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1. Which Western Conference contender is OKC’s biggest threat?

2. Which Western Conference darkhorse is the most dangerous?
Not including Thunder, Spurs, Clippers, Lakers, Mavs.

3. How many Southwest Division teams could upset the Thunder?
Referring to postseason.

4. How many Northwest Division teams could upset the Thunder?
Referring to postseason.

5. How many Pacific Division teams could upset the Thunder?
Referring to postseason.
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1. The Spurs. With Pop on the sideline it is always hard to bet against San Antonio. Add in the fact that he is saving his older players while getting the young guys good experience has them poised to make a playoff run.

2. The T-wolves. Kevin Love is the real deal and Rubio is a stud. Pair those 2 with the pieces they have in place in Minnesota and watch for a run late in the season.

3. The Spurs, maybe the Mavs, but they need to get better...

4. Denver if they can get their act together, and MN.

5. Right now none. If the Lakers get a good deal for Pau then maybe but without Billups, the Clippers cannot hang.
1. The Mavs systematically shut down OKC last year in the playoffs. Considering their defense is even better this year, and scoring is down league wide, they could still be a tough match-up for OKC (Their season matches were great, but OKC has yet to find the extra gear for the playoffs)

2. The Nuggets - When Karl has his Nuggets running, despite their recent slump, they are a tough match up for anybody. Pair their hard work with a developing talent in Gallinari, then you have a very dark horse.

3. Two. I agree with the sentiment that the West is wide open. Mavs and Spurs could definitely give the Thunder some fits.

4. The Northwest is still developing - so possibly the T-Wolves or the Grizz if they can get to where they were last year. But I think its a safe bet to say 0 at the moment.

5. Lob City seems ready to punch some teams in the mouth. I'd say they were even favorites if only they hadn't lost Chauncey.
1) San Antonio is the biggest threat since the Spurs have the big men inside to keep the Thunder off the boards. The speed in the backcourt to stay in front of Westbrook and the team defense to slow down Durant.
2) I believe the Memphis Grizzlies are the biggest darkhorse team right now. Sitting in 7th place in the West and Zach Randolph is starting to work out with the team again. He'll be fresh when other teams are wearing down and the Grizzlies become a very deep team when he returns.
3) The Grizzlies, Mavs and Spurs could all upset the Thunder but it would take a concerted effort and health that all these teams have lacked so far this season.
4) The Northwest Division could give the Thunder a run but I don't believe any of the teams combine both excellent perimeter defense and power inside to upset OKC in seven games.
5) The Lakers and Clippers are the only threats and both seem to have too many weaknesses to compete over a seven game series.
1. San Antonio. They got the experience, the talent and a great coach in Gregg Popovich. And they've won 4 titles. Pop's system involves making the smart and correct play…don’t be flashy…if you do something stupid, you’re gonna sit.

3. I think the Memphis Grizzlies can upset the Thunder. They almost did last year, if they hadn't lost that triple OT game to tie the series at 2-2. But if Z-Bo isn't 100% for the rest of the year, then I'll go with Dallas. Dirk is having a bad year, and they lost many key players, including Tyson Chandler. from that championship team. If these two teams meet again in the Conference Finals, OKC will have the edge for sure.

4. None of them. Portland has been struggling lately, along with injuries, Denver is missing some key players, along with injuries, Minnesota doesn't have enough experience yet with that young roster and Utah looks like they aren't going nowhere, not even into the postseason.

5. LAC and LAL seem to be the biggest threats to beat the Thunder in a seven game series. Even though LAL has far more experience than LAC, the Lakers need to improve their bench and fast! They have the absolute worst second unit in the entire NBA. One of the main reasons why the Lakers aren't dominating the Western Conference so far this season is because of the less-than-stellar production coming off the bench. LAC, also needs to improve their bench, most notably the backcourt players. They lost Chauncey for the rest of the year and lost out on J.R. Smith to the Knicks. Having Eric Bledsoe, and Mo Williams, as well as Randy Foye as a starter, isn't going to get it done. They need to make a move for either a PG or SG by the trade deadline otherwise, they'll struggle in the postseason.
I would say the Denver Nuggets would be OKC's biggest threat once they get healthy again. Same for the darkhorse, The Denver Nuggets.
1.spurs 2.nuggets 3. mavs 4. the nuggets 5.clippers and lakers
1. Lakers. They got two seven footers who can destroy you inside and you can never count out a team with the Black Mamba on it. In Playoffs you need to have an inside game to win, there is not a single player on OKC who can post up and score consistently.
2. Timberwolves.Yes the timberwolves
3. Mavs and Spurs
4. Nuggets and Timberwolves (there is not a player on OKC that can guard Kevin Love.)
5. Lakers and clippers (if Chauncey is healthy)
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