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Rockets make a trade to bolster chances at Dwight Howard

John Hollinger has the scoop on what the first trade of the offseason means for everyone involved.

What do you think?
John Hollinger breaks down the Rockets-Wolves deal.
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Rockets now has 3 picks in first rd. Watch out NBA!
That might be a good move especially if they can get a good pick in the draft 
I would like Howard on the rockets only if he signed a long term contract 
Rockets' Daryl Morey is amassing a war chest of assets to throw at Orlando to give them an offer they can't refuse for Howard. Then Morey will try to sign Deron Williams as a free agent. 
Lol splash...bone a fid die hard rockets fan....u will be disappointed when the moves are said n done as a rockets fan...thats a bet...#inmoreytheirisnotrust
The question would be if dwight will want to start with rookies that still haven't prove anything in the NBA. Sounds like another 4 years before these rookies look ready for NBA Finals type pressure.
+Jesse Bido The point of acquiring the picks is to potentially trade them for Dwight, I doubt many of them, if any, would remain with the Rockets in the highly unlikely event the deal is done.
I can't see Howard accepting a trade to Houston. Can he reject that trade? If he can and it doesn't happened, I wounder whatt would be there next move. Thursday will be a great day for us NBA nuts
+Randy Lane He can't reject it. Kobe is the only player with a no trade clause is in the League. Best he can do is refuse to sign an extension. The Rockets, however, are happy for a one year rental hoping they can eventually convince him.
this is very good for the rockets
G's up, ho's down!

The Rockets is getting D12, baby!

Blast that up yo azz!!!
Wow! if that happens Sucks to be Orlando! lol
Howard has done alot of damage to his PR
I don't see why Houston would risk making a deal like this without having Dwight signed.
houston is not going to get howard anymore. he gona go to the nets
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