and finals MVP
How you guys feel now picking KD
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